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Further Madurai Kamarajar university and Tanjore Sasthra Universiry have awarded merit certificates of Dip and BA astrology. Above all the founder is still perusing higher education in astrology in Karpagam University, Coimbatore.
The founder wanted to follow the footsteps of Shri Ramanujar as the story says Shri Ramanujar was stricktly instructed by his guru that on any circumstances that the maha manthra "OM NAMO NARAYANAYA" should not be disclosed to others one who receives the maha manthra would have the fortune of swargam(heaven).
Define this instruction of his guru Shri Ramanujar with the fond hope of swargam he mobilised people all around and loudly announced the maha manthra in a public place.
In this way Shri Rama Kaurnanithi devotes his thoughts to develop the art of astrology and intended to leave behind what ever learnt regarding astrology to his followers. He leaves in incredible impression in teaching and he is said to be particular in Kalathra Bhava (7th) which describes about ones married life, late marriage, time of marriage and related problems divorce etc.
He is in-charge of all publicizing of the institute and also communications with the media. She is doing better in any subjects in astrology for teaching and especially successfully handling the lower batch.
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For this he even prepared to go to hell while the thousands of receipients would go to heaven. He fortunately learned astrology in this institute and awarded with Jothida Sironmani certificate. She is an ardent devotee of Devi Karumariamman, and occupied pivoted role in promoting this institute.

He is rendering all round services to the advancement of the institute by co-ordinating with the founder. He is a man of self confidence, patience, intelligence, determino and strict in regulations. Tries to set right any left over in lessons and set backs, maintains a good rapport with the public.
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He is reputed for his right prediction and research well versed in Shatvargam, Ashtagavarkam receiving wide appreciation all around. He is familiar in Vedic astrology and well trained in Mathematical calculations in casting of Horoscope and predictions. If necessary he is prepared to clear the doubts in the mind of general public in the subjects of astrology. She is fond of comparing her astrological experience with the horoscopes of others with respect to predictions and prove its trueness.
James Duke Hallucinogen Honey Hunters of Nepal Top Fukushima Researcher Arrested And Silenced S0 News Nov. He is a gift to the institution for his unrelucted efforts he put in for the betterment of the institute.

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