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Not surprisingly, the voices inside Hicks' head started coming to her after she read the works of Jane Roberts, another channeller who died in 1984.[2] Depending on whether one asks Esther or reality, these books either opened up her mind to commune with whatever it is she communes with or to just how credulous the average American mark was to psychic woo.
Hicks has translated the voice in her head into a series of books, lectures, and workshops.
Her material particularly concerns the Law of Attraction, a half-woo, half-pseudoscience that some New Agers are fawning over.[3] It's called The Secret.
The main publisher for all this drivel is Hay House, a notorious publishing firm that thumps all the latest self-help gurus from the bland and "mostly harmless" motivational speakers to the truly insane psychology woo quacks like Esther and Jerry Hicks. For the true connoisseur of creepy woo, nothing could compete with their 75-minute audio recording about the day she decided to fleece people for money started hearing voices met her spiritual guide [6]. One thing that can always be counted on in the self-help world is that every major proponent and huckster is in it for the money. In a classic gambit, Esther came out and said that it wasn't her that had issues with the movie and the director, but rather her ultra-secret alien buddy Abraham who decided that it would be best if they renegotiated the contract. In October 2010, New Page Books published 240 pages of garbage by the error-prone author Mike Bara, under the title The Choice. Unless explicitly noted otherwise, all content licensed as indicated by RationalWiki:Copyrights. Claims about an Abraham Hicks cult heated up after Rhonda Byrne's movie and book, The Secret, became an unexpected hit.
It's about time to look at The Abraham-Hicks' Teachings and ask ourselves, do they really make any sense? Desperate to rescue Abraham-Hicks spiritual marketing powerhouse, the organization fashioned Jerry Hicks Cancer as anything but what it is: An illness like anyone else's. Where does it start and where does it end when vulnerable followers are repeatedly massaged with New Age promises of easy cures?

Remember when Wayne Dyer actually inspired people instead of selling anything Hay House asks him to? Jerry and Esther Hicks' Spiritual Money Tree: Stories Behind the Abraham-Hicks Teachings and the Law of Attraction - Kindle edition by David Stone. The inherent creepiness of her shtick is lessened when it becomes clear that Esther Hicks is talking in a weird voice in order to scam people out of money. Jerry was a former acrobat, movie stunt man and world class Amway salesperson before he and Esther struck it rich in the cosmic channeling lottery. She is all about the observer effect allowing people to define their own reality using their feelings.
For an example of just how creepy this stuff gets, one need only know that Esther actually writes children's books. This is highlighted beautifully by the conflict between Esther Hicks and the director of the film The Secret.
And when that didn't work, Abraham pulled a classic "cosmic guardian" stunt of taking his toys home to pout.[8] and released their own version of The Secret called The Secret Behind The Secret. The sub-title was Using Conscious Thought and Physics of the Mind to Reshape the World, and it very much followed the self-evidently incorrect premise of "The Secret". People soon learned that it had been inspired by Esther and Jerry Hicks' 'Law of Attraction' workshops and cruises. All of this of course is coming to her through her magical channeling of dead people, or aliens, or whatever the vogue term is.
This is the ultimate in McDonald's theology: all the fears people have of meaninglessness, insignificance, lost goals and dreams, and ultimately death are taken care of, without the person needing to do anything. The film is a reality hit job, pushing the idea that the law of attraction can help people manifest whatever they want - from cars to making their brain tumor disappear.

The book attracted no professional reviews at all, and 10 five-star Amazon reader reviews of which two were very obviously by friends of the author. A one time admirer looks back with a skeptical eye on the claims and teachings of Abraham-Hicks. Esther probably said it best in one of her few interviews when, in a rare moment of valid self-introspection, she realized that some people think she might be crazy. All this would be much cooler if she at least changed her voice when she spoke as the alien. It was when Oprah decided to feature The Secret on her show that it went mainstream and became a cash-cow.
How do they stand up in a cooler light outside the high intensity workshops and slick YouTube videos? Esther Hicks appeared in The Secret originally to the tune of $500,000, but when director Rhonda Byrne wanted to release an "extended edition" (the gift that keeps on giving) Hicks wanted more money. After a quick look into the backgrounds of the people involved, we were left wondering why they had not just wished themselves out of everything from fraud, criminal theft, and jail time.
Naturally the Hicks got absolutely everything they wanted and that proved their teachings are correct!

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