Leo astrology bad traits

LEO WITH ARIES ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThese two have oodles of natural sympathy in the relationship!
LEO WITH SCORPIO ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYNow this association is not the picture of rosy understanding and empathy. LEO WITH TAURUS ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYLeos need heaps of compliments to be assured of the fact that they are being appreciated.
Cancer Leo Relationship CompatibilityBoth Cancer and Leo take things personally; more than even they realize.
Aries Leo Relationship CompatibilityBoth Aries and Leo are highly independent, motivational people; concerned more with their creative interests and work.
Taurus Leo Relationship CompatibilityBoth the Taurus and Leo are highly obstinate and strong-willed. Gemini Leo Relationship CompatibilityBoth the Leo and Gemini have a playful demeanor; always looking to bring out their inner child especially when together. Leo Leo Relationship CompatibilityLeos are an extremely proud sign, usually warm and vibrant.
Pisces Leo Relationship CompatibilityThe key difference between Pisces and Leo is their personal pride, determination and the desire to feel special and significant. Sagittarius Leo Relationship CompatibilityWhen Leo and Sagittarius are together, they tend to be very warm and loving to each other.
Scorpio Leo Relationship CompatibilityBoth the Scorpio and Leo are strong-willed, obstinate people, and the signs are drawn together by their strength. Virgo Leo Relationship CompatibilityVirgos and Leos are extremely different from each other.
Aquarius Leo Relationship CompatibilityAquarius tends to lean toward the warmth and energy of Leo.
Leo Has High ExpectationsLeo what isn’t immediately evident to your lover is that you are not really as sure of yourself as you may seem with your relationships compatibility and that you badly need their reassurance that they love you in return! There were 18 months, each with 20 days and named after a diety appropriate to the sesions, and the festivals of each were held during this time. Each day, (grouped in units of 13), had omens associated with it and these were used for astrological divination.
This calendar and its' cycle was both central and sacred to all Mesoamerican civilizations.
The Maya perceived themselves as part of the mind of the Sun, to them the mind and center of the galaxy.
We are currently in the Maya Great Age, the fifth, believed to be a unification of the four that have preceeded it. If all four fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius) were made to live in a house together, what do you think the results of that would be? Astrology If all four fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius) were made to live in a house together, what do you think the results of that would be? Well, I wouldn't necessarily call it 'chaotic' (although there are chances of it reaching that point), but I think it can be really rough.
So, when you have four similar yet different strong personalities that go along that description in one house together, already one may be able to see some trouble with this.
There's also the idea that signs don't tend to get along with those of their own quality (Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable).
Well, here's the thing: Leo and Aqaurius are opposites, and Taurus and Scorpio are opposites.
That means they are stubborn and are likely to hold their ground in the face of opposition till the sun (their ruling body) flips over! The bulls on the other hand need lots of affection to be assured that they are loved.The goal may be different but the bottom line is these are two emotionally hungry zodiacs which need a lot to be satisfied. In fact, their pride and feelings can take a serious hit when there is a lack of appreciation or any kind of criticism from people they love. Neither one likes the feeling of being owned and will work to make sure that doesn’t happen.
Once dedication is given to a person or project, the signs stick to them through good and bad times. This conquest feeling both signs have may deepen the attraction’s excitement for one another. You can easily jump into partnerships without much thought, and your expectations of your partner are always high. These are based on a mathmatical system using multiples of 20, distinguishign them from other Mesoamericans who created calendars. Archaeologists have discovered that the date the days that had passed since the time it occurred were based on, Aug. Festivals related to the type of work done during each season and the nature of the time of year itself .
When 13 years had elapsed, the number of these extra days would equal 13, called kin katun, the katun of the days. Any given day represented a particular intermeshing of the HAAB Solar Year and the ritualistic Tzolkin resulting in a specific forecast. True, Scorpio and Aquarius may not like each other, and Leo and Taurus will have some difficulties, but once you figure them out, it's pretty easy dealing with them. The 4 horsemen are these constellation signs, and when we had the galactic alignment these star signs lined up, and began the end of the world.
A Lion is always fiercely protective of its loved ones and loyal till the last drop of blood in its body!

When it comes to social settings, Aries tends to be socially inappropriate whereas the Leo is aware of others’ responses in social settings. There are three things that characterize the Taurus and Leo relationship: Faithfulness, Constancy and Longevity. Gemini is more of an intellect than Leo is, and therefore, needs various people in their lives, activities to enjoy and interests for their happiness.
Neither Leos will dominate the relationship – they must have cooperation; this does not come naturally.
The Pisces zodiac sign generally has a passive streak, staying in the background and avoiding issues that demand some type of aggressiveness or decision-making. They needs to understand that for a long-term compatible relationship with you to ensue, affections and reassurances need to be given constantly. It seems a sort of time wheel, as though the combining of all three could create a sort of window through all of it. The age is believed by Mesoamericans to have started with Quetzalcoatl in 3,113 B.C and is predicted by many to end on Dec. It is intelligent and most of the times very correct in its assumptions and considers a zodiac as puffed up with importance as the Leo to be a nuisance!
The archer has its permanent spot in the public eye because of its passionate nature when any injustice has been done.
So if you put a baby lamb in front of it….obviously it will feel a rush of pity and embrace it!
Listen to how it takes a subject and turns you around to its way of thinking with a slight nudge here and an angelic smile there. And it is this influence of Saturn that makes the Leos seem a tad bit immature and childish with their pride and arrogance in front of the goats.
You need to move your head from one corner to the other of the office or the house or the stage (most likely stage) to keep up with its antics!This is one of the reasons why a Gemini can attract attention to itself instantly! Leo would rather be Gemini’s most important person, and often doesn’t appreciate Gemini’s outside friendships and interests. It’s not obvious to either one but both Leos are self-conscious and are concerned with the personal performance, creativity and recognition.
Sagittarius will also try to ensure Leo doesn’t fall into a rut, bringing Leo some new ideas and experiences for the sign to ensure. There’s a real possibility of inflexibility, making it hard for mutually satisfying decisions. Aquarius considers the people in their life important, although they’re not big on personal relationships like the Leo is. While Leos may hang onto love longer than most, your expectations are too high that you are likely to set yourself up for disappointment.
No one knows for certain why they chose this day to begin their calculation of time; but it's certainly interesting to think about.
When four indictions have passed, in other words, 52 years, the year would begin with a year bearer of the same name.
Scorpio, being more of an introvert, won't really understand Leo's need to be in the limelight. So I'm confuse when people say aquarius and scorpio can't stand each other..What really aquarius hates about scorpio? The genius Aquarius knows that true power is knowledge and it is not any one’s birth right! Hear it quote a beautiful and appropriately chosen bible verse and you know that you are watching someone with all the depth of a calm ocean surface and the water wisdom in play. Two Leos when they meet in any setting-office or home or squash field…they feel an instant magnetic attraction to each other! But if Taurus can just pause a little and use that earthy patience to coddle to lion a little, cook for it and tuck it in…the lion will be hooked and will salivate for more. Leo has a real problem with expressing their weakness, needs and sadness and even harder time accepting these feelings. When Leo makes a commitment, they tend to follow through on them much better than the Gemini. Leo is far more decisive in their personal desires and inclinations; Libra can compromise when necessary to keep the Leo happy. More than other astrology signs, you are more likely to benefit from marrying at a later age when you are wiser and surer of yourself. This cycle of 52 years was reached by the Aztecs and other peoples of Mesoamerica in the same manner. In return, Leo doesn't understand Scorpio's depth and possessiveness, and will see Scorpio as temperamental and difficult to deal with. But what happens if the baby lamb turns into a ram and claims its position as the leader of the fire element and thus technically one step ahead of the Lion?
After all they are so painfully conscious of their duties and the dereliction on part of the others.They are disillusioned and not at peace with themselves. Sagittarius often feels indifferent to others’ personal feelings, usually being blunt in their comments. Virgo has a perfectionist streak, and when it’s aimed at Leo, it can be bad for the relationship. Five cycles of 52 years is 260 years, a Great Cycle, also reached by 13 x 20 and called Ahau Katun. Also, both signs tend to dominate others around them, so this may be greatly challenging if both of them were to live together.

Well the pussy cat may lift its royal tail, and walk away from the association, retreating coldly! Though not as bright and sunny as the pussy cats.To a good old fashioned Capricorn knowing it is the best is not enough. On the other hand the scorpion realizes that a lion can easily dehydrate it’s sensitivity and reduce it to a husk of its former self!
Of the two signs, Leo is far more dominant and will be more than willing to take control in the relationship.
While there can be harmony between both signs, when there is a fight, it can be overly intense and explosive. There’s no middle ground when it comes to this relationship – it’s either very happy and fulfilling or it’s trouble from the beginning. Pisces is a rather compassionate soul and is extremely sensitive to a relationship’s emotional tone.
Leo is very sensitive to criticism and looks at any of Virgo’s helpful criticism as being a personal attack.
Maybe the fact that I can deal with my Scorpio has something to do with my moon sign being Libra and his Moon sign being Pisces. And when these two zodiacs come together or rather clash together, there is bound to be a lot of collateral damage! Thus even though this is a fiery association because of the fact that the ram is more determined than stubborn saves the day!All in all a compatible association if one of them is ready to leave a portion of the giant ego outside the door!
Leo is just after Cancer on the zodiac wheel and hence it is quite obvious that the loony crabs have a lot to learn from the cats.On the other hand the Leos should show great sympathy to the crab and remember the hesitance and the insecurities of its adolescence. How can they be so complacent that whatever comes out of their mouths is the truth, the absolute truth and nothing but the truth!
They love to think of the pearly gates of heaven which are just an arm’s length away.The wonders at the end of an interminable journey! But at some point of time it is necessary that Virgo stand up for itself or the normally magnanimous Leo may become quite a tyrant.
The two signs do have several things in common: commitments are taken to heart, and they desire loyalty and dependability.
When it comes to unspoken feelings, signals and partner needs, the Pisces is very aware of them.
Leo is much more loyal in the relationship than Sagittarius is who often wanders in reality and make-believe.
Leo is quite loyal but doesn’t share the same intensity or emotions that Scorpio tends to have. There’s no doubt that the signs are different but they still can benefit from the attitudes and insights the signs bring to the relationship.
There are videos on my facebook wall to teach you all what's happening, if you don't already know. How can anyone decide on a particular course of action to take without analyzing for a considerable period of time the pros and the cons! So it is quite pleasant for them if some loving big cat can come along and take care of the day to day decisions and the organizing. So they tend to maintain their distance.However if they do come together for some reason, the Leo’s should take care not to try and dominate the scorpion. Leo is sensitive but proud sign; Gemini is the sign that loves to torment people and doesn’t really take the Leo seriously. If they do then the apparent similarities in their temperaments can come to the forefront and turn all that tension into something compatible!
So there is absolutely no clear winner when they try to play the game of “Who’s the boss?”With its intelligence, you might think the archer would figure this out and tell the Leo, “Look mate…you win some, I win some!” But sadly that doesn’t happen. He is handsome, tall and in most cases very generous with his compliments when it comes to the opposite sex.
Both Leo and Taurus are against change, and even if they can’t stand one another, they may be hard-pressed to move on away from the relationship. Despite all this, both signs can be wonderful friends and are compatible in a relationship. If the two Leos have love and admire one another, it can all go bad if there is no trustworthiness and veracity or if they are constantly feeling unacknowledged for their motivations and creativity.
They continue to bandy words back and forth and that is quite tiring to us…who are not fire signs with tremendous energy.
So you can’t really blame yourself if you see one going sure footed up the corporate ladder. This is partly because Leo is a fixed sign or an organizer when everything about it screams leader. A Leo female is one heady woman.She can purr when she is pleased or bring down an enemy twice her size in the boardroom with a mighty roar of her intellectual power. Gemini is a communicator and thus more than eager to lavish praise on the Lion as long as its freedom is not curtailed by the shackles of marriage! They can play each other in supreme harmony as long as one of them is willing to reduce that ego by a tad bit!
If you are a Leo, you can already understand why the association cannot be truly compatible!

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