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Law of Attraction is valuable when you want to learn how to use law of attracton to attract money into your life, you want to remove negative emotion and relpace it with positive emotion. Affirmations are short personalized emails designed to help you start your day with a powerful focus and intention. Just as there are universal laws of gravity and motion, there is another universal force guiding us on our journey in life.
When you understand the Law of Gravity, it is easier to understand the Law of Attraction because they both work in much the same way. The Law of Attraction is not a wish magnet, it is a propeller of success that can work in you and your client’s favour. Remember that book "The Secret" that told everyone if they want something bad enough, they'll get it? Telling yourself daily about your success and happiness will make your goals seem more real. Your determination and hard will ultimately be how you make money, but the Law of Attraction and conscious creation are tools to help you get there. Sign up to our newsletter to receive weekly updates + exclusive offers sent straight to your inbox! 130+ Free High-Quality Vector Flat Social Media Icons5 Ways to Shop Cheaper and Smarter OnlineSearching for Cheap Flights? Law of attration helps you attract money when you focus on how wonderful it feels to have money. Only a small number of people had access to this knowledge prior to the twenty-first century. However, there are a few things you'll need to know about the way it works before you can gain a clear picture of how to use it.
All you have to do is focus on it and want it bad enough and it will happen, people thought. They will help you feel happy and be positive, and when you're happy and positive, you're more likely to produce quality work.
Watch this video and feel how wonderful it is to attract money, wealth and success into your life. Thanks to the enlightening ability of the Internet, some of these people have shared the priceless Law of Attraction with others across the globe.
First, the number one thing about the Law of Attraction is that it pulls in everything you think about and feel, not just what you want it to attract. Use these tools to your disposal, but don't sit around expecting heaps of cash to fall into your lap just because you wished for it.
Whatever you believe you are, whatever you think you can do, and whoever you know you can become is what you are, what you can do and who you can become. So if you have a client who is thinking about financial difficulties and lack of money, they will just keep on getting more difficulties and lack of money.

Picturing yourself in the home you've always wanted, living on the beach you've always dreamed about, etc.
I kept the thought in my head and as a result, when there was a drop in traffic, it did not steer me away from my goal.
There's MUCH more to understand than that as many "wishful thinkers" found who initially thought or WANTED to believe that it was true. Belief is very powerful when it's consciously aligned and harmonized with the laws that govern the cosmos. Even if what they are thinking about is what they don't want, the universal Law of Attraction will interpret that energy in a way that brings more of it. What the Laws of Attraction, positive thinking, and conscious creation can do is provide you with inspiration and keep you motivated towards your goals. It's a timeless truth and certainly no secret that "As you believe you receive." But belief goes beyond consciously held desires and WANTING. Anyone that has gone from rags to riches will tell you that it all starts with the state of mind and that the Law of Attraction is not only very real, but has been the sole protagonist in determining their success. If you listen to them, they can help you take that leap of faith that could be the start of your new life. Even Oprah Winfrey, who has a net worth in the billions, touts the benefits of using your mind to attract what you want into your life. We would like to give you the secrets of the Law of Attraction so that you can help yourself and others use the same tool that helped Oprah go from poverty to one of the richest  women on the planet.
Ita€™s existed since time itself began and was only recently given a a€?new label.a€? The sages, mystics and masters since antiquity have taught countless numbers about the Law of Attraction's realness and power although they referred to it as something else. One of those names that a number of these teachers referred to was sowing and reaping. Many scientists refer to it as cause and effect which in a much larger context is governed by The Law of Attraction. And yes, it does so in each and every aspect of your life whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually. With that being the case, I think you'll agree this is REALLY important stuff to know!! Because someone showed you HOW to do it, worked with you a bit until you got the hang of it and the seemingly complex became quite simple. Ita€™s the same with energy, frequency and the Law of Attraction or anything else for that matter. But once we do knowa€¦once someone shows us and we do it a few times, it becomes second nature tooa€¦it becomes easy. Ita€™s no different with the Law of Attraction, energy and frequency.
It's a fact of life that is FAR MORE important to understand and master than tying your shoe I can assure you.
Depending on how we choose to use it as individuals, whether we do so consciously or unconsciously, they do, without fail and with unerring and unwavering certainty determine what kind of results we experience in life. Simply because energy and frequency are to a degree, predictable when we understand that they respond to our individual observation of them. Once we know that the law of gravity exists, what it's purpose is, what it does and why it does it, you could say that it becomes predictable. Everybody wants to experience a life of harmony and fulfillment yet few understand that they can, simply because they arena€™t aware that they can and as a result never learn how to harmonize with the Law of Attraction as well as other Universal Laws in a way that enables them to do so. Wella€¦leta€™s change that shall we? Youa€™ll a€?knowa€? how and why things work as they do, how and why your results in life turn out as they do and once you a€?get ita€? youa€™ll become enabled and empowered to use what you discover in whatever way you choose. Everything physical and observable as well as those things that arena€™t. Ita€™s a bit easier to grasp the a€?unseena€? things as being comprised of energy simply because you cana€™t observe them with the limitations of the 5 physical senses. They are nothing more or nothing less than a vibrating mass of energy packets collectively formed giving them the "appearance of solidity" to the naked eye.

It looks solid when youa€™re looking at it simply because our eyes arena€™t capable of seeing the movement that the molecules, atoms and subatomic particles that make up solid physical things engage in. That is without the help of technology like powerful microscopes that enable us to examine all this solid physical stuff more closely. But when you put something solid under a powerful microscope it becomes obvious and creates a whole new perception regarding what physical things are. When you think more deeply about it, it gives you a whole new perspective regarding what "reality itself" is!! More specifically it enables you to see the difference between what we "perceive" as being so real and right and true, enabling you to grasp and understand that a "Higher Truth" exists. You become enabled and empowered to grasp the fact that Reality and Actuality are 2 very different things. The fact is and the point being, what we see and perceive as being physical and solid things aren't REALLY physical and solid things at all. That's why so many struggle and work so hard to create only limited and "hard earned results" at best. Energy is infused with consciousness and like energy, this consciousness is everywhere and in everything.
But ita€™s real and it's SO simple. Herea€™s how simple and a€?reala€? frequency isa€¦ What do you think enables you to unlock your car door when you push the button on your remote? Ita€™s nothing more or nothing less than a projected frequency that communicates with the unlock mechanism in the cars door. So how does that work?
Simply because the frequency thata€™s projected is no longer harmonized with the unlock mechanism. Ita€™s the same with cell phones, automatic garage door openers, wireless internet and a number of other modern day technologies.
Your thoughts, feelings and emotions like everything else are energy and project a frequency as well. In other words there are a€?high frequencya€? energiesa€¦a€?low frequencya€? energies and every conceivable frequency in between. When you think a thought, depending on the kind and quality of the thought, it determines the frequency and vibrational output of that thought.
It really doesn't matter which, since we understand that they are all nothing more than energy, but for the sake of appealing to the vast majority, let's use money as an example so we can begin to see and understand how to attract more of it into our lives. Let's face it, when it comes to money, the vast majority have fear based feelings and beliefs about it. All of those fall under the heading of either Love or fear. What does that have to do with the Law of Attraction? Fear emits a frequency and Love emits a frequency. Although they are both nothing more or less than projected frequencies of energy, one emits a different frequency than the other.
Put simply, your chosen frequency and vibrational intensity at this "energetic level" is, in essence communicating and asking for whatever it might be that you are having fear, doubt and worry about. Change your beliefs; meaning enhance and elevate those beliefs to align and harmonize with the thing desired, essentially eliminating what you may be having fear, doubt and worry about. Roosevelt can be quoted as saying in his 1933 inaugural address to the nation. I can assure you that he "knew" what he was talking about.
As true as that is, like everything in life, there is an exception to the you "attract what you fear" rule. The One Exception to The Law of Attraction Rule is Love Not to complicate things, but this is VITALLY important to understand. To get what you truly desire (love) ita€™s only necessary to align and harmonize your beliefs, thoughts, feelings and emotions with what you DO desire and youa€™ll be communicating or asking for that thing, whatever it might be.

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