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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The white coral gemstone is primarily used to address the typical position of Mars in cancer which is a deeply debilitating planetary position. This White Coral Lot has been named after Lord Shiva the supreme Yogi as Mahadev the Gods of Gods. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
The Red Coral is an organic Gemstone that is ruled by the planet Mars as per the rules of Vedic Astrology.
Yellow is the cosmic colour transmitted by the Red Coral and other Ochre Colored Gemstones. Note: The above links generally exist on the website for a period of 40 days after which they are periodically deleted to make way for new gemstones and to enable faster browsing. The ancient texts list out several paths to overcome difficulties in life, Adorning of gemstones is one of them.
One must also realize that most of us do not even fulfill our destiny because of the choices we make; thereby proving that destiny is subjective to the choices made by us. Planetary Gemology is one such sacred science that offers insight into overcoming difficult situations and altering one’s karmic life map. Since the ancient texts state that Ketu is like Mars, and Rahu is like Saturn, they are grouped accordingly. While analyzing a horoscope one must always remember that the owners of house 1, 5 and 9, which are trine houses and considered the most potent and auspicious houses in one’s horoscope, are considered the most potent planets. And no matter what the ascendant any one group, either group 1 or group two, will own these planets.
In the Aries ascendant, the 1st house is owned by Mars, the 5th house is owned by Sun and the 9th house is owned by Jupiter. In the Taurus ascendant, the 1st house is owned by Venus, the 5th house by Mercury and the 9th house by Saturn, again all the three planets belonging to the same group. In the Gemini ascendant, the 1st house belongs to Mercury, the 5th house by Venus and the 9th house by Saturn. In the Cancer ascendant, the 1st house is owned by Moon, the 5th house by Mars and the 9th house by Jupiter.
In the Leo ascendant, the 1st house is owned by Sun, the 5th by Jupiter and the 9th by Mars. In the Virgo ascendant, the 1st house is owned by Mercury, the 5th house by Saturn and the 9th house by Venus.
In the Libra ascendant, the 1st house belongs to Venus, the 5th house to Saturn and the 9th house to Mercury. In the Scorpio ascendant, the 1st house belongs to Mars, the 5th house to Jupiter and the 9th house to Moon. In the Sagittarius ascendant, the 1st house belongs to Jupiter, the 5th to Mars and the 9th to Sun.
In the Capricorn ascendant, the first house belongs to Saturn, the 5th to Venus and the 9th to Mercury.
In the Aquarius ascendant the first house belongs to Saturn, the 5th to Mercury and the 9th to Venus. In the Pisces ascendant the 1st house belongs to Jupiter, the 5th house to Moon and the 9th house to Mars.
From the above analysis one can understand that in all the cases the trine house lords belong to the same group. This shows that 50% of life is taken care of by the planets that are favorable in a horoscope. BY strengthening the favorable planets by wearing their respective gems, one can empower them to fight against the malefic and negative effects of the unfavorable planets. There are even cases, where even though the planets of the trines are strong, but the DASHA or Major period is one of the enemy group, and the planet whose dasha is operating is placed powerfully, in such cases even gemstone of the planet can be considered, although after careful analysis by a competent Astro-gemologist. Through the help of astrology one can understand that although certain aspects of life are decided by the Gods at the time of birth, God has also empowered us with free will to make choices in life that can overcome many difficulties through the adorning of favorable gemstones. For gemstones to work, the most important conditions are that the gems have to be fully natural, unheated and untreated and should be free of the flaws mentioned in the ancient texts. For a detailed insight as to why gems do not work for more than 90% of the people click here. This cat’s eye like effect where a silky band of light is displayed at right angles to the inclusions is known as chatoyancy and the stones displaying this effect are known as chatoyant. The word chatoyant has been derived from the French term oeil de chat meaning the ‘eye of the cat’.
The chatoyancy in gemstone chrysoberyl is so prominent that the term cat’s eye has come to be used exclusively for it. This particular optical phenomenon enhances the attraction as well as value of the gemstone. The ancient Egyptian’s who are known to have revered cats had a special leaning towards the gemstone. Abhijita Kulshrestha is a communications professional and held the position of Research Associate at MICA- Mudra Institute of Communications Ahmedabad before becoming certified Planetary Gem Advisor from PGA Thailand. Link to this post!The Talisman of Limitless Wealth and Supreme Victory- A magical alchemy, a sacred ritual and a flawless Cat’s Eye come together to make a once in a lifetime Talisman. April 29, 2011 by gemstoneuniverse 2 Comments The Talisman of Limitless Wealth and Supreme Victory- A magical alchemy, a sacred ritual and a flawless Cat’s Eye come together to make a once in a lifetime Talisman. Among many other benefits Cat’s Eye brings back Nasht Lakshmi-Lost wealth and restores former glory and reputation. It is a well known fact that the most powerful people the word over keep cat’s Eye in their vault.
It is this precise reason that it is a favourite Gemstone for Gamblers and those involved in speculative fields! This particular Talisman is known as the Cat’s Eye Talisman of Limitless wealth and ultimate Victory. This is also one of the strongest Gemstones in addition to the Blue Sapphire and gives very fast and instant results. Created at the special request of a Gemstoneuniverse patron since 2003 whose  who literally rose like a proverbial phoenix from his problems to resurrect his empire, former glory, reputation with relentless hard work, devotion and of course some help of Gem therapy using flawless Gemstones.
This Talisman brings in limitless wealth to its owner, brings back Nasht Lakshmi( Lost wealth) and ensures victory. A brilliant Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl with the much sought after greenish golden color, translucent, free from any enhancement that was fit to be set in this divine combination. Link to this post!Beatific Greenish golden colored Ceylon Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye-The best color described in the shastras for a Vaiduyra Mani- The Cat’s eye capable of causing miracles!
April 27, 2011 by gemstoneuniverse Leave a Comment Beatific Greenish golden colored   Ceylon Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye-The best color described in the shastras for a Vaiduyra Mani- The Cat’s eye capable of causing miracles! The outstanding feature in this Cat’s eye Chrysoberyl is the lovely Neptune greenish golden color. April 21, 2011 by gemstoneuniverse Leave a Comment Milk and Honey colored with a perfectly centred sharp chatoyant band! A delicate gemstone with the optimum effect of milk and honey in its color and a chatoyant that is not only sharp and perfectly centred, but also noble and auspicious! Pretty Baubles or Gemstones – What you think is the cheapest is the most expensive & the most useless! Every new day that dawns, is different and the surprises that come with it are different too.
However, contrary to expectations of progress and development, there are trends that continue to befuddle. We received a proposal in the post from a wholesaler of stones ( Not gemstones just stones- more on this later) and this prompted us to bring up this issue.
These kinds of mails are the result of an overzealous online research which some individuals proudly classify as exhaustive. Sometimes even a trained eye that has worked for decades and worked with thousands of Gemstones will have no idea of price, The world of Gemstones is so complex. The above article is a great resource that takes into account rarity, color shades, saturation, intensity and several other factors that combine towards standard Gemstone pricing. One look at the gemstone pictures and the price point at which they are being made available was enough. There is also a section for antique gems which has a price point running from INR 12,000 to INR 24, 000 per carat. It does not take much to realize that this situation is prevailing only because people only have the astrologer or the local jeweler to turn to for meeting this demand.
On the other hand what distinguishes Gemstoneuniverse is its specific process from selection of gems to third party appraisal before it finally reaches you. So before you decide to put your life chances at stake by reposing trust in a local jeweler or an astrologer to provide you remedial gemstones, think twice! The only way Vendor can protect himself is by handing out another candy of exchange but no refunds.

Respect Planetary Gemology the sacred science of India that creates miracles everyday and protect you. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The power of Gem Therapy specially the use of the Navaratnas has been well recognized in all of Asia. The Indian Film industry also known as Bollywood has many patrons who have used Gemstone Therapy for Success.
Well, the answer is loud and clear-it is for astrological purposes and to harness the powers of Mercury.
The Mount of Mercury is located just below the little finger and hence to enhance mercury and get the best benefits the best finger to wear emerald Gemstone is the little finger. Contrary to the belief of some sceptics that Gemstones are for Fatalistic People, the opposite of it is quite true.
Featured Today is an exceptional Emerald that serves as a fine example of what a True Jyotish Gemstone should be. In addition to that it is a fully Natural single crystal of 4.80 carats and is free from any flaws listed in the sacred texts.
This might be the best and most trustworthy source for astrological gemstones in the world, especially when it comes to advice plus price plus quality. If you do initiate the process of getting a good gemstone recommendation for the purpose of implementing planetary gem therapy, do make sure that you choose the correct tool – in this particular case, planetary gems of jyotish quality.
The list about details goes on, but it would suffice to say that a jyotish quality gem has to be carefully chosen. Here is an outline of a case study, where an individual had to learn this the really hard way, even after buying the gems. A couple who got a gemstone recommendation from Gemstoneuniverse, decided to buy a gemstone from elsewhere. After all experimentation, the patron decided upon a jyotish quality emerald and a blue sapphire from the Gemstoneuniverse collection. It must be remembered that when you decide to implement planetary gem therapy, you use planetary energy to enhance the quality of your life and pace up your progress. You may have an expensive gem, but in the light of the strictures regarding planetary gems and ruling out doshas , it takes the discerning eye of an astro-gemologist to determine whether it is jyotish grade and suitable for planetary gemology or not!
Take a look at the big lot of premium jewelry grade emeralds – these are superior goods, but not each of the gem in these is jyotish quality.
So, even if you have paid a handsome figure for your gem, the price alone does not guarantee that it is a jyotish quality gem. What is a Jyotish Gemstone and why any stone is not a Gemstone and any Gemstone is not a Jyotish Gem.
In Simple terms a Jyotish Gem is a Gem recommended on basis of sacred Astrological principles of Jyotisha to bring in dawn of fame and fortune and accomplishment of desires. A  Gemstone is a  Jyotish Gem only when it excels on all 4C’s-the cut, color, clarity and carat weight and the crystal is of exceptional lustre with a color so fine and closest to its true spectral color that it looks outstanding. We know that everything in this universe is composed of cosmic rays, which are visible through a prism as the 7 basic colour or VIBGYOR.
To get the best results from Gem therapy, gemstones must fulfil the following basic principles, without which a gem cannot qualify as a Jyotish gemstone. 1)      A Jyotish Gem is NATURAL: All gemstones must and should be 100% natural and untreated.
2) A Jyotish Gem has fine COLOUR: All gems come with different shades of the same colour, depending on the origin. 4) A Jyotish Gemstone has a pleasing CUT: Again, the cut of the gemstone should be such that it allows for the maximum play of light and allows for maximum absorption of the cosmic rays and have positive effects. 3)      CARAT: Some astrologers have given undue importance to the weight of the Jyotish gemstones. Even a 1 – 2 carat gemstone, satisfying the above 4 aspects will give positive and good results. The gem that satisfies the 5 basic principles of Jyotish quality and the gem that appeals and draws you the most is the gem for you!
So for the best implementation of gem therapy follow the above stated factors and get ready to experience the miracles of gems!
At many places the energies of Venus have been attributed to White coral which is incorrect. Mars is the General of the Army of the God’s and represents strength, vigour, vitality and energy in the human body.
Since many thousands of years this Gemstone finds it use in Ayurveda to cure multiple disorders of the body in the form of Praval Pishti (Praval is another name of Red Coral and Pishti means paste).
These Yellow Rays rectify blood related disorders, stabilize blood pressure, provide with energy and vigour, improve metal balance, rectify anger and help also those who are anaemic. The red coral is the most duplicated gemstone with the market having camel bone or even plastic coated with dye masquerading as Red Coral. In all situations, life gives us a choice, and based on the choices we make, the destiny changes. One can safely conclude that destiny is ever changing, and as per the sacred texts the only 3 things that are pre destined are-the time of birth, the partner for marriage and the time of death.
That is to say that if the ascendant or house number 1 is owned by say Mars, then houses 1, 5 and 9 will belong to the group that has Mars that is the first group. For example, during the Major period of planets that are unfavorable in one’s horoscope, one should strengthen the Lagna lord, or the lord of the ascendant house, which will ensure protection during these malefic periods. Make the choice to alter your Karmic life map with the help of the ancient Vedic science of Astro-Gemology and create your own destiny!
It occurs mainly due to the interplay of light with the needle like inclusions within the stone or with minute hollow tubular channels running parallel to each other within the gemstone.
Stones that are known to display this optical phenomenon are chrysoberyl, emerald, aquamarine, apatite, tourmaline, chrome diopside, scapolite among others.
So it should be understood that cat’s eye is not a gemstone per se but the name of a phenomenon.
Gemstones other than chrysoberyl displaying chatoyancy need to however use a qualifier word for purpose of description.
Cat’s eye is available in colors varying from yellow to honey colored to lime green.  Greenish golden stone is known as kanak Ketu and the smoky gray is known as the Dhumra Ketu.
Cat’s eye however is said to give fast result and therefore must be tried after analysis of the individual’s horoscope for suitability. This is also the Gemstone for those who dare to think out of the box, do something new, blaze a new trail, and invent a new path. It takes 4 months for the whole process including delivery and finally the establishment of the talisman at the premises. All sacred texts are unanimous that this is the best and the most preferable color for a Cat’s Eye. In this age and times, when the postal mail is allegedly breathing its last, it is still the number one choice of propagation for people and organizations that seek to gain from the lack of knowledge on customer’s part and the baseless fears that operate in this realm.
Most of senders of these mails cannot even distinguish between a Ruby and a rubellite let alone a Natural ruby or a Glass filled one. Well, see for yourself – This wholesaler has cat’s eye and hessonite gems starting at INR 11 (yes you read it right!) per carat? This wholesaler is offering this lucrative proposition only to select astrologers, whom he eulogizes and describes in very glorifying terms – they are the interpreters of the future, they show the light in hard times and what not. He is just a business person, who is in the market to sell and will sell anything in which he sees a good profit margin.
We are the rare breed of astro-gemologists committed to the cause of planetary gemology, who can assure you correct recommendation and flawless gems (free of all doshas as prescribed in the sacred texts).
Classified as Non Gem material as per the Gemstone pyramid these goods are dyed and heated and have zero value for Astrological results. Go back to the article Do Gems Work- No they Don’t for 90% of the people and if implemented correctly you shall have good results. All materials presented here is protected by copyright laws.Unauthorized copying, duplication, transmission for commercial purposes, plagiarism will attract severe legal penalities.
Some of the most successful and influential individuals have adopted Gem Therapy to further their career, achieve wealth and success and some to acquire name and fame.
In earlier series we have done features on Emraan Hashmi, Farah Khan, Sridevi, Maheep Kapoor, Salman Khan, Farah Khan Ali, Sanjay Dutt and Here are some more.
The Individuals featured above are highly skilled, motivated and successful people who have gone the extra distance not just because of their sheer hard work and skills but also because they know how to harness cosmic powers and use Pure Path of Jyotish Gemstones. This particular specimen could have made it to a connoisseur jewellery collection anywhere but that it is a Jyotish Gemstone makes it a very special Gemstone.
At 95% and above this clarity is quite rare in un enhanced natural Emeralds that are free of oil.
When Sourcing these special Gemstones we at Gemstoneuniverse follow several parameters including certain tenets such as the sacred shades of colours. Success in endeavors is almost guaranteed if an individual applies this philosophy to every aspect of life and not just gem therapy.

The proper gem recommendation will be of no avail if you allow errors to creep in, especially when you vacillate (simply considering the price of the gems; mind you jyotish quality gems are a rare breed and will come at a premium) in choosing a jyotish gem. It is not just about excelling on the 4C’s of cut, color, clarity and carat weight but also measuring up to the criteria and strictures listed in the shastras about what flaws are to be avoided in particular gems and what are the desired attributes that allow a gem to take a giant leap into the haloed category of jyotish gems. Now take a look at the gemstones, that the individuals bought previously from another source at a premium vis-à-vis the gemstone talismans furnished by Gemstoneuniverse to the same patron.
Insist on certification and seek guidance from trusted names in the field of planetary gemology.
Only an untreated Gem like that qualifies to be a Jyotish Gemstone and has the capacity to bring about promised results.
Jyotish is usually understood as Astrology, which to a certain extent is true, but the work JYOTISH is derived from two words, JYOT meaning light and ISH, meaning God, together meaning light of God. Gem therapy uses these cosmic rays, which represent different planetary energies to get positive results and to derive maximum benefits.
From the ancient times gem have been used to not as priced possessions of the rich and the royals but also to enhance the quality of life. Sattvik means pure and any treatment to enhance the beauty of gems are not acceptable for Jyotish use. The gem should not have undergone any treatment so as to enhance its colour or clarity or beauty.
For example Emeralds from Colombia are usually a spring green colour, but Zambian Emerald are more of a vivid green, but whatever the shade of the colour, the purity of the original colour with only the slightest of hues of other colours are the best gems! But, as mentioned earlier, Jyotish or the Science of Light works with the cosmic rays, and for the cosmic rays to pass through clarity is very important in a Jyotish gemstone. Generally gemstones above 2 carats satisfying the above conditions will give the best results. The Gemstones used for Venus are Diamond, White Sapphire, White Zircon, Colorless Quartz and in very typical cases Opal. It meets all the requirements of being a good Jyotish quality gem and tops that off with fantastic weight.
So in times of difficulty we have a choice to either put it down to destiny and accept these difficulties or take matter in our own hand and try to change the karmic life map using paths that are listed out in the ancient and sacred Vedic texts. When a light source is directed at the gemstone, the band of light is visible across the top of the cabochon (a cabochon is nothing but any gem that has been cut, resulting in a polished, domed surface). However people in the trade have accorded the name ‘cats eye’ solely to chrysoberyl due to its amazingly striking resemblance to a real feline eye.
Second is the ‘opening and closing effect’ where there are two bands visible across the stone (especially when the gemstone is rotated under two lights) giving the opening and closing effect. The priests in ancient Egypt also had the cat’s eye embedded in the ‘systrum’, an instrument used to perform religious rituals for goddess Isis. This phenomenon is attributed to the rare geological conditions during its formation – presence of chromium oxide (which gives it the color changing ability) and the absence of silica (which is actually a rarity as silica is the second most abundant material on the earth). Ketu is basically a karmic planet and is known to throw challenges for individuals in order for them to imbibe important lessons.
In the practice of crystal healing Cats eye is believed to sharpen the intuition and powers of perception. Catching attention with its lovely color, a magnificent Chatoyant Band, Nearing three carats weight, being fully natural make it a very special Jyotish Gemstone.
Technology, access to widespread sources of information and delimiting of geographical constraints has really shrunk the world. Invariably despite having great information about correct pricing of colored Gemstones we gets mails and calls to the effect of why a 3 carat gem is more expensive than a 10 carat one? At this juncture we would like to let you know that this is sometimes just the cost of certification for some gems offered by Gemstone Universe! And then this offer is extended to them saying that this wholesaler has proved to be even the astrologer’s good fortune! And sadly the gems for sale offered by such wholesalers provide no value for jyotish purposes or for those looking at gems as a good investment. Video 1 is thermally treated and diffused Yellow Sapphire which makes up 90% of the Indian Market especially Markets in West India And South India.
These non Jyotish quality Sapphires form the bulk of North Indian markets where the average recommended size is 5.25 ratti- 7.25 ratti? Traditionally Venus is the primary planet that is responsible for success in the film industry, however in this modern age of technology and communication Mercury is playing an important role as it directly controls communication and speech and both these aspects are vital to succeed in the film industry. The clarity is the top draw but the pleasing green color spread evenly throughout the crystal makes it magnetic. What follows is a portion of the mail trail exchanged with the individual in question reporting things.
There is a world of difference between the two and the jyotish quality gem easily outclasses the other gems. Only a handful (approximately 2 per cent ) of gems will be able to meet all the criteria to be a jyotish quality gem. Due to the rarity of pure gems today, a lot of new techniques are being developed each day to enhance the beauty of gems that are flawed, which are the accepted norm for jewelry purposes, but renders the gem useless for Jyotish purpose. Having said that, natural fine inclusions are the fingerprints of nature that prove the gemstone was created in a the lap of nature and not in a lab, and are generally acceptable, but any crystal Gemstone below 85% clarity level is not a Jyotish Gemstone. Recommendation just on basis of body weight such as 1 carat per 10 Kg’s of body weight is a myth and not described in any sacred text. While choosing a gemstone anybody and everybody are bound to feel attracted to a particular gem more than the other. Cat’s eye used singularly (another name for it is cymophane) by itself signifies chrysoberyl.
The Hindu shastras describe the cats eye stone as vaidurya (that of the vidura or brahman, the learned one) where the bands are to the stone, what a brahmasutra (janeoo, or sacred thread worn across the shoulder) is to the brahman. It is a planet that leads to spiritual ascension after material obsessions have disillusioned the individual.
It is the single gemstone that has the capacity to make an individual a winner both materially and spiritually. Set in a sterling silver ring and ready to deliver the best results of the South Node – Ketu!Note: The above links generally exist on the website for a period of 40 days after which they are periodically deleted to make way for new gemstones and to enable faster browsing. And now with the several treated gems and synthetic substitutes available, identifying the real jyotish grade gem has become increasingly difficult.
Wonder, how does everyone get the same recommendation despite different planetary positions and needs. It is a brilliant color that scintillates through every facet making it a fine jewellery grade specimen. What was finally selected in terms of jyotish gems out of this lot stands before you as the new lot Sripal 2012 that Gemstoneuniverse finally decided upon and is now on offer.
If we go by this technique than a 90 Kg’s man will require a 9 carat Diamond or a 9 carat Ruby. If the pharaoh observed ‘blinking’ in the ring, it signified displeasure of the Gods and sacrifices had to be made for appeasing them. You could check the market around for price of a diamond of this weight and boy, will you be astonished!
Mostly Yellow and Blue Sapphires in North India are from Ceylon in the weight range of 5-7 carats. Poor quality cheap goods that are cheaper than even diffused Thai Sapphires but are a favourite of the Sava Paanch Raati-Sava Saat Ratti Astrologer. Worldwide for Jewellery Purposes the most common finger for wearing Emerald is the ring finger, then why Rani Mukherjee, Preity zinta and Shilpa Shetty are wearing Emerald in the little finger.?
It is not just a few good words bunched together when they say that a picture speaks a thousand words! The proportions are pointers enough to how high the rate of rejection is even from the premium quality goods! The root of this method is Greed driven by a desire to push non gem grade and low gem grade material as Gemstones. The Astrologer suggests weights in the price range of Sava Paanch Ratti to Sava Saath Ratti of bluff dyed Ceylon sapphires that are poor in color and that becomes white.
The gem has abundant planetary energy of Mars and has been handpicked to give the best Jyotish results.
Rich Red contrasting with shine of Gold make it a stylish solid ringDoes a Triangular Red Coral Give better results?In one word, “No”. The Coral can be of any shape but is has to be natural, treatment free and a true Jyotish Gemstone to give results. If your Gemstone is a Jyotish Gemstone it shall give results whether a Triangle or an Oval etc.

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