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Sometimes a Kundalini Awakening will look like mental illness, physical illness or emotional difficulties.
It can be difficult to figure out exactly what’s going on, all you know is something freaky is happening. My own awakening began in 2000 and proceeded more or less unnoticed by me, except for strange jerkings of the body and poppings in the spine.
A dangerous mix of emotional avoidance and LSD tipped the process over the edge into a full-blown psychotic episode. However, as one yoga teacher once told me, psych units are full of people who’ve had spiritual experiences (often mixed with drugs) that have blown their circuits. Find someone who understands that it is a core part of the human experience to go through a spiritual awakening that often involves a purification process of body, mind and soul.
You may be all blissed out and on cloud nine, but you need to make sure you look after your physical body, your mental well-being, and your emotional state.
Try to locate a Transpersonal Therapist who knows what Kundalini is and understands spiritual transformation. You are not just undergoing extreme adjustment of your nervous system and physiology, you are (whether you know it or not) experiencing a profound spiritual awakening, for you are getting in touch with Source at its deepest level–you are discovering that in a very literal sense you and It are one. Anything that takes care of your physical body and makes you stronger and clearer is generally a YES. When I came back to New Zealand, my system was so sensitive to light, sound and other people’s emotions that I found it really hard to even go to the supermarket. What was worse was that I couldn’t talk to anyone about what I was experiencing because people would have though I was crazy. On top of this sensitivity, all the hidden parts of my ego had been thrown up for me to deal with. It’s good too if they can call you on your bullshit and help keep you grounded in reality.
Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa (The Eight Human Talents; Collins Living, 2001) on kundalini as the most powerful form of yoga.
John White (What Is Enlightenment?; Paragon House, 1995) on the challenges modern psychology faces in the context of the kundalini experience. By all accounts, it seems too that the number of people experiencing Kundalini is on the rise. I suspect mine got a turbo-charge through my drug use, and I was damn fortunate that the circuits in my brain didn’t totally blow out. So, when your experience is totally sucking, just keep looking after yourself, seeking help and being supported and know that this too will pass.
Before you spend money on such a thing, ask yourself if you’re truly ready to face the darkest, most awful parts of who you are. Ask yourself if you really want to do the work that’s required when Kundalini awakens.
And if you’ve still got a burning desire to do whatever it takes to awaken Kundalini, good luck to you. Kundalini Awakenings: Symptoms, Process, Benefits, Support & HelpWhether you've had a Kundalini Awakening, are curious about the process of awakening Kundalini, think you might have some of the symptoms of a Kundalini Awakening or are looking for support for a Kundalini Awakening, you're in the right place. May 5th-6th: Wellington, Laughter Yoga WorkshopThis experiential (and often life-transforming) workshop is ideal for personal development and anyone interested in running a Laughter Yoga group.
I had gone through my own spontaneous Kundalini awaking, whenever there was signs of mental instability, doing grounding work through the root chakra would help me out tremendously. I don’t know where you live, but you might find that certain Orthodox Christian priests may be able to help you.
By the way, I live in the Bay Area too and would love to find people who have also had this experience.
Long rumored to be among the most rare of human experiences, in the past several decades, the incidence of reported Kundalini awakening has been on the increase worldwide. Particularly in New Age circles, Kundalini proponents hold out promises of bliss, inner peace, mystical odysseys, psychic power and self-transcendence.
A Kundalini awakening is celebrated as an extraordinary gift for healing and growth, but the early stages (which can last for months or years) can be exceedingly difficult. When employing traditional methods to raise the serpent-power, it takes a decade or longer to complete the task. People who have never experienced Kundalini tend to think these descriptive metaphors imply something abstract. Kundalini has been called the lifeforce -- the vital, animating current within all creation.
In a book entitled Comte de Gabalis, published in Paris three hundred years ago, the Abbe N. This lifeforce or energetic expression of the divine is known by many names in other cultures. Traditionally, the Hindus regard Kundalini as the divine mother, the earth goddess indwelling in all form and phenomena.
The other emblem of Kundalini, the serpent or snake, is universally associated with Goddesses and represents primordial energy, great mysteries, cosmic forces, and, by virtue of shedding its skin, rebirth. The snake appears in the spiritual literature and religious art of nearly every culture on earth. As I mentioned earlier, at the crux of my painful illness (but weeks before I realized I was involved in a Kundalini awakening), I awoke one night in angst, with every muscle from the soles of my feet to the top of my scalp writhing, wrenching and spasming.
A woman undergoing a relatively mild Kundalini awakening specifically asked for a dream to help her understand what was causing her illness. In the fourth month of my Kundalini awakening, I had a particularly vivid dream in which the whole city was burning. I haven't heard of anyone undergoing a Kundalini awakening who was seriously hurt by either a snake or a fire, though a few have been injured. Although Christian dogmatists might protest the equation, it seems evident that the Holy Ghost (or Holy Spirit) and the Kundalini are one in the same. Gabriel Cousens observes that numerous references to what would seem to be Kundalini awakening appear in the Bible.
Kundalini is alive in everyone, and in Her most active form, She catalyzes quantum leaps in personal and spiritual growth.
Most of the literature I have found on this says that in partial awakenings, the spiritual energy falls back into dormancy in the root chakra, while in full awakenings, the energy continues to pulse up through the crown chakra and does not recede. A full Kundalini awakening continues for the rest of one's life, albeit in a gradually more refined and consistently joyous, positive way. To summarize, Kundalini is both the all-pervasive energy of the cosmos and the mysterious bioenergetic agent of personal evolution. Important: For all products chose at the top of the page the  language (English or German) and currency! Disturbing Picture Event from Kaskuser KASKUS Corner KASKUS Playground KASKUS Peduli KASKUS Celeb KASKUS Promo Cinta Indonesiaku Ngampus di KASKUS Jual Beli Zone Product Review Sista Beauty Fashionista Women’s Health Suara KASKUSers Supranatural Budaya Spiritual Surat Pembaca The Lounge Deals Gosip Nyok! Sahaja Yoga diperkenalkan oleh Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi sejak tahun 1970 dan telah tersebar ke seluruh penjuru dunia.
Ada yang berpendapat bahwa hal-hal yang menyangkut spiritualitas seperti “yoga” atau “pencerahan” hanyalah untuk orang-orang tertentu yang menganggap hidup ini sebagai sesuatu yang “serius” atau hanya untuk orang-orang yang ingin lari dari kehidupan sehari-hari. Melalui sahaja yoga, kita dapat membuktikan dan merasakan sendiri bahwa kesadaran spiritualitas adalah sesuatu yang praktis dan tepat untuk diterapkan.
Manfaat langsung secara fisik yang anda dapat lewat sahaja yoga adalah anda akan dapat mengetahui keadaan sistem saraf anda dengan mudah. Dengan memperoleh pencerahan diri melalui Sahaja Yoga, kita akan dapat mendeteksi bagian-bagian dalam sistem saraf tubuh kita yang keseimbangannya sedang terganggu.
Riset-riset di berbagai institut kedokteran Internasional di Eropa, India, Rusia, Australia, dll telah menunjukkan bahwa Sahaja Yoga sangat efektif untuk memperbaiki bahkan meningkatkan kondisi pasien penderita penyakit-penyakit psikosomatis seperti asma, epilepsi, dan tekanan darah tinggi. Orang-orang yang secara teratur bermeditasi setelah mendapatkan pencerahan diri melalui Sahaja Yoga, seringkali menemukan diri mereka menjadi lebih tenang, sehat, dan mempunyai pandangan yang lebih positif terhadap kehidupan. Ketenangan yang mereka dapatkan, memberikan kedamaian yang akan menuntun mereka untuk lebih memahami keadaan diri sendiri baik secara fisik, psikologis, maupun spiritualitas.
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (atau lebih dikenal dengan nama “Shri Mataji”) lahir di Chindawara, India pada tanggal 21 Maret 1923. Kedua orang tua Shri Mataji sangat aktif dalam gerakan India merdeka untuk membebaskan India dari cengkeraman kolonial Inggris. Shri Mataji terlahir dengan anugrah kesadaran spiritual yang memungkinkanNya mengerti dan menyadari sepenuhnya tentang “kebenaran sejati” , sama halnya seperti para orang suci di jaman dahulu. Shri Mataji sadar bahwa kesulitan dalam mengutarakan “kebenaran sejati” ini juga dihadapi para Nabi dan para Orang Suci sebelumnya. Melalui kesadaran spiritual yang telah didapatkanNya sejak lahir, Shri Mataji bertahun-tahun mengkontemplasi dan bereksperimen dengan seluruh kombinasi dan permutasi seluruh problem yang dihadapi umat manusia.
Tidak hanya itu, Shri Mataji juga melihat banyak pencari “kebenaran sejati” disesatkan oleh para nabi palsu, para guru palsu, yang kebanyakan hanyalah komersial berkedok spiritualitas.

Pada tanggal 5 Mei 1970, di pantai Nargol (150km dari Mumbai), Shri Mataji mendapatkan “Pencerahan Ilahi” dengan membuka sentral energi universal ketujuh, yaitu Sahasrara Cakra universal. Find someone who knows about Kundalini, preferably local, who can be a guide and hand-to-hold through this process. If you’re having issues with mental stability, find a good therapist or psychiatrist or psycho-therapist etc. I refused Lithium, the usual drug of choice for treating bi-polar because I knew it had serious side-affects, but I didn’t refuse medication because I knew my psyche had been blown to bits.
Kundalini Awakenings often throw us totally into the La La Sphere, and keeping our feet on the ground as well as fronting up to the actuality of our physical, mental and emotional state is really important. We’re getting re-wired on a DNA level to handle higher levels of prana moving through our system. A Kundalini Awakening shatters the ego and can make it difficult, if not impossible to function in society – at least for a while. You are not the chosen one, you are not the next Buddha, although you may be on your way to becoming a buddha. It did take me seven years though to return to a place of equilibrium and general awesomeness. And if you accept and embrace the process, while studying up on what’s going on, you can likely make it a much smoother passage. Kundalini is asking us to listen to that small quiet part of us until it becomes the only part of us we ever hear. She is available for 45 minute Skype sessions to discuss what may be happening to you and how you may best support yourself through the process. Millions of people have been impacted by the articles, books and videos she has published over the last ten years.
I grew up a devout Jehovah’s Witness but became disillusioned with the church at age 22 and left, For the last 25 years I was pretty much an atheist.
Firsthand accounts of the vertiginous ascents and plunges of the unleashed Kundalini read like poetry, sci fi, or madness. The risen Kundalini restructures the body and the psyche in a process which extends through various stages of psychological and physiological clearing. The energy of Kundalini has been used everywhere in the world for healing and accessing spiritual experience.
It may blast up the spine, torch localized areas of the body, or come as hot flash episodes.
To the Australian aborigines, a spirit snake is believed to be the female creator of the world and represents a growth and vitality principle.
In some portrayals, it has an evil connotation, standing for unregenerate or unconscious impulses.
She spoke of it as a light which wrapped around the top of her head and shone down over the front of her face in a way that reminded her of the Egyptian serpent on the headdress of the pharaohs. When the Kundalini is active or is about ready to rise, people may have dreams of being bitten by a snake or of snakes entering their bodies.
In his autobiographical book, Play of Consciousness, Muktananda mentions that snakes are often present during Kundalini awakenings. Teresa of Avila's Kundalini awakened, she became ill and fell into a death-like coma for four days, during which time a fire broke out in the convent.
My father appeared in the dream and, eyeing me suspiciously, asked if I was responsible for the fire. Whether or not one makes this distinction, the Holy Spirit is involved in the Kundalini process. This isn't to say that anyone who is experiencing physical or mental illness, or that anyone who goes through life changes and revises their outlook, values or behavior has an awakened Kundalini. A partial Kundalini awakening is a brief Kundalini release lasting anywhere from a few minutes to a few weeks.
But even isolate pranic-releases can be precursors to a future full blown Kundalini process. The period generally referred to as the years of awakening designates the most dramatic and difficult manifestations of the process. Dalam Sahaja Yoga, kita mendapatkan kesempatan untuk merasakan kesadaran diri yang paling dalam dengan teknik yang singkat dan mudah, yaitu teknik “pencerahan diri” (self-realization).
Terutama, kesadaran spiritualitas dan keadaan fisik sebenarnya adalah sangat berkaitan saling mempengaruhi satu sama lain. Dan dengan teknik-teknik Sahaja Yoga pula kita dapat memperbaiki keseimbangan atau fungsi dari bagian-bagian yang terganggu tersebut.
Dan seringkali mereka juga akan lebih memahami, peduli, dan berperilaku positif terhadap orang-orang di sekitar mereka. Shri Mataji, yang sejak kecil juga sangat dekat dengan Bapak kemerdekaan India Mahatma Gandhi, ketika muda pun turut berperan aktif dalam gerakan muda-mudi India merdeka.
Srivastava, salah seorang putra India yang dikenal akan dedikasinya yang kuat terhadap negara India dan sempat menjadi Sekretaris Jendral PBB di bidang maritim (International Maritime Organization). Namun, Shri Mataji belum mengetahui pada awalnya bagaimana cara mengutarakan “kebenaran sejati” ini kepada manusia di jaman moderen. Dimasa hidup para Nabi dan para Orang Suci, sangat sedikit orang yang mengerti benar2 pesan sesungguhnya, dan setelah Mereka tiada, para pengikutnya kebanyakan hanya menyandarkan pada kitab-kitab dengan interpretasi mental belaka, tanpa mendapatkan hubungan langsung dengan “kebenaran sejati” dalam arti yang sesungguhnya.
Shri Mataji mendapatkan kesimpulan bahwa problem-problem utama manusia disebabkan oleh ketidaksadaran manusia akan “diri sejati”.
Banyak ajaran guru-guru dan nabi-nabi palsu tersebut bahkan merusak masyarakat manusia lebih jauh dengan menyebarkan ajaran-ajaran sesat seperti fundamentalitas, radikalitas, fanatik, anti-toleransi, seks bebas, obat-obat bius, dll, dengan cara terselubung maupun dengan terbuka. So I kept my mouth shut, and did what I had to do to prove my sanity and get released from the hospital. In religious terms, a kundalini awakening is a dark night of the soul, and there’s many written accounts of various mystics experiencing this process. In my experience, other yoga teachers are the least likely to know anything about Kundalini. Handling those increased levels of prana means focusing on what you need to do to bring yourself into physical balance.
This helps to harmonise you with a grounded, sane environment and gets rid of any excess energy in a really safe manner.
Driving was freaky because there were so many lights on the roads – especially in Auckland! I had some serious shadow-work that needed to be done… and at times, this work threatened to overwhelm me.
Ask yourself if you’re willing to experience all kinds of weird wonderful and not so wonderful physical, mental and emotional symptoms and signs. Her passion is liberation in this lifetime through an every day path of dissolving layers of tension into greater and greater freedom and joy. You specified to cut out all intoxicants but I believe marijuana isn’t considered an intoxicant. And Kundalini can be very destructive, especially to our egos, attachments, fears, limiting beliefs and ideas.
The release of that bound energy is like the release of the potential energy bound in matter that suddenly results in the extraordinary power and light of nuclear reactions.
As anyone who has been through this initiation can testify, these changes are radical and real.
These metaphoric names describe the tremendous rushing, burning, spiralling and wavelike physical sensations of the aroused spiritual energy. In one case, a twenty-year-old man who had been unable to get medical help for his perplexing symptoms had a vivid dream in which a large snake spoke to him. In his own case, a cobra lurked nearby (yet never harmed him) during the intense phase of his process. One man in a Kundalini process came home from an afternoon walk to find a large black snake sprawled at the foot of his apartment door.
The week my Kundalini arose, Carl and I were startled in the middle of night by explosive sounds.
Like the risen Kundalini, fires and snakes represent powerful, unpredictable, and potentially devastating primal forces. But those of us whose lives have been infused by spiritual energies know such control is illusory. The God-realized master Paramahansa Yogananda perceived a parallel between the Christian and Hindu trinities. And whether the divine is conceived as a trinity, a pantheon of deities, a monotheistic supreme being or an eternal creative power, what is being communicated is the greater-than-self omnipresent Whole. These experiences are often triggered by meditation, prayer, psychedelic drugs, or being in the presence of an illumined being or spiritual master. In a full awakening, all the chakras remain open and one's being is bodily and psychologically transformed.

We can speak of what Kundalini does and how to recognize Her, but Kundalini's domain will always be the incomprehensible and ineffable. Please consider making a contribution so more stories of awakening and alternative views can be shared!
Dengan mengalami kesadaran diri yang terdalam, kita bisa merasakan kedamaian secara alami di manapun dan kapan saja.
Lewat pencerahan diri di sahaja yoga, kita akan mengalami kesadaran dimana kita dapat menjaga dan juga meningkatkan kondisi tubuh kita agar senantiasa fit.
Sikap tegas Shri Mataji menyebabkanNya tidak jarang harus berurusan langsung dengan tentara-tentara Inggris walaupun tanpa membawa senjata apapun.
Melalui pernikahannya, Shri Mataji menjadi ibu dari dua anak dan nenek dari beberapa orang cucu.
Ketidak sadaran ini disebabkan karena manusia pada dasarnya belum menyadari keadaan sentral-sentral energi dalam diri mereka, yang merupakan manifestasi dari seluruh aspek kehidupan, baik fisik, mental, maupun spiritual. I took it for about three months, and then with the full knowledge of my flatmates and Mum, began to half the dose weekly while monitoring my mental state.
I thought I’d had an experience of enlightenment, and now it was gone and life was awful. Plus people can have all kinds of agendas when they write books or articles so be discerning always.
However, I always took comfort from the fact that every single day was always a tiny bit better than the last.
May consciousness prevail so we can come through the veil of arrogance and ignorance to the joy and happiness of life.
Through her speaking, writing and teaching, KL focuses on sharing intimate insights of her journey from psychosis to freedom as she maps a path through the landscape of her – and ultimate our – internal world. He said he felt like he was going to die and that he had to balance his vibration because he can’t keep up with it. This can spin out into our lives and initially make it very difficult to function normally in society. I’m very young and this is a bit scary but thank you to the author for making me feel like I am still sane. The influx of high vibrational energy throughout the system produces an array of physical symptoms and strange sensations. Kaushik, yogis were expected to undertake twelve years of intensive work to safely elevate the Kundalini. When the Kundalini rises, these sensations may be subtle and pleasurable, or they make strike with unexpected gale force, literally thrashing the body around like an internalized hurricane.
Religious descriptions of hell fires which torment the soul may have originated as commentary on the suffering endured by initiates in the throes of Kundalini heat. The snake which has been conquered corresponds to forces which have been mastered, harnessed and rechanneled for the benefit of the psyche and humanity.
Because he knew nothing of Kundalini symbols or symptoms, it was not until he later recounted this dream to some friends that someone finally made the connection. Interestingly, Joseph Campbell spoke of the Kundalini as a tiny snake, about the size of a hair. One woman undergoing an awakening found her bed on fire when a lit candle fell from the nightstand. Two months later, a cataclysmic fire storm (as the media called it) raged through Oakland, where I live, destroying 3000 homes.
Whether we feel elated and ecstatic or battered and broken by these energies, we cannot repress or stop them. This was officially known as incendium amoris, the fire of love.) The other common Christian symbol for the Holy Ghost is the dove.
Imagine that Kundalini is water, and that across most of the planet, it is so cold that this water is frozen.
In other words, every life crisis is an invitation to inner growth, but not all inner growth is propelled by the risen Kundalini.
While such experiences can bring important revelations and self-change, they do not have the radically life-altering impact of a full awakening. Sekaligus, kita dapat menjaga keharmonisan dan keseimbangan hidup kita sehari-hari baik di tingkat mental, emosi, dan fisik dengan lebih alamiah dan terpadu. Karena itu, meskipun anda tidaklah tertarik hal-hal yang menyangkut spiritual, secara alami sahaja yoga memberi manfaat ke dalam kehidupan sehari-hari anda.
Other grounding foods include root vegetables, or certain nuts like brasil nuts and almonds. All he does is listen to an inspirational speaker named Abraham Hicks and now all her words is all that consumes his head. I didn’t know what was happening to me at the time but it felt like my brain was moving ten times faster than it ever had before for about two months.
You will make it through, it will change, and there are people out there who understand and care. Another woman kept inadvertently tuning into radio and TV programs about snakes at the early stage of her Kundalini awakening. Again, parallels to Kundalini can be found: much of the mythology of the dove centers around the sacred feminine and divine mother. I felt connected to the Universe and gained many valuable insights, as if they were channeled to me.
Lights may flicker or blink off and on, and electrical appliances may malfunction in peculiar or paranormal ways. Kaushik has said that Kundalini is called serpent energy precisely because Kundalini energy always moves in waves.
It's okay to feel incapable of suffering through another day, another hour, another minute of this incredibly demanding process.
It all started after finally processing some long-buried pain after an emotionally tumultuous summer, the jerking motions beginning when I called a then-friend on his lack of moral center at dinner. When the Kundalini is active, the hands, arms, head and entire body may move in involuntary sinuous, snakelike motions. The hatchling broke free and wriggled down to my forehead; I was awed to recognize that the creature born from my egg-skull was a baby snake! I am a science-based person who is skeptical of everything, but things happened that I have no other explanation for other than to say – I am now convinced there is Something rather than nothing guiding some of us in some way.
Those with an active Kundalini often describe sensations in their spines that feel like little snakes or an electric worm wriggling its way up the back.
Strangely, although the sensations from this were quite convincing, I was not repulsed in the least. I believe that for most of us, despite the severity and painfulness of our process, we will survive and even live to rejoice in our transformation.
Perhaps on some deep, heroic level, our souls have volunteered to go through this incredible fire.
Those with a risen Kundalini have much more lifeforce in their systems than those who have not begun this process. In many ways, I feel spiritually repaired and believe my mission in life is to be a Helper wherever I can doing the will of whatever is guiding us out there or deep inside.. And whether we go through it consciously surrendered, or kicking and screaming every inch of the way, we can't turn back. I don’t resonate with any of the dogma of the ancient faiths, but the lessons are still vital in our time. I live in a large city too far from nature and don’t always have the energy to get into nature as I long to.
Even if we aren't always able to meet the next twist in our process with faith, courage or fortitude, it helps to remember the magnitude of what we are undergoing.
No matter what we may at any moment feel about it, we are on an awesome, ancient and sacred path. It was truly the strangest, most intense, and scariest experience of my life and fortunately the Universe did not give me more than I could handle, but it was terrifying and surreal along the way.
When you are in a grandiose delusion for a brief time you actually believe you are that person.
Since this k stuff started, I have developed a borderline personality disorder and am now pretty much bipolar.

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