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Think and Grow Rich!  by Napoleon Hill is probably the best selling self help and personal success book ever, and the one that had the greatest impact to the theory of the Law of attraction as we know it today. Think and grow Rich! is the condensed form of Hill’s eight volume Law of Success (1928). Auto-suggestion is the idea that is familiar to most audiences today, either through positive affirmations, or through visualization. Form a Master Mind group by connecting with people who are needed to assist in carrying out your plan. Fast Distribution : Our speedy and useful delivery service means your order will be with you in time period. It shows you the guidelines in how you can achieve your highest potential, how to set goals and reach them. In the Preface, Hill talks about how he came to learn the secret to success: how he met Andrew Carnegie, American steel magnate, who believed that anyone could build wealth.

The goal of the auto-suggestion is to program the subconscious mind for success – for example, repeating the statement of your desire twice a day is the action that tells your subconscious mind what the desired outcome is, and builds faith in it at the same time. No man grows rich by having general knowledge, even formal education doesn’t prepare us to organize and intelligently direct our thoughts. Hill describes two types of imagination, creative and synthetic, where synthetic imagination consists in rearranging old ideas and plans, and doesn’t create anything new, while creative imagination connects with Infinite Intelligence, and is able to materialize in form of inspiration, or hunch. You won’t grow rich by letting every momentary failure stand in your way, or break you.
Sexual desire is, according to Hill, the most powerful of human desires, but that it can be destructive and can lead men to risk even their lives.
Although you can’t completely control it, you can plant a plan or thought into it by the power of your will. It involves the ability to access the Infinite intelligence without effort, which will come when you master all other principles. As I went through some of those books I realized that there was not much in them that Hill had not already written about. Throughout his book, Hill suggests that when you have a specific desire for wealth, and apply the concentrated energy of your thoughts and emotions to it, the desire will manifest itself into its real-world equivalent.

Carnegie challenged the author to spend the next 20 years interviewing rich and successful people to compile their strategies, and to develop the philosophy and a sort of manual that an average person could use to become wealthy as well. He says that, in order to have a clear desire, you should spend some time in defining a clear and concise statement of it. Hill admits that it’s difficult to have faith when the circumstances go against it, so he suggests that affirmations and auto-suggestion are the keys that will help you keep it. You should decide what kind of Specialized knowledge you need to achieve your goal, and then see how and where you can find it.
Hill shares several examples of persistence, among others the story of Fannie Hurst who received thirty-six rejection slips from the Saturday Evening Post, before she was finally published.
Hill says that the Sixth sense can’t be practiced nor explained, it can only be experienced.
You can also acquire this kind of knowledge by having near you the men and women who posses it, and who can advise you when you need it.

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