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Think about it, if there is a mysterious universal secret that acts similar to a giant magnet, potentially able to draw good things your way. In simple terms, the universe will return back to us energy that vibrates at the same frequency of the energy we’ve previously and consistently sent out.
To see effective results with the law of attraction there are beliefs that will form a solid and fertile foundation. Understand that the universe lacks absolutely nothing, in fact, it has an abundance (more than enough) of all things – ALL THINGS!. I hope you grasped the basis of this powerful law that surrounds us and flows, whether we are deliberate participants or just bystanders that are dealing with whatever we are dealt. The spectrum of Fear – overcome it and be free - FEAR, Are there really variations?  There are indeed variations of fear. Autism – The battle with the world - Autism is regretfully considered by parents as a disease which needs “curing”, post which, their child will be back to being a normal child.
Your pets deserve more - When we choose our friends and partners with similar interests and likelihood, why not our pets? The spectrum of Fear – overcome it and be free - FEAR, Are there really variations?A  There are indeed variations of fear. Autism – The battle with the world - Autism is regretfully considered by parents as a disease which needs a€?curinga€?, post which, their child will be back to being a normal child.
So, if law of attraction is not truly about the external “abundance” that we can acquire in the outer world, then what is it really about? When you dream at night your mind works by using symbols to interpret your unconscious and conscious realities. Unfortunately, most people using Law of Attraction are not awake, and are trying to use the law out of a sense of unconsciousness and neediness. The world right now may be showing us that we are dreaming too much about our anxiety and fears about abundance and loss.
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It is said that it can potentially bring you peace, happiness, wealth, and physical well-being. Taking into consideration our 50,000 daily thoughts, it is futile and unrealistic to attempt changing individually. One assumption of users of the Law of Attraction is that life is meant to be joyous and fulfilling. This is a hard sweat to swallow for some because of the apposing beliefs they so tightly grasp. The information contained within has been provided with the assistance of the relevant companies, organizations and creatives.
To answer this one could look at the dreams one has at night, because the Law of Attraction has a similar purpose. You draw to you the symbols needed for you to be able to interpret and process your emotions, intentions and goals. They might not even really truly understand what they’re unconscious intentions are, what they are truly attempting to achieve or even why.
We have been mistakenly defining abundance in purely physical ways out of a need to focus on survival issues and physical security. As you allow yourself to focus on certain thoughts that run through your mind, you actually shape your reality. Instead, it is more effective and realistic to concentrate on harboring positive emotional states. If you fully embrace this fact, there can never be a lack of anything that you want if you follow the Law of Attraction. Your conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings can, through dreams, manifest into symbols and scenarios that show you the things that you have trouble seeing about yourself when viewed only through the eyes of your everyday experience. Yes, there is a body mind connection as we already fully understand: we can and do influence health situations with our feelings and thoughts.
And yes, though I do believe that this law is real, I think it has been affected through being interpreted through the egos of beings who were not fully awake.

You see, as humans residing within the confines of this universe, we can’t help but to participate in the Law of Attraction.
Many people feel that their lives should be full of struggle, below average relationships, poor health, and a sea of debt. For example: To teach you who you think you are, what you are thinking and feeling, who you are trying to be, and to bring you back into balance. Yes, the potential is that we can become more like mystics and lucid dreamers who are able to manipulate their awakened dreams and physical realities. Such beings were over-attached and had not yet transcended their addictions to the material world. Abundance is the true ability to be inspired by nature and everything around you through beholding a miracle within all living things. Unless these thoughts, beliefs and attitudes change, they will always struggle to send out the right vibratory frequencies they are attempting to attract. So, if thought is a form of energy that vibrates at a certain frequency as everything in the universe is a form of vibrating energy. This is especially true because some people want certain things and other people want something else.
In my mind, I do not personally think this law is really meant to be used out of manipulation or desperation. Whatever frequency the vibrating energy you send out, it, by law attracts like vibratory energy back to you. And, when it is used this way, there may exist the potential to manifesting the opposite pole of what is aimed for.
Dead things that used to be living, or which affect living things in not always positive ways?

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