Kundalini awakening bangalore

When people breathe the usual way with attention, they develop their naturel energy : men develop masculine energies, and women develop feminine energies. Some people try to breathe the opposite way from time to time, for example men trying to breathe like women, inhaling in left ida nadi and exhaling in right pingala nadi.
In both cases, the prana energy moves upward while people inhale : in pingala right nadi for men, in left ida nadi for women.
Awakening kundalini consists in directing the flow of prana DOWNWARD while inhaling, in order to focus energy on the first chakra, Mulhadara (located 1 on the pictures). Some men who are yin people may prefer practice this way with downward prana in Pingala, and some women who are yang people may prefer practice the masculine way with downward prana in Ida. The breath suspension and contraction blocks the flow of Prana in muladhara and stimulates Kundalini.

Her long journey up the Sushmna to the Sahasrara may take many lifetimes and will need to awaken in each lifetime, but this is the crucial journey that all of us will or have made to enlightenment.
Some people mention that they feel a tremendous energy up or down their spine during an awakening.
Ida is the left channel, feminine, cold, related to the moon and running from Muladhara to the left nostril; it is located on the left side of the spinal column.
Focusing energy on this chakra, very progressively during months, awakens progressively the energy of this chakra, Kundalini. As mentioned above, Prana Vayu is an upward flowing energy and Apana Vayu is a downward flowing energy.
The energy flows until it meets muladhara (n°1), then they practice suspensions and contractions.

One of the ways of describing the process of intentional Kundalini Awakening is that these two energies are intentionally reversed through a variety of practices. It is such a mighty presence in your life that seems to be the undertone for everything that you do, think or say.
Reversing the energy causes the Kundalini at the base of the subtle spine to awaken, and to begin to arise. Although this is not necessarily an easy thing to do, it is very useful to know that there is a basic simplicity to this process, that of reversing these two energy flows.

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