Jyotishmati oil benefits

Ushna Guna stimulates heart, improves cardiac output; therefore useful in bradycardia and edema.
Jyotishmati oil is used for Nasya by its property of Katu, Ushna, Kapha pacifying and brain cleansing. New Delhi, March 25, 2015: Exposure to harsh sun, pollution and our hectic daily routine end up damaging even the healthiest of scalps leading to thinning of hair and other related problems.
World’s leading Ayurvedic products maker Dabur India Ltd today announced the launch of a therapeutic hair oil Dabur Keratex Oil, which is made from specially selected Ayurvedic herbs that not only help control hair fall and dandruff, but also provide scalp nourishment.

It also works well in gynecological problems and Vata diseases like facial paralysis, sciatica and osteoarthritis. Because of these properties, it is used in paralysis, backache, Bell’s palsy, arthritis and sciatica. Dabur is now offering the age-old benefits of Ayurveda to solve these hair problems in the form of Ayurvedic Medicinal Hair Oil — Dabur Keratex.
A new 360-degree campaign, encompassing television, print and digital, would soon be launched to communicate the new launch and its benefits.

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