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The following FEATURES LIST and the REPORT OPTIONS list will help you to appreciate just how many features are included. We invite you to download our complete colour catalogue that details all the features and report options for Kepler 7 ( please allow time for PDF. Time Line Profile graphically shows when a person is accident-prone, athletic performance is good, etc. Extraordinary research capabilities, including assumptionless research and creating sophisticated astrological signatures. Treasure Maps, like AstroMaps with blue-shaded orbs, show how far an astrological influence extends, but go yet another step: with a Treasure Map you can see precisely what areas are highlighted for areas of interest, such as Love and Romance, or Vocation and Career! Treasure Maps contain areas that are shaded from pale yellow to bright red, showing how strong the astrological influences are. Treasure Maps utilize very sophisticated astrological techniques that provides you with accurate and useful information. Kepler allows you to change the size of the chart wheel, the way in which cusps are drawn and planets are placed in the wheel, colors, what tables appear, you can merge graphics onto the wheel, which planets appear in the wheel and the tables, how much information to put in the aspect grid, etc. You can now produce chart wheels with essential dignities, almuten, and conjunctions to fixed star tables, and you can also select a square chart wheel, if you wish, as well as many other features that are used in medieval and hellenistic astrology. Kepler 7.0 provides a tremendous number of new features that were not in earlier versions of Kepler.
Save any reports or wheels to file with any name you like in any directory you want to save it to. Easier Import of Birth Data File from Solar Fire: If the Solar Fire program is installed on your computer, Kepler will automatically detect that you have it installed. 30 Art Wheels but when you purchase the additional Pastal Collection you will be able to select from 140 additional Art Wheel designs.
The Kepler program provides a comprehensive set of Astrological tools that have been developed over 20 years.
Kepler includes countless tools for analysis, forecasting, reporting, learning and research that are used by the worlds leading Astrologers. Take the Two Free Avalon College lessons before enrolling in the Avalon College in Kepler, where you will learn Astrology from A-Z. Gina Ronco began her study of astrology and metaphysics in the early 1970's, and has been a practicing astrologer since 1977. Horacio, the author of the Child Report, the Adult Report, Vocational Guidance, Solar Return, and Lunar Return. Maxine spearheaded the movement to legalize astrology in Atlanta, and in 1969, became Georgia's first licensed astrologer. Maxine was CNN's on-air astrologer when CNN went live during the early 80's and has appeared as Larry King's guest on his international talk show. Today, Maxine's keen astrological insight assists clients in making critical decisions when it comes to life, love, career, finances and ultimately happiness.
Robbi has been a published magazine writer for 17-years and also spent 7-years as a ghostwriter in the field. Robbi was born April 17, 1951, at 3:47 AM in Crescent City, California, and was raised in California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Michigan. Art is the author of Naughty Natal, The Composite Report, Poppe Forecast, Many Happy Returns, Thirteen Moons Lunar Return, and Relocation Information for Cosmic Patterns. Dorothy has spent decades studying various metaphysical arts such as: Meditation, Tarot, Hypnosis, NLP, Dreamwork and more, which she weaves into her work with clients. Eileen is the author of the MedScan Natal Report, and the Medical Forecast Report for Kepler.
A professional astrologer since 1974, Linda began interpreting charts of friends and colleagues while attending nursing school. Lorna Houston is the author of Personal Security Report, Nature Appreciation Report, and World Peace Report. Lorna has done crime prevention community work and offered astrological input to the police for homicide investigation. You can also customize the astrological influences that are analyzed to produce the Treasure Map and other AstroMaps in Kepler.

The samples shown here are just a few of the many possibilities, and you can also customize chart wheels in countless ways.
You can now produce wheels that have planets in the inner ring and minor asteroids in the outer ring; this is the Asteroid Wheel. While adding all of these features, Kepler has not only become much more powerful, flexible, and versatile, but the program is also slightly easier to use than Kepler 6.0. If found, Kepler will ask if they want to export the birth data from Solar Fire into the Kepler program. Just as one example, it is now much easier to create your own set of arabic parts or fixed stars. If you are not able to find a place in Kepler, the Kepler Mega Atlas will have this information.
She was born April 13, 1928 at 9:09 PM in Fitchburg, MA, but was destined to spend a number of years in Germany where she received all of her education. He is a well-known full-time astrological consultant who has traveled extensively, providing consultations and lectures to audiences throughout the United States and several other countries. With Uranus in the 3rd house and Mars in Gemini, his vocation for writing astrological and metaphysical subjects was manifested at a young age, beginning to publish articles at Kier Editorial uninterruptedly since 1983.
Roffe is a Gaelic and Cherokee heritage and an expert in herbal medicine, the history and astrology of the Celtic and Native American people. She was one of the founding members of the Atlanta Board of Astrology Examiners, a co-founder of the Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society, and served as First Vice President of the American Federation of Astrologers. Maxine and her predictions have been broadcast not only on CNN, but ABC, CBS, and NBC, as well as national and international radio. Currently a student of Psychology, Robbi Dyer first began her studies of Astrology and Metaphysics in 1969. Today, Robbi writes two monthly columns for ASTROLOGY YOUR DAILY HOROSCOPE, and annually for PSYCHIC ASTROLOGY HOROSCOPE. She has Masters degree in Development Psychology from Columbia University's Teachers College and is a past president of the New York Chapter of NCGR. Meta-Coaching sessions involve eliciting the astrological and sacred dynamics of your chart to empower you and your dreams.
She is on core faculty of the Desert Institute of Classical Homeopathy, where she teaches in Phoenix, Arizona. After being introduced to the I Ching and the Tarot, she continued to study metaphysical subjects and divination, eventually concentrating on astrology as her main interest. You can also select a Fixed Star Wheel (fixed stars in the outer ring), Arabic Parts wheel (Arabic Parts in the outer ring) or Midpoint Wheel (midpoints in the outer ring).
As each new version of Kepler expands in power, we are also making sure that this increased power does not interfere with you ability to get directly to the features you want and not to be distracted by the new features.
In addition to writing the Indra Natal Report, he has also developed a home study astrology school. Horacio was an astrologer from the age of 21 and he also dedicated himself to teaching and transmitting his knowledge about the subject.
He has postgraduate training and experience in expert witness testimony, medical report writing, depositions, forensics, disability evaluation and impairment rating, magnetic resonance imaging, x-ray motion studies, thermography and other diagnostic imaging procedures, physiotherapy, motion palpation, disk distraction, kinesiology, corrective exercise, nutritional supplementation, sports injury rehabilitation, and Palmer College technique training in Diversified, Palmer cervical, Thompson, and Gonstead, with additional certification in Gnostic and Logan techniques. She has been featured and profiled in publications across the country, including the Wall Street Journal and the Atlanta Business Chronicle. Studying such methodologies as taught by the Rosicrucians and the Church of Light, Robbi has over 33 years of experience as an astrologer and consultant in several areas of metaphysics and mysticism, and as a lifestyle-change coach. She has appeared in numerous publications over the years and is proud to now be working with Cosmic Patterns, The Kepler Program. Having served the Astrological Community two terms as Chair, one as Co-Chair, Dorothy is now an advising member of AFAN's Legal Information Committee, dedicated to protecting the constitutional rights of all astrologers when faced with anti-astrology ordinances. She has written The American Book of Nutrition and Medical Astrology (reprinted as medical Astrology in 1993) and it is now in Spanish in South America and Dutch for the people of Holland.
She holds two degrees from the British Institute of homeopathy (BIH), a DIHom and Doctorate of Homeopathic Medicine (DHM). An active contributor to the Humane Society, Linda currently cares for 10 cats and 2 dogs at her home in northwest Connecticut.

Using a variety of sources, including books by Max Heindel, Jess Stearn, Edward Whitman, and Llewellyn George, she developed her own interpretive methods.
Her web site is frequently updated with useful astrological information, as well as animal rescue information. Lorna co-authored scientific, empirical studies of astrology and crime patterns with Francois Gauquelin. Her nature articles have appeared in the "Toronto Field Naturalist" and "Conscious Country Magazine". In the Asteroid Wheel you can have up to 50 asteroids in the outer ring, and the asteroid glyphs can be if desired and an asteroid glyph is available, and there is also a table below the wheel that shows which asteroid has which glyph.
Originally a purist who was dubious about the value of computerized astrology (except for calculation), Gina is now enthusiastic about creating high-quality astrological reports.
Bob became seriously interested in astrology soon after finishing his college education, and has spent most of his adult career as an astrologer.
Roffe graduated with honors from High School, graduated with honors from Santa Fe Community College, and graduated with honors from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1980.
While her preference is esoteric astrology and interpretation, Robbi also practices mundane astrology interpretation. He has extensively researched political astrology and numerology, as well as many other areas of astrology. Currently, Dorothy is an ISAR Board member and part of the ISAR Ethics Committee involved with rewriting a proposed Ethics document. Always on the look out for new strays that visit the property, Linda gives shelter and food to all.
It has assisted her in caring for the animals she lives with, as well as in helping her work effectively with patients. Linda also writes a monthly and daily transit analysis, which can be found on her web site. Francois Gauquelin published these studies in France in her journal "Astro-Psychological Problems: The Schneider-Gauquelin Research Journal" and in the United States in the "Journal of the National Council for Geocosmic Research". Born in Miami, Florida on December 18, 1955 at 10:32 PM, she has lived in Florida most of her life. In the mid 1970's Agnes turned her hobby into a business, practicing astrology and conducting classes at her home.
Raman and Henry Weingarten at the NASO School of Astrology in New York City, and did extensive research into the Kabbalastic theories, Rudolf Steiner's astrological principles, and the many ancient forms of astrology. He studied astrology with David Cochrane 1974-1976, practiced chiropractic in Florida 1980-1985, has been a team physician, was a volunteer in an international medical team in Mexico City after the earthquakes in 1985, and is also an anatomical artist. She has a world-wide practice and is frequently called upon by the medical community on misdiagnosed or un-diagnosable cases as a consultant. She has over 600 hours of professional training in Homeopathy and has a private practice as well as donating her time monthly on the Navajo Reservation. The animals that have come to live with Linda have taught her a great deal about life and survival. A registered nurse by trade, she finds that following the daily transits in relationship to charts of patients in the busy Intensive Care Unit where she works is helpful.
Kepler includes over 1,000 asteroids to choose from and if you own the optional 30,000 Asteroids CD you can place virtually any asteroid desired in the wheel. She attended Herkimer County Community College and later taught evening courses there, including astrology, cosmobiology and Conversational German. In the early seventies he began researching the massive astrological material in the Edgar Cayce readings. The Fixed Star Wheel and Arabic Parts Wheel are similar in concept with the additional points being in the outer ring of the wheel.
Semi-retired since the late 1980's, she now spends most of her time exploring various astrological techniques with her computer.

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