Jyotish and devi quotes

I will love you without condition, as I would be loved by you and as we are ever loved by God. Swamji  is from a very ancient Shaiva Siddhanata lineage from South India, he is a Swami in a well known order. The pull of the world, and of past experiences and karma, draw us away from a single-minded focus on God.
By profession Yogi Ananda Saraswathi was a renowned published Lawyer now a Swamiji a one man show of spiritual wisdom.
Indeed, in mythology, as Aadi Parashakti, Shakambhari kills the demon Durgam and manifests as Durga. This is carried out with the help of Prakriti or maya being an inseparable ingredient of the Paramatma. The concept of Maya as Mother of the Universe is Shakti serving mortals to overcome the cycle of births and deaths. Every incarnation of Shakti is named after the leela that Shakti performs under the influence of Purusha and Prakrithi.

In her right upper hand she holds a lotus symbolizing beauty of life and non-attachment to worldly life. The left upper hand holds a bow and arrow, ever ready to protect, defend and wage war against her children’s enemies. Her lower hands carry flowers, herbs, roots and vegetables symbolizing her status as the Goddess of Vegetation and feeding. He realized that the oblations of ghee given to Agni during yajna along with chanting of Vedic mantras, energized the devas.
So Durgam additionally gets a boon from Brahma that he is the recipient of all pujas, yajnas and havanas offerings to the Devas, thus making him invincible.
There was extreme drought everywhere, and rishis and munis retrieve to the caves at Mount Sumeru to save whatever they could. Food is a priority and as Ma Shakambhari, She bears grains, cereals, fruits, vegetable and greens.
Finally Durgam is defeated and killed by Shakambari’s trident and the Vedas were recovered.

At that instance, all the mantras, japas, puja and yajna benefits performed by devas and usurped by Durgam earlier, transformed into a bright light of 10,000 Suns and absorbed by Shakambhari. Thereafter, ten powerful divine manifestations took form as the Dashamahavidyas and 64,000 other goddesses. It is believed that Adi Shankara performed his tapasya here and installed the deities of the temple.
Goddess Devi performed tapas for 100 years having a vegetarian meal once at the end of every month.

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