Leo eyes astrology

According to our friends at TheFrisky certain zodiac signs correspond with certain eye-shapes.
I kind of rolled my eyes when I saw the topic of this post, but honestly, I’m a Virgo and that is pretty much the shape of my eye lol. The cancerian eye is very confusing, imagine someone with two of those eyes, its practically slanting outwards downward at a 45 degree angle. I’m a Leo, but my eyes look more like Libra, unless if I smile, then they look like Leo. Another thing about signs is you have to check out what rising or decending signs you’re under.
Somewhere around 240 BC, stars in Leoi??s tail were taken from him by priests under Ptolemy III, when they invented the new constellation Coma Berenices (also known as Bernicei??s Hair). Royalty free fantasy clip art of a mean brown alien with big black eyes, threatening to push a button on a detonator to blow up earth. Now, admittedly, that’s probably not going to change the way you see the world, but it’s just fun to see if they sync up!
If the stars are going to control my destiny (and eyes), it might as well be in the position they’re in now instead of hundreds of years ago. I tricked myself and looked at other ones first pretending they were my star sign and they all fitted.
Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He then raged across the countryside of Corinth destroying animals and people; this quite upset the locals.
Hercules was given the task to kill the lion; it was the first of his twelve i??impossiblei?? challenges.
Please note: this image is protected by copyright law and may not be used without buying a license. He found the lioni??s den in a cave and sealed off one of the two entrances so that it could not escape. Herculesi?? first attempt to kill the lion with an arrow failed because its skin was so strong and tough that it could not be penetrated with any type of iron, bronze, or stone. And the official 32nd member of the Nicktoons!It's the turtles' fifteenth birthday and they're itching to venture up to the surface and showcase their ninja skills. However, things go awry when they witness a girl and her father being abducted by men in a van. They try to intervene, but don't fare well during the fight, with the van getting away, only to discover that the kidnappers are really robots with living brain creatures in their chest and were carrying the ooze that made them into mutants!Eager to learn more of this strange connection, they regroup and begin to practice fighting as a team with Master Splinter appointing Leonardo as The Leader. After storming the enemy fortress, they learn that these creatures are called "The Kraang" and have sinister plans in store.
They vow not to rest until they rescue him.Unfortunately, the Turtles' attack has not gone unnoticed by the media, which alerts The Shredder to come to New York to take on Hamato Yoshi's students himself. What ensues is the escalating war between the Foot and Hamato Clan, a Myth Arc that turns out to have been in the works for far longer than most of the cast knows, as well as the unraveling mystery of the Kraang's agenda for Earth and humankind. Booyakasha!It was renewed for a third season on February 26, 2013, before even finishing its first season, now renewed for a fifth season. A game for mobile devices has also been released, as well as a LEGO racing game on the LEGO website.In a unique touch, each season of the show features the Turtles watching a cheesy cartoon that usually foreshadows events of an episode (which was outright lampshaded on one occasion).
The Party Wagon, however, uses stink bombs, and bullets made from soda and mints Aborted Arc: The Mutagen Man arc appears to have been completely dropped, as shortly after his appearance in Season 2, the show doesn't ever bring up the character again, and the Retro Mutagen is focused on other characters instead. Accidental Misnaming: The turtles can never remember how to correctly pronounce Baxter Stockman's name from one episode to the next. However, this could be deliberate due to his perpetual status as a D-List villain and a Butt Monkey. Adaptational Badass: Numerous characters are far more capable in combat than their past incarnations. Traag and Granitor are 20 ft rock monsters who can spit lava and blue fire and can reassemble themselves after an explosion with no visible damage.
The Shredder remains well out of the Turtles league all the way through season three, when by then, past incarnations usually relied on technology (2003) or were reduced to non-threats (1987). X from the 1987 cartoon, called Fishface, and is certainly more capable than X, largely thanks to being a member of the main cast.

Adaptational Villainy: The Kraang's counterparts in the 2003 series, the Utroms, were a benevolent, peaceful race who eventually established friendly relations with Earth. Here, the Kraang are warmongering terraformers who seek to subjugate and eventually wipe out humanity. Though heavily augmented and powerful psychic abilities, Kraang enslaved most of the race into a Hive Mind Slave Race with themselves as leader. Rahzar's last major role was as an infant? well, a stupid infant, who was just fighting the Turtles because of his "mama"'s orders.
Adaptational Wimp: While not able to defeat the Turtles in combat, the Purple Dragon Gang is usually a city-wide menace. Their only capable member, Hun, who debuts in season three, is only a minor villain as compared to his major role in the 2003 show.
The titular turtles themselves can't ever seem to go through a single episode without losing a fight or pulling a Badass in Distress. Seriously, when are we ever going to see a version of Leonardo who's into Sci-Fi television shows and tries to emulate them? Heck, even Raphael is shown reading a vintage comic book when he's mocking Leonardo's pastime.
His face shape, big blue eyes, and his propensity for fanboying makes for some borderline moe screenshots. Baxter Stockman, of all people, comes off as this due to being more of a Straw Loser in this incarnation.
In a Freeze-Frame Bonus in "Panic in the Sewers," April flashes her high school student ID. Leo will always allow his quasi-obsession with Karai to cloud his judgment during missions and it often has grave results. Agony of the Feet: In "Metalhead", Mikey attempts to stop Metalhead by doing a good old-fashioned Groin Attack. Earlier in the episode, Metalhead stomps on Leo's toes; cue Leo screaming in pain before getting punted across the room. Aliens in Cardiff: Like Northhampton in the comics, there's a lot of weird stuff going on around the O'Neil family farm. All-CGI Cartoon: Though there are flashbacks done in a slick graphic 2D style reminiscent of sequences from Kung Fu Panda.
It's also notable that the show often combines 3D animated models with 2D animated effects to give things a fresh, unique look.
It's especially notable in the Turtle's eyes which often shift to a traditionally animated appearance to invoke a ton of anime conventions. All There in the Script: Production materials call the Spy-Roach in "Cockroach Terminator" Chong. In "Enemy of My Enemy", The Shredder meets up with a Russian arms dealer whom The Shredder considers an ally.
Alternative Foreign Theme Song: The Japanese dub uses GReeeeN's "Shinobi" as the opening theme and Ulful's "Booyakasha!" as the ending theme.
Always Night: Leo even explains in "Metalhead" that the turtles don't go topside during the day. All Your Base Are Belong to Us: One of the Foot's main goals is to find the Turtles' lair and destroy it. Arch-Enemy: The Kraang primarily, though The Shredder does consider himself to be the entire Hamato Clan's personal nemesis. His hatred for Hamato grows with each season until it reaches its' logical endgame in the third season finale: Splinter dies the moment he turns his back to Shredder. Art Evolution: The show still looked pretty good early on in the show, but late season one episodes are far more stylistic, introduce varied and interesting locales, improved cinematography, and the fight scenes become a fair bit more fluid, which all continue in Season 2. Previews from Season 3 show that the animation is becoming amazing by CGI standards, with the animation (including fighting sequences) becoming much smoother.
Art Shift: Flashbacks are done in a monochrome, green-tint, with 2D animation resembling a comic book panel. Leo's favorite show, Space Heroes, is done in the style of old Filmation cartoons, particularly Star Trek: The Animated Series.
In terms of the 3D itself, the rendering in both "A Foot Too Big" and "The Croaking" is a little more saturated than the other episodes.

Artistic License ? Biology: In all honesty, almost every character in the show has been hit with this at one point or another. Artistic License ? Physics: Casey Jones gets his bike outfitted with a flamethrower in the front. There's an inherent problem with spewing flames from the front of a small vehicle with good pickup speed and no real protection for the rider. Frequently combined with more heavily stylized animation, whiteout eyes and Bullet Time for major fights.
Author Appeal: Ciro Nieli mentions that a lot of the writing staff apparently have a Mutagen Man toy on their desk and want to utilize Mutagen Man in some shape or form as an important character.
Needless to say, after "Pulverizer Returns" and "Mutagen Man Unleashed", they got their wish. A lot of the series is clearly the production crew just having fun with various send-ups and celebrity guests; the Dream Beavers are as noted below, Expy's of Freddy Krueger (two of them even voiced by the man himself, Tigerclaw is an Expy of Boba Fett, Sir Malachi is voiced by Pee Wee Herman, etc. Much of the aesthetic (along with the shows the Turtles watch) have a distinct, 50s-80s Retro look to it.
Avengers Assemble: When the Triceratons prove so powerful that they immediately wipe out the Kraang, Leo summons as many of their allies as they can gather to fight off the invasion.
Cue a powerful force consisting of the four Turtles, Splinter, Casey, April, the four Mutanimals, Muckman, and Mondo Gecko arriving on the scene. He loudly discusses a fake plan with Raph knowing that Snake will overhear and tell the Kraang.Leo: (acting) Oh, great! Bad Boss: The Shredder is not above threatening to mutilate his Co-Dragons and even his own daughter. Still, compared to the Shredder from the 2003 cartoon, he's a Benevolent Boss, since he hasn't actually killed off any of his flunkies even though they're failed him quite a few times already.
His lieutenant Tiger Claw is also one of these, happy to mutilate lower-ranking members of the Foot if they fail.
As of the end of season 3 all of his minions are expendable as long as Hamato is taken out. Badass Adorable: Essentially all of the Turtles due to the art style, but especially Michelangelo.
In "Casey Jones vs the Underworld" Casey confronts Shredder and his posse at a chemical plant, intending to fight them all on his own.
The turtles show up and fight, eventually causing an explosion and escaping, but since none of the equipment was actually damaged, they're free to continue their latest Evil Plan as soon as a few cleaning crews are called in.
The Bait: Both April and Mikey have found themselves in this role when the team needs to draw out less intelligent mutants.
Bait and Switch: The opening of "Panic in the Sewers" initially looks like it's Leonardo's nightmare. Karai's snake creature form is still pretty cute and she can change back to human form at will, though still retaining the eyes, tongue and teeth. Justified, as there are only two female mutants, both of which are pretty central to the plot. Be Careful What You Wish For: Pulverizer wanted to be a mutant so badly, and he got it in the form of Mutagen Man.
Big Bad Ensemble: Currently Shredder has to share the spotlight with The Kraang, who are much more The Heavy at this point in the series.
The Kraang receive much more focus in the first season and are much more dangerous than the Shredder, Foot Clan or any other villain. Not to mention that they are directly or indirectly responsible for almost everything that happens in the series, making them primary antagonists of the first season, perhaps the entire series, while the Shredder is secondary Big Bad. The Rat King's threat level, recurring appearances, and global ambitions warrant him a mention as well.
In the fourth season, after the destruction of Earth and the massacre of the entire cast including Shredder and the Kraang, Captain Mozar and Lord Dregg occupy this role.

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