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With his aim to widen his acting opportunities, Danny Pino left 'Law & Order SVU' Season 17. Season 16 of 'Law & Order SVU' left fans in wonder when Amaro decided to leave Olivia Benson and retire to the West Coast to be with his family, after he was shot by the sex trafficker Johnny D.
It was reported that Pino left the show because he wants to widen his acting opportunities, as what 'Law & Order' SVU executive producer Warren Leight revealed.
With Amaro's exit, the 17th season of 'Law & Order' SVU will bring new and topics to be tackled. The actor also added that it's always a challenge for them to bring fresh and keeping the show alive. Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU, Olivia Benson, Law & Order SVU Season 17, Law & Order SVU Season 17 renewal, Law & Order SVU Season 17 cast updates, Law & Order SVU Season 17 spoilers, Peter Scanavino, Danny Pino, Det.
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Keep up-to-date with what's going on in classical, jazz, theater, dance and more with Classicalite! Greenblatt does allow that Hargitay, who recently adopted a baby with her husband, Peter Hermann, may reduce her filming schedule a little bit.
There have also been reports that Olivia may become more of a supervisor to the other detectives in Special Victims Unit, including the new characters played by Danny Pino and Kelli Giddish. Benson, Rollins and Carisi get a call while they are out with Benson and Rollins’ kids about the young girl, she is only 17 years old.
Benson sets up a meeting between Sally and Nora and they get enough information out of Nora to get a search warrant for Alvin’s studio.
When they go to arraignment, Alvin is let out on bail as long as he surrenders his passport and when it’s Nora is up, him and everyone who works for him, leaves her alone. Rollins and Carisi go to talk to her and prep her for her testimony, when Matt gets home, he is clearly upset about Carisi being there. Barba tries to get a continuance, but he can’t get one and Rollins asks if anyone really thinks that she made the decision on her own. Claire and Alvin’s brother think that it was Matt and Rollins is talking to Sally and ask her to call him and find out where he is. Just as Olivia stepped inside the townhouse, Joe Utley menacingly pushed her against the door.
In the next scene after opening credits, Ralph Volkov, Roxie’s brother came running in from the kitchen.
As soon as they grabbed her purse, Olivia introduced herself as a New York City police officer who just happened to be there by chance. Back at the Crivello’s townhouse, Ralph has not gotten any information from a badly beaten Richard. Alarmed Sonny immediately informed Mike, Fin and Barba about Olivia’s text, “Stuck in precinct all day.
At this juncture, Joe ordered Ralph to accompany Lisa to the bank and retrieve whatever money, and valuables were in the Crivello’s safety deposit box.
Mike walks over to Chief Gabriel who informed the sergeant the area is in lockdown and everyone in the line of fire had been evacuated while they wait for hostage negotiations. From inside the room where they are all holed up, Joe is frustrated at seeing the perimeter ESU set up outside. Fin and Sonny head to the Commerce Bank of Manhattan where Lisa had just made a withdrawal. Seizing this opportunity, Tucker offered to trade the money and bonds Ralph got from the bank for the kids. Rumors have swirled for a few months that Hargitay was reducing her involvement in the show, but Greenblatt says Detective Olivia Benson won’t be going anywhere. Now in Season 17, many actors have come and gone, but Mariska remains part of the main cast. When they get to the hospital, she tells them that she isn’t sure she wants to press charges and that if her boyfriend finds out she was there he would kill her. Sally is telling Benson and Rollins that Nora kept giving her drinks and while he was raping Sally, Nora was taking pictures of the whole thing. They are in the middle of a session and his brother, who is a fashion designers, is there as well.
She looks worried about calling him, but she does and when they are talking to him, he tells him that he didn’t even have his gun on him. Lucy comes in and expresses her concerns about the strange incident that morning at the Crivello. Joe, Roxie and Ralph planned this home invasion in order to steal money and valuables from the family. Mike Dodds and Detective Fin Tutuola trade barbs about boxing and working out when Detective Sonny Carisi, Jr., comes in to report about the push in rapist in Chelsea.
Stacy told the detectives the suspect pushed and burst into their house when she answered the door. He threatened if Lisa tried anything like warn the police about them, he would hurt her children Tess and Luca. ESU Captain Sasso reported all cameras had been installed and described the people inside the townhouse particularly the two perpetrators, kids and Olivia. The sergeant informs Tucker they have so far acceded to the captor’s demand to pull back the snipers and disable cameras. Together with some police officers, they ambush Ralph with Lisa. Barba arrives at the control van parked within the police perimeter of the Crivello’s townhouse.

He gets more details about Richard’s injuries and the guns Joe and Roxie have inside the house. Since they cannot release Ralph from their custody this would be the best trade they could have at the moment. Olivia said if he kept his gun to her head the police would not take the chance of beating him to the trigger. In a recent interview, Leight said they are planning to talk more on "dark areas." And, they are currently working on a story about a transgender teenager.
The NBC police drama is currently on hiatus, but there is already information on the finale. The reason for Munch’s return is because a suspect once again pops up after a young model accuses a fashion photographer of a sex crime. The photographer, Alvin, is pretty big in the industry and she doesn’t want to ruin her chances at being a model someday. When Fin goes to take the camera out of Alvin’s hand, which is on the list of searchable items, he resists and they arrest him. Meanwhile, they start looking into the other girls that Alvin has taken pictures of and they also have to look into a victim from 12 years ago. The next day, Benson, Rollins and Barba are waiting for Sally to get there and when she walks up with Matt, Benson goes to walk her in.
Dodds goes to talk to Alvin and his brother and they find out that Matt went there with a gun and threatened them.
When they go backstage to look around some more, they hear a scream from the back alley, it’s one of the girls that works for Alvin.
Rollins and Carisi find his gun and it isn’t operable and Sally is freaked out because of what Matt is going to do if he finds out it was her that lead them to him. They both confess to killing Alvin, but they tested the dress for gunshot residue and find that the brother was the one who really shot Alvin. The ADA said she is not there since he was the conference the whole morning and would have seen Olivia. Just then Lucy arrives at the station looking for the police lieutenant. At the Crivello’s home, Joe read Mike’s text about the push in rapist on Olivia’s phone. Ralph reported they got cash from an ATM but Lisa does not want to go inside the bank until she talks to her children. When questioned, Ralph does not want to give information regarding Joe and his own sister Roxie.
Lisa told Sonny that Joe sent them a picture of her children half an hour ago as proof of life.
When the captain told him he cannot agree to that request Joe felt compelled to murder someone in the house.
As she looked up Roxie saw the police force standing by with their guns and rifles pointed directly at her.
Tucker called and informed Joe he has already everything he demanded – the car, money, chopper and plane. Sonny Carisi, played by the actor, joined the team this year when Amaro was temporarily reassigned. Recently, the show’s boss Dick Wolf mentioned rebooting the show that was sadly canceled to the dismay of many fans.
It turns out that the script for the final episode of the season moved Hargitay so much that she cried. According to Spoilers Guide, Munch and Fin Tutuola (Ice-T) had their eyes on the photographer.
Criminals that were supposed to be in prison escaped, creating havoc throughout New York City and beyond. If that name sounds familiar, it is because the actor played Olivia Benson’s therapist. Does this have something to do with Benson being attacked in a prison while she was working undercover as a female prisoner? Carisi and Fin get him into an interview room and he tells them that Matt went to him in a bar and showed him her headshots and set up the shoot.
They gave him $50,000 in exchange for him to consult and that means that she can’t testify because it would ruin their deal. She told the young nanny her son, Luca Crivello who Lucy usually walks to school cannot go today because he has strep. Lisa’s daughter, Tess Crivello winces in horror as Joe’s female accomplice Roxie Volkov clutches her mother in a stranglehold while threateningly pointing her gun towards the lieutenant. One of the perpetrators, Ralph who Lisa recognized used to drive a truck at her husband, Richard Crivello’s stores but was fired. Olivia did her best to cooperate and communicate with Joe so she could diffuse the situation. Thinking Olivia is in a DNA conference the whole day, Mike said he would text her when they get to the crime scene. Desperate, Joe berates Ralph for not finding the safe or money which he claimed the Crivellos keep at home. The suspect later identified as Pierson Dawes was already on top of Stacy when her husband Glen came in. Don Taft, the suspect’s counselor mouth off insinuations on how the detectives and police could have unfairly handled his client. Mike said when he texted her about the push in rapist she answered back although as Barba clarified, he was not able to speak to Olivia.
Olivia again persuaded the woman to untie them so she can aid the poor boy who was yelling out for help.

Barba advised him he will be charged with felony murder is anybody dies inside the house unless he cooperates with the police. While he is taking her picture, he starts grabbing at her clothes and she freaks out a bit. When Rollins goes to talk to Sally and Matt, they get a call that Sally is the closing model for Alvin’s show.
He tells her that they had a great time with him today and then he leaves and tells them to take care of each other.
Entitled “Townhouse Incident”, tonight’s Law & Order: SVU may remind viewers of a similar episode way back in Season 15 when Spoiler! Concerned, Lucy asked if the boy needed anything to which she heard the voice of a man from inside the house yell, “No!” Lisa nervously told Lucy her husband is helping out today and they’re set.
Realizing they are in a more problematic state with Olivia’s presence, Joe orders Ralph to beat the already injured Richard into telling them where the safe is. Out of fear for Luca who throughout this time has been tied up upstairs, Lisa told Joe and Roxie they have a safety deposit box in a nearby bank. ADA Rafael Barba informed him they have a compelling case against Pierson notwithstanding his previous record.
Meanwhile, a team of ESUs (Emergency Service Unit) have arrived and are securing the perimeter around the townhouse. He informed them a negotiator is on the way which definitely peeved Joe who nervously paced the room. Tucker told him to play along, tell Joe they have the money and to ask the negotiator to let the two of them hook up safely.
As soon as the black SUV arrived, Joe instructed Tucker to leave the engine running as he sends someone to check the car.
Those incidents only scrape the surface of what Mariska’s character has gone through just in Season 17. Nora admits to giving her drinks and while she is talking to Rollins, Benson comes in and places her under arrest for facilitating Sally’s assault. No one is willing to testify against Alvin because it would ruin their career, the only one they have is Sally. Lisa cries out they do not keep cash at home as Ralph continued to kick and beat her husband. Olivia let Luca wear a headphone so he could not hear his sister’s cries and screams as Joe raped her. But the lieutenant interjected if Tucker suspects she is not telling the truth, he will get nervous and the police will storm in and rescue them. Joe responded by demanding he be given an SUV with tinted windows, no driver and the vehicle cannot be rigged.
Roxie accidentally dropped her gun by Olivia’s feet after a brief scuffle with her boyfriend. Reflecting on the gravity of the situation, Roxie told Joe she’s sorry and dropped on her knees with her hands up. After she was done taking the pictures, he took his camera back and the model tells the assistant, Nora, that she didn’t want him to do that. She hoped Olivia could swing by the Crivello’s place on her way to work just to check and make sure they are fine. As the same time, Olivia tried to dissuade Roxie from being an accomplice to this heinous act. Fin and Sonny sensed there is something wrong as soon as Tess closed the door. GPS trace on Olivia’s phone showed she is still inside.
She said if he does not talk to the authorities, ESU would have no qualms bursting in and rescue them given that he is holding hostage a family and an NYPD police officer. Their conversation started out fine at first but Ralph squealed and told Joe that the police got him. Joe gave Olivia a stern look to discourage her from making a move. Hearing the commotion on the phone, Tucker asked if they are okay.
Despite being torn by recent developments and Joe’s unstable behavior, Roxie stood her ground and told Olivia to shut up. Sounding more irrational than before, Joe required the streets cleared to a helipad and a helicopter standing by plus a jet fully fuelled but no pilot inside since he can fly it himself. Sonny and Fin realized there is a third suspect with Lisa since they would not allow her to go out of her house alone.
She persuades her to take this chance to give up and join her brother who is safely with the police. The lieutenant reminded him that he does not need the children as long as he has his gun pointed at her head.
Joe lets Luca and Tess go. With his gun still pointed at Olivia’s head, he ordered her to get in the car.
Olivia told her once outside she should drop to her knees and put her hands up so the police will know she is surrendering, and they will not shoot her.
Unhinged, Joe said he would do that but Olivia swiftly takes a swing at him tries to get his weapon.

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