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Horoscope Matching Report or Kundli Match is not just an ordinary report but one of the most important one. A complete Match Making solution, for personal use or commercial use, astkoot milaan, guna milaan, astkoot phal, manglik vichar, manglik dosha, predictions, various match making study tools, group study. This mod makes all vacation, recipe and fishing books available (China, France and Egypt) in all of the worlds. Look below for more details about what type of books are available for children to read or for purchase from the bookstores. The All Buyable Books version -will- conflict with other mods enabling all skill, bait and recipe books to be available at the bookstores. Generations had no new books, but the existing books are now handled in a different way by the game. Enables children to read skillbooks, fishing bait books, recipes, vacation books, general and user-created books.
Enables children to read skillbooks, fishing bait books, vacation books and recipes, general and user-created books. The above mods -REQUIRE- the expansion packs to be installed if you want the stuff from World Adventures, Ambitions and Late Night.
The AllBuyableBooks version -WILL- conflict with other mods enabling all books to be bought in the store.
The LN versions of the mods allowing children to read skill books and to buy almost every book in the bookstore can be used with Outdoor Living Stuff.

Do not use any of these LN mods with other mods that allow all buyable books and all recipes such as Anak_ponti's version of Jenesis's old mods. Both Children Can Read Skill Books And All Buyable Books - LN and Children Can Read Skill Books - LN have the exact same stuff. Children will still not read any career-related books as they have no use for the children because they can't have careers!
New changes have been made to improve the mods to allow children to be able to read almost any book available in the bookshelves at their home and the bookshelves at the library. Sculpting did not have any books available to study from, nor do other professions from Ambitions. I can't help you with the install issues or questions because I don't use either Vista or Windows 7.
I am not sure if children can already read the recipes, but I assumed they can even if they can't read the skill books but gain skill points through the toy oven. You must have the expansion or stuff packs listed below installed to use this custom content.
The vacation skill, bait and recipe books must be bought from the markets in the vacation worlds. The vacation skill, bait and recipe books can be bought from the bookstores in the home worlds without having to go on vacation to get them. Both mods will ignore those books, recipes, bait books and music sheets if you don't have any of these expansion packs.

I also forgot to mention previously that these mods also enable ALL recipes to be bought at the bookstore. These mods allow children to read skill books and gain fun as well allow all recipes and most books (career books are not included) to be bought at the bookstore.
Except that one version allows all books to be bought at the local bookstore in the main world. This is the reason to reduce the conflicts between the other mods (all buyable books available at the bookstore) and my mods to allow children to read any of the skill books. If you have forgotten your password, click here, or if you have forgotten your username, click here instead.
So we suggest you to take help from any good astrologer for horoscope matching and compatibility. An astrologer not only analyzes the match for Mangal Dosha and Ashtakoot or Gun Milan but he also feels other auspicious and inauspicious planets also.
These two mods will work with other mods enabling all fruits, fish and foods to be bought at the market in the main homeworld. An astrologer also observes their (the planets') effects, which will also show the important prospects of life like health, nature, luck, dominance, destiny, mentality, general welfare, attachment, well being, love, children and growth of family of the horoscopes being matched.Contact us for Accurate Match Making Services and remedies By Astrologer Sunil Tripathi.

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