Kundalini energy and sexuality

I found this excerpt from a Children of the Sun (COS) newsletter quite fascinating and want to share it with you. As we do this together from the Crystalline Grid, the very substance of our new I AM Avatar Blueprint has now been drawn in and up, woven throughout our etheric body template as ONE toroidal field of unified light and cosmic consciousness. We have heard a lot about Kundalini Awakening and the union of the sacred masculine and feminine energies within. Instantaneous results can be achieved by those who are prepared with a healthy body, an even breath, stabilized mind and balanced emotions. This is why so much attention is being place upon the Sacred Fire as a way to accelerate the deeper purifications, on all levels and layers of our multi-faceted being. Note: The Kundalini cannot be raised into the Pineal Gland if any of the chakra energy centers have blockages. Within the sacrum at the base of the spine are charged bolts of intelligent liquid fire coiled like a serpent. The caduceus is a winged staff, with two serpents, and was carried by the Greek god, Hermes, who is said to be the messenger of the Gods.
In this Kundalini practice, we keep our gaze held within the chakra energy center between the eyebrows, the meditative access point to the Pineal Gland. Our intention is upon the very quick movement of the kundalini serpentine fire through one long inhale…. Keep the tongue up touching the roof of the month just in front of the teeth and the gaze upward and fixed on that interior 3rd eye. The platinum light that is bursting out of your crown forms a Tube Torus geometry around your entire body. You can also order the Love Knot Ring with both parts made from the same metal, pure copper, sterling silver or 14K gold. This therapeutic copper bracelet has a slightly domed surface which gives it a more full appearance. The way this bracelet is constructed makes it ideal for those who suffer from joint pain and some forms of arthritis. Defining the center line is a smooth half round channel flanked on both sides with the hammer textured area that flares out and slightly  upward. The upward flair of the sides on this pure copper designer bracelet makes it a very comfortable design. The end result in this stone holder is a perfect combination of glass, metal and colors that reflect the theme of the painter’s art.
I Thought you might like to see my jewelry work bench.  Unlike most jeweler’s benches, Mine is an old piece of ash from a tree that came down during a storm in 1976. I now have a good size collection of custom shaped and polished railroad spikes and hammers to create the jewelry you see here and on my website. The section on the right with a slot cut out of it was where a branch once grew.  The slot is used for sawing also called pearsing.
The copper ring in the foreground is ideal for holding all the pliers and cutters.  Very handy DIY (Do It Yourself)  jewelry bench.
Golden Mean Earrings which I also call the Mother and Child earrings, were created by using the Golden Mean Proportions also known as the Fibonacci Number Sequence.
The two domed ends are then curved  one over the other creating a cradle that follows the natural curve of the original circle. Being a 2 turn design, this Energy Ring has an inductance of about .11 microhenries in a size 10. To order your Kundalini Wave Energy Ring, visit the Kundalini Jewelry line at  Energy Rings - Rings page. The 3 turns gives this Energy Healing Ring an inductance greater than .20 microhenries in a size 10.
Also associated with the  Manay-Ki.  The nine rites of initiation to become a person of wisdom and power. This interpretation of the Chakana is actually my new design for the Interchangeable Stone Holder.

From an Astrological perspective, the cross represents the star constellation known as the Southern Cross. I get a number of questions from my website so I decided to start this blog to address some of these questions and perhaps help others who may have the same or similar  questions.
Presents links to entries regarding kundalini awakening and other signs and symptoms of spiritual awakening. Note that this is an autobiographical website describing the various experiences and perceptions of one person. To help you unpack all the cultic garbage being sold to people as authentic spiritual revelation, please check out the following sites before joining any particular group. I suggest your reading three particular experiential accounts of mine before delving into the many other posts at this site. If you would still like more information, please read the chapters in my spiritual autobiography which are entries pulled from pages throughout this site, and which I feel provide a good overview of my beliefs and experiences. Please note that though electrical sensitivity is becoming an increasingly well-established condition, there is little consensus among authorities -- apart from El Collie in her essay Supercharged (my mirror here)-- that it is associated with kundalini. My response to someone overwhelmed by kundalini symptoms that include: panic attacks, claustrophobia, tachycardia, anxiety, near death experience, fear of death, healing childhood trauma, heat in solar plexus, and radiation from chest. My response to someone suffering from kundalini, orgasmic headaches (coital cephalalgia), suppressed immune system function, and multiple chemical sensitivities.
December 12, 1995 (The Human Body Is A Sail That Catches Spiritual Wind - Pushing This Process From A Mental Level Is Destablizing - Spiritual Blue Balls - Need To Make This Jump Soon - By Christmas? December 25, 2013 (Essay) (In The Modern Era, Is Kundalini Awakening Safe Or Even Relevant? When an aspirant of Kundalini Yoga starts activating the Kundalini energy through various kinds of pranayamas, the nadi system is vitalized.
The roused Kundalini energy moves upwards in the central nadi, the Sushumna, passing through each of the lower chakras to reach the seventh, the Sahasrara Chakra.
The release and ascent of the dormant spiritual Kundalini energy in Kundalini Yoga enables the aspirant to transcend the effects of the elements and achieve consciousness that brings liberation from the ever-changing world of illusion (Maya).
Laya Yoga is also called Kundalini yoga, because the raising of Kundalini energy to unite her with the supreme consciousness is the main objective, which is reached through deep meditation (dhyana). In the past, serious aspirants of the Kundalini awakening have engaged in extensive practices such as physical postures, controlled breathing exercises, meditation, chanting and much more to prepare themselves for the awakening.
Kundalini is a magnificent power and it is imperative that one be prepared for the energy that may be released in such an experience. Additionally, the etheric envelope of the body has to be pure before the upgraded DNA configurations can be opened into the physical body matrix.
This can happen very quickly or slowly depending on the quality of a person’s practice, acceptance and surrender. This exercise, our Crystalline Grid attunements and any personal sessions greatly assist to clear, balance and accelerate the chakra centers.
There is a negative charge stream which can be imagined as a silvery serpent of light, representing feminine energy. As you breathe, see your sacrum expanding and contracting, becoming alive as a rhythmic pulsation. From your sacrum, see the gold and silver serpents energy moving quickly up the central spinal column of platinum light. I enjoy making this ring with my own twist of making the two rings separately, ending up with two rings held together only by the knot that joins them. Millefiori glass is produced by cutting cross sections of fused bundles of glass rods of various colors and sizes. I divided a circle into 8 equal parts and then made the first bend at the point where the whole was divided into 3 and 5.
It is a pure copper  2 turn Energy Healing Ring with a stylized serpent’s head on each side of the central wave design. You can see how much inductance a different size has by using the Energy Calculator located here.

The interchangeable stone pictured here is Turquoise.The stones that fit these stone holders are round donut shaped and are called Pi Stones. The  bail or holder is made of sterling silver.  Set in the center is a beautiful Almandine Garnet from Mozambique surrounded by a green Jade Pi stone set in a fine silver bezel. My tag line is ‘Jewelry for Health and Beauty‘ and that pretty well describes the essence of my jewelry which is aimed at energy healing. In the months preceding my own awakening in the fall of 1985, I read Eliade's and Krishna's books listed above. Wikipedia]), and frequently act abusively -- sexually, financially, emotionally, and spiritually -- toward their students (cf. The Cult Education Institute has some brilliant moderators who are well acquainted with many of the kundalini awakened spiritual predators out there. It may be the case that some of the better and more optimistic posts are my tape transcriptions from 1994, a period prior to my path's hitting the serious turbulence posed by manmade EMF.
The Kundalini energy in its' dormant state is visualized as a snake coiled up in the first chakra at the base of the spine, the Muladhara chakra.
This process is known in Kundalini Yoga as the piercing of the chakras and represents the merging of the female with the male.
If one is not ready, it can be like putting too much electricity through a small wire or fuse and you can overload the circuits. Also coiled here in the sacrum is a positively charged bolt of fire, which can be seen as a golden serpent of light, representing masculine energy. This is the central rod of power from which these serpents intertwine, intersecting at the chakras. The smooth copper edges and the hammered silver center creates a beautiful combination of contrasting color and texture.
This is an important feature if you are looking for a pure copper bracelet for therapeutic reasons.
This is considered a copper bracelet with sterling silver design because the copper is against the skin.
The four prongs or arms represent the directions on earth (the Inca did not refer to the cardinal directions we are accustomed to). Their links page has an alphabetical listing of hundreds of destructive cults with references for further investigation; groups range from Daism and Amway to Mormonism, TM, and Scientology. After that, perhaps you should check out my heart chakra opens essay; then, for a good example of my daily logs, please read my post for October 31, 1994. This column is platinum light which bridges the dual aspects of the serpentine fire into a unified field. Above this horizontal middle area is the spirit world of the Condor.  The area below is symbolized by the Serpent representing the world of the dead. The fact that they transmit spiritual force only heightens the danger and abusiveness of their behavior. The serpents merge together at the Medulla Oblongata as one unified stream of energy penetrating up into the center of your brain reaching into your pineal gland. The participants do a thorough job researching and posting information regarding the untold story of a particular group's controlling and cultic behavior.
Please also check out the Open Directory Project's religious cult page with numerous links to websites devoted to exposing various corrupt spiritual practices and traditions.
As you reach the top of your inhale, a beam of platinum light surges up and out the crown chakra.

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