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Most PopularYour refined tastes make you an excellent critic, hostess, and appreciator of the arts. Private Consultationswith Katie SweetmanNo matter where you are in the world, I'm available via phone, Skype, or FaceTime for private astrology + psychic consultations.
As intimidating as eclipses can be, there’s something beautiful that has been overlooked in all the negative press about this month. So, while there is a lot of intense energy afoot, there is something amazing just on the other side.
Thank you so much for your calm, balanced approach to everything that’s going on at the moment.
About MeKatie SweetmanI'm an astrologer, writer, and psychic medium living in Brooklyn, New York. Mailing List LoveSign up for Empowering Astrology in your inbox, from cosmic updates to info on events. An air sign, you flutter through life with diaphanous fairy wings, but you never get completely lost in the clouds. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Discover the secrets of yourself through your natal chart and how you can open up its highest potential. As a collective, we are moving away from the hot headed drive of the Aries South Node and towards the diplomacy and partnership of the Libra North Node. If you look over to Pisces in the full moon chart you’ll see Venus at 10 degrees conjunct Neptune at 6 degrees.

As I rode the subway this morning, I couldn’t help but get the image of a skydiver as I wrapped my head around the eclipse. For those with an intermediate or advanced eye, you’ll noticed that Ceres, Vesta, Juno, and Eris are all gathered around the Sun and Moon. I also do private, one-on-one consultations via Skype and phone, which allow us to delve into your chart and reveal where this full moon will manifest. I have stelliums in Aries & Libra, which is stressful enough, but the fear-mongering from so many astrologers is doing my head in. You have a keen sense of balance; you know intuitively that there can be no yang without yin.
The full moon is one of four highly charged astrological events this April that will push and pull at our very core. When an eclipse tightly aspects a natal planet, you can expect big changes in the area governed by that planet.
There’s something about this energy that’s like leaping into the unknown — equally terrifying and exhilarating! I can’t speak to the influence of Ceres, Vesta, and Juno — their connection to the eclipse seemed too intriguing not to mention — but Eris is something I can sink my teeth into. Get a fresh look on the planets and learn how to use astrology to unlock your highest potential. When life gets too saccharine, you bring a dose of the savory, harmonizing with a gentle call to "keep it real." As the sign that rules partnerships, commitments, and all things legal, marriage is on the forefront of your mind from an early age.
Full moons are generally a time of resolution and decision points as well as seeing things for what they really are.

In astrology, we say Venus is exalted in Pisces, which is to say that it’s like a VIP in that sign.
Personally, I’m not one to skydive, but how amazing it is to be alive at this moment and feel all of this? She’s the outsider archetype, raw feminine power, voice for the oppressed, the woman who pushes the boundaries of the old order. You tend toward idealism and may either marry young or take longer than most to choose a life partner. Toss in a lunar eclipse and we’re primed for a major shift, especially in Libra ruled areas — relationship, collaboration, diplomacy, contracts, art, beauty, and design. They are making a harmonious trine (120 degrees) — a trine that will still be in effect as we get closer to the cardinal grand cross. The lunar eclipse is the starting pistol before we race through the vortex that is the cardinal grand cross.
Find a generous mate who appreciates the finer things and can bankroll those lavish pleasures you so deeply crave.
Pulling yourself out of financial debt can be one of your greatest challenges and turning points in life. As you surrender into the eclipse, there is something beautiful waiting for you — you just have to let go.

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