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Alix Middleton Life Coach, based London UK, available worldwide for achieving success in business, writing, acting, singing, relationships, weight management. Alix is a certified Access Bars practitioner, Life Coach and Law of Attraction practitioner, who found her way via hair and beauty management, through extensive work in film and television, to a path in awareness and consciousness which led her to find Access Consciousness.
Life Coaching aims to help and empower others to achieve and exceed personal and professional goals.
At times when I would feel hesitant or lost in my career or my personal life, she was always there to help me see things clearly and face them with a positive attitude.

Her humanity and her analytical qualities are exceptional and have been a guiding light in numerous and nameless occasions. Alix has the gift to empathise with people and at the same time to be detached from a situation, this quality I believe allows her to see behaviours clearly and to strip problems to their core. Life can be a magical journey of clarity when we unlock the key within us which helps us flow in the right direction.
I have coached many people  over this last year or so and absolutely love to help everyone gain a real sense of clarity and direction when it comes to the law of attraction and life in general, I would love to extend my vibe to you if you feel what I do resonates…. Whatever you require and desire I am here for you, I encourage you to get your vibrational feather duster out and clean up anything which may be holding you back in life or keeping you stuck and share lots of tips and tricks along the way…..
I am in total appreciation for my latest feedback… How does it get any better than this?
If you feel this resonates with you get in touch my door is always open ~ I allow for between 8-10 sessions per week for both regular and one off sessions, if you would like to reserve your spot and have a free 10 minute consultation get in touch….

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Fast Distribution : Our speedy and useful delivery service means your order will be with you in time period. She has been very supportive at times when I doubted my artistic talent and helped me find the courage to be free on stage. Daily Couples An unexpected turn of events will throw off your routine today, but it won't be hard to get back on track.

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