July 05 horoscope

If you’re new here, I am happy to tell you that the monthly calendar release on Shining Mom has been our tradition for the past years!
For this month, we again have some new designs and have retained some favorites from the past releases. Your next July 2016 calendar is definitely cute, fun and colorful! Get this nautical-themed calendar for the perusal of the younger ones! Here’s another version of the modern-print design shared above, this time in landscape format.
If you’re in the mood for nature-inspired designs, or some colorful, quirky and modern layouts, I have those covered!

It’ll make a great addition to their school binders or a great wall desk calendar for their study areas! It comes in black and white background with some pretty pops of colors for the name of the month and days of the week!
Here’s a calendar planner that allows you to write your major to-dos for the month plus a little spot for your doodles! Print it off for your binder, bedroom, kitchen counter… ahh, wherever you like to place it!
Which ones are you getting this time? Please note that they are designed to be printed in letter-sized paper (8.5?11).

I am beyond thrilled to announce the lovelies that I am sharing with you today: A dozen of free printable calendars for July 2016!
So if you’re in need of a calendar planner any time of the year, hop over here and choose from the Shining Mom’s offerings! It used to come in charcoal gray background but switched it to a more subtle shade of mint green.

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