Law of attraction book summary ending

This Abraham-Hicks book presents the powerful basics from the original dialog between Abraham and Jerry Hicks.
The law of attraction and its principles are very simple to follow, as simple as breathing itself. However, it is also very easy to forget; as quickly as you've attained it, you could lose it just the same. When I did the Be Your Own Hero e-course in June, I knew I wanted to turn it into an e-book. I love her outtake on taking control of your own behavior and getting to notice your subconscious patterns so you can eventually break through them.
That means that when you purchase my ebook, you donate 7.50 USD or 6 euros to a good cause.
I ALSO know that a lot of my readers prefer the material that comes with a little more personal contact.* So I wanted to have this material come with an opportunity for that as well.
My blog is doing pretty okay too, which is something I don’t talk about a lot but still am SUPER grateful for. SELF HELP STARTER PACK I called in my faithful proof-reader (love her) to read and edit all of the material I wrote for Self Help Summer School in 2012. GIRL EFFECT Girl Effect is an organization working to help girls around the world in terms of health care, economics, safety and most dear to my heart: Education.
So if you want to read some extra self help by yours truly and donate to charity in one go? I am going to transfer the money from this ebook* to Girl Effect’s projects every month. It’s 43 pages long, almost 12 000 words, containing my most important and enlightening insights about habits and changing them, some important perspective shifts and some extra encouragement and exercises. Because in the light of Christmas and sharing how you feel and what not, time for me to tell you I am really appreciative of you.
Unfortunately, I can only pick one reader for the printed version (it really is time to start becoming more of a big deal so I can give more stuff away), but I’ll give away the Law of Attraction Lecture Pack to the two runners up too. I was a little nervous beforehand, but the moment people started ringing my doorbell I just started to feel excited: Ready to get going! I talked about the Law of Attraction until my voice almost gave out, we discussed important details, issues and aspects of manifesting and there was a lot of fun interaction between everyone.

What I loved most is that there was complete consensus they wanted to do this again in 6 months.
They also gave me some excellent feedback to use in the next workshops, I am going to come to Belgium for a repeat if there is enough request and I met some really cool new people.
I started to transcribe the Lecture Notes on Sunday morning, powered by tea, juice and two cups of coffee. A PDF of almost 12 000 words, 27 pages, filled from top to bottom with great, useable and fun Law of Attraction information & practice. Now, is it weird for the author to tell you that you’ll be getting your money’s worth?
Now, for anyone who would still love to sign up for a Law of Attraction Workshop and be one of my dining room table buddies: More than welcome to reserve a spot already! If you have any problems with the downloading, please let me know so I can fix it as soon as possible. But mostly, I’ll be enjoying my 24th birthday, due to the fact my first e-book is read. I recommend this to anyone with a pulse, it is full of Universal truths and you can customize the course to your own needs. 50% of that money is going to charity: As you might know fromthe blog about this ebook, I donate to the Girl Effect projects with that money. If you want, you can buy this book + a 30 minute Skype Session**, in which I can maybe help you with some things you’re struggling with. I have always had a roof over my head, food to eat, I grew up in a stable and supportive environment, and I have always had access to education and health care. I mean, if the world is going to end in a few weeks, we might as well check off some items of our Before I Die Lists, non?
We drank tea, green juice (some for the very first time ever!) and I had made raw chocolate and veggie platters to go round.
You can put it on your tablet, read it on your computer or print it out and snuggle upon the coach with a cup of tea to enjoy it! I’m putting in a hard copy order for anyone who wants to have my first book in print. Before we set up the date, I’ll send you an email with some questions and we can discuss those in the Skype session.

About 30% of this material has been featured on the blog and you can see some of it here and here for a general feel of the material. Obviously that money will go into my Paypal account first and then to Girl Effect with the rest of it.
I’ll pick a winner on the 28th of December to get you that beautifully printed book as soon as possible.
About a topic that is dear to my heart and as natural to me as breathing: the Law of Attraction.
The eight who attended were all so different yet everyone wanted to know more about this whole positive thinking Law of Attraction business.
I promise the next one will be a lot more colorful and vivid but for a first e-book I’m very content.
I really really hope you like it, but I really enjoyed writing it and just knowing there are people out there who’ve taken the effort to read my work makes me really happy. Blurbz is an on-line publisher that offered me a voucher to either publish a book or give it away to my readers. Material that I wanted to share with more people than just those 8, because I feel it can really help you and get things going! Girl Meets Yoga tells you about the 24 things I’ve learnt from and during my yoga practice and how they might help you too. If you like that type of thing, come follow me!  Have a spectacular day and as I say in the Lecture Notes…Happy Manifesting!
And I should know, because I’ve read pretty much everything I could get my hands on when it comes to the Law of Attraction.
So I want to thank you all for that and tell you that I am happy that you’re all here, before I get into my whole give away thing.

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