Kabbalah astrological reading today

We invite you to use a special tool that is like a huge compass that assists you to navigate the roads of your life. Receive guidance and tips on relationships, economic status, health, and behavior patterns. Find out about your previous reincarnation, what is your Tikune and about the spiritual work you came to do in this lifetime.

Born and educated in Israel, Chaim Cohen has been fascinated by cosmology, astronomy and the meaning of the astral forces since a young age. Later on in life, Chaim unexpectedly found himself on the path of Kabbalah and has been a student of the Rav and Karen Berg for the last 17 years. Chaim has been a Kabbalah instructor at Kabbalah Centres in Los Angeles, New York, Miami and Israel.

Chaim is now a teacher for the Kabbalah Centre in Israel and doing Kabbalistic Astrology consultation for students all around the world.

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