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Here is the overall ranking of the Texas law schools under the Texas Monthly methodology, along with their ranking in U.S. Finally, a survey that confirms what Texans know to be the best law school in the state, rather than the North Eastern elite, who know nothing about Texas.
Texas is a fine school, and is highly ranked in the very controversial US School & News Rankings.
The previous poster is an unhappy malcontent most likely, perhaps rejected or fired by SMU.
I filled out the survey and scored UT low, primarily because the career services office is an embarrassment. As for SMU, it is a great school and one can get a great job if one is in the top 10%-15% after your first year. Also, only about 20% of jobs come from OCI, so the stat that 97% of students are employed 9 months after graduation is a complete farce. Ditto to rujoking - I went to UT in hopes of actually learning to practice law, but found that it didn't teach me anything but how to talk in circles. How dare someone say SMU is not great and that its faculty are undistinguished and embarassing?
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The power and allure of that prestige means everything when it comes to obtaining post-graduation employment as a lawyer. There’s a three-way tie for #31, a six-way tie for #34, a four-way tie for #42, a three-way tie for #47, a tie for #50, a four-way tie for #52, a three-way tie for #56, a four-way tie for #59, a four-way tie for #63, a four-way tie for #67, a four-way tie for #71, a three-way tie for #75, a four-way tie for #78, a five-way tie for #82, a seven-way tie for #87, and an eight-way tie for #94.
Starting with this year’s rankings, law schools with large percentages of graduates who hold jobs funded by the law school or university typically will rank lower than they would have if those jobs had been at law firms or in government.

Flip to the next page to see some interesting facts about which schools rose in the rankings and which schools sank like stones (you better believe A LOT of them did), and for some color commentary on the 2016 U.S.
News and World Report (overall and peer reputation) and SSRN downloads (as well as their ranking among U.S. The sheer size of the University prohibits it from being able to offer its student some of the amenities that the smaller schools like SMU, Texas-Wesleyan and T-Tech.
Put a recent Baylor graduate against a recent graduate from any other TX school and see what happens.
They can be the best placement staff in the world, but they are not the reincarnation of Rumpelstiltskin. Help support TaxProf Blog by making purchases through Amazon links on this site at no cost to you. If your law school fares well in the rankings, your graduates will likely fare well, or at least better, in the job market. News has changed its methodology so that law schools receive less credit for employing their own new graduates.
But, I suppose some people would be opposed to actually working hard and getting a real education. We'll only hire kids from SMU in the top 10 percent (same with Baylor and I think Houston. I scored UT low because my other options were mid-T14 schools, and I now wish I had paid full price there instead of taking in-state tuition + academic scholarships at UT. Hey, make sure you remind the judge or jury the next time I encounter you in court that you should win the case because your school is ranked higher. Law school administrators are either cowering in fear or popping bottles of champagne, and law students are getting ready to riot.

Things like this won’t really be big news until either Harvard or Stanford surpasses Yale. This is the second year in a row that Duke has moved up in the rankings, and the second year in a row that Michigan has faltered (and now the school isn’t even in the Top 10 anymore). News used a new methodology to stop crediting law schools for employing their own graduates.
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I think my results would have been different coming from a better school, and I have little doubt that a better school’s CSO would have been more helpful if I found myself in a similar situation there. Law school deans, are you ready to read your report cards — and possibly lose your jobs over them? This is why when aspiring law students ask me about going to law school, I discourage it - or at least discourage UT.
I really cannot understand why a professor or the Texas bar would waste valuable time ranking law schools rather than investing that time in critical intellectual pursuit. If you graduated from law school, you should not depend on law firms to hire you in order to practice law. My bottom ranked school gave me everything I needed to succeed as an attorney; and, I will do it all over again if I had to!

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