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The main objective of the Department of Revenue and Land Reforms transparent is to provide responsive and proactive land management system and online land records for citizens in Bihar.
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We have the Khata & Khasra number of the land that my grandfather's father had from his ancestors and generation after him only has the split of land on blank paper (unit, direction and name of place). If we do not get these things inline, things will get messier down the line for our future generations. Please suggest me the way other than filling a case against all my blood relatives (after my grandfather's father), because no one is going to help me out for what I can for see in personally.
Till now the all information and files related to the government was recorded on papers but after beginnings of e-governance it is not recorded through computers which comes under the information technology system of state.
Under this project each government employee from DM to ward members has given the training of computer so that they can provide the better services. Step 2 ? After clicking on the next option a new window will appear where you can see all the details which you have filled in first page (ABCD) and the option through which you want to check the details of your property or Bhulekh or land records under the ROR (right of records). Step 3 ? After the complete process you can get the land details as the given below image where you can check complete details with the Khata number and Khasra number on webpage. The figures are mere perusal; Tehsil Computer Centre of the certified copy of the quotation can be obtained.
For more help submit your query in Ask Question section or submit comment below in Reply to Thread option. It is the government?s obligation to make better setup related to the land and all properties in state.

For quick and easy execution of government land dispute settlement Bihar Land Disputes Act 2009 is implemented in the state. Citizens can follow the mentioned below step by step process through which they can download their ROR (records of right). The form is available also in office counter in local language as the below given demo image. The complete information regarding to your khatian is also available on the 8292165156 number where all the details will be send through the SMS (short message service).
However, I would like to know the proceedings in a case where only my Grandfather's Father name is listed in Khatian records.
And as I know them personally, people become mean and try to takeout financial benefits from you. You also can contact to the revenue department of Uttar Pradesh in regarding to get the information of your Bhu-abhilekh in up state. Successful land management means that all citizens of the Bihar state will get the transparent intelligible and accessible system and the revenue administration should be made available for comment person so that all the sections of society especially the marginalized, scheduled castes and backward classes people have the opportunity to make proper use of the land and their economic social cultural development.
Similarly, the state land-related promises to ease mounting pressure on the judicial system perspective and give access to land related matters in order to provide a consistent platform has been implemented in Bihar Land Tribunal Act of 2009. Hawaii Photography drawn through the ground verification of digital map will be prepared after posting. Citizens are not able to use this internet copy of online land record for official purpose. Thenafter, all separation till my father-uncle time has been done on blankpaper by village panchayat.

In nowadays there is other world of internet is still ongoing apart from this familiar real world. See the below given step by step system to get your land record Bhulekh up now through the official website.
The department of revenue and land reforms under the state government of Bihar is ensuring for all citizens? social justice utilize.
If you need any help then visit to the head office address Principal Secretary, Revenue and Land Reform Dept. People are handling the split of their land on ground but the Khatian record is limited upto my Grandfather's father name only. To make the process easy and more comfortable the department had made this on complete Hindi language font where also the records can check in same font with deep information. Internet means a net made of different paces computers which has connected between all the computers. The department gives the facility to get the ROR (Records of Right) khata khatian and plot information. So that the government is also using the internet in their e-governance service in nowadays which means to rule through electronics, computer, phone and internet information on these glances, reaches with monitor system.

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