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Usually we think of strength in physical terms - big arms, powerful legs - but there is also inner strength.
Rather than using Tarot to predict the future, we can use it as a transformational tool, either for ourselves or the people we read for.
Each of the magical images of a Tarot deck offer us unique guidance and universal truths throughout life.
Learn from your mistakes and value the lessons they offer you; making mistakes is often better than doing nothing. Spend time with the people you love and make you feel loved and appreciated in return; life is too short to tolerate anyone, who keeps making you feel miserable. You are not always in control of your destiny, but it it's up to you how you respond to the ups and downs you experience in your life, and how you perceive them. It’s no good hiding your emotions just because you want to keep the peace with others. Those who enjoy kayaking and other river sports know that there are areas of the river where the water flows in a dangerous circular motion. If you are self-absorbed, you tend to refer everything back to yourself - your own interests and desires.
Well, here we are just under a few weeks to the winter solstice and a bare few weeks until Christmas. No part of this site may be copied or reproduced, including Internet usage, without written permission.

Getting angry is easy when events turn sour, but dealing calmly with frustration takes great strength.
You can listen to other people's advice, but also listen to your inner voice; do what you know deep down is right. A new perspective, thinking outside the box, a different point of view will give you the momentum to take a step forward at the right time.
When you notice you are close to breaking point, slow down, take a break, breathe and relax, so you can move forward with clarity and purpose.
Just like a guiding light, give hope and comfort when times are dark.It may also make you feel better, too.
Which important lessons have you learned so far, and which Tarot cards would they relate to?
When life is too stressful, you need to devote time and energy to yourself or you will feel swamped.
It is perseverance, courage, resolve and composure - qualities that help us endure when times are tough. Your life seems stale and flat because you've lost interest in the activities that used to bring you pleasure. Not only the failing economies worldwide causing anxiety for people, but wars causing massive displacement of populaces, unbelievable storms, earthquakes and floods. In the past, a person with inner strength was commonly said to have character; he or she could be counted on in the darkest moments.

In readings, the Four of Cups can indicate that you are wrapped up for the moment in your own world. By taking the time to go within to dream, muse and reflect, you restore your emotional balance. If other people or circumstances are driving you crazy, remember the strength that comes with love and forbearance.
You need something to focus on that will so engage your mind and heart that your path down river becomes clear again.
Notice how the lion (itself a symbol of strength) is being guided and tamed by the woman's gentle hands. Rather than feeling committed to buy costly presents, that nobody really needs, why not give your time and your heart? For all this time Venus spends in Sagittarius we will have the mutual aspect between the two greatest of benefics, Jupiter and Venus.

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