Libra horoscope 9th february 2016

As per the prediction based on the Gochar astrology, the time is favorable for the native of Libra especially for those who are waiting for marriage. The aspect of Jupiter on the fifth house of Libra horoscope is the indication that your house will organize the auspicious function.
The time period after 10 January 2016 is not going to be good for you as the Rahu’s sight will be on the seventh house and seventh house represents the marriage. If you have faith in gemstones then wearing of Hessonite Garnet stone is useful and auspicious for the native of Libra. Are you interested in fashionable wearing, the newest entertainment, charming and fantastic make-ups, or delicious DIY meals…etc? We don’t want to rock the boat today, and may make extra effort to please, but some insincerity and lack of clarity may result.
It’s important to avoid jumping to conclusions or speaking about a matter prematurely today, dear Gemini.
With the Moon at the bottom of your chart, dear Cancer, you’re encouraged to look within, to build, to rest, and to gather your strength.
There can be a tendency for people to take things the wrong way or too personally today, dear Leo. There can be some discrepancy between true feelings and what is actually communicated today, dear Virgo.
You have a stronger desire than usual to be around like-minded people and to enjoy relationships without expectations, dear Sagittarius. While there can be a strong desire to smooth over differences and to keep the peace today, dear Capricorn, there can be some missteps or misunderstandings to deal with. Venus in your sign these days does much to augment social skills, diplomacy, and charm, dear Pisces, today there can be a tendency for others to misinterpret what you’re saying or for you to misrepresent yourself in some manner.
Daily Horoscope page for Aries here, Daily Horoscope page for Taurus here, Daily Horoscope page for Gemini here, Daily Horoscope page for Cancer here, Daily Horoscope page for Leo here, Daily Horoscope page for Virgo here, Daily Horoscope page for Libra here, Daily Horoscope page for Scorpio here, Daily Horoscope page for Sagittarius here, Daily Horoscope page for Capricorn here, Daily Horoscope page for Aquarius here, Daily Horoscope page for Pisces here. If we are not in touch with our need for inspiration, beauty, compassion, connection to something otherworldly, or our spirituality, we could feel out of sorts right now. There can be tension and feelings of restlessness or impatience, as what we want to do may not feel perfectly right, or we may be lacking the courage. There can be mental tension and disorganization, making this a difficult time to get a clear message across. We tend to favor rational, objective thought over emotions, impulses, and feelings at this time.
Note that the Moon moves at a rate of approximately one degree every 2 hours, so that if an aspect involving is applying and has an orb of 5 degrees, the aspect will perfect (be exact) in about 10 hours.
You have a need for harmony and peaceful surroundings, and will seek peace when under stress. You have a childlike innocence in your personal relationships, which makes you vulnerable to emotional pain. It is important to note that Neptune takes about 164 years to make a complete cycle, spending about thirteen years in each sign. It is important to note that Pluto takes about 248 years to make a complete cycle, spending 12 to 32 years in each sign. You have the ability to be a catalyst in your daily life, helping others face and heal their emotional pain. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new daily posts by email. On February 18th, Saturn went retrograde and will continue its seemingly backwards dance until July 9th, 2013.
When a planet retrogrades, it behaves like the nodes Rahu and Ketu—neither of which are real planets.
Retrograde planets increase in strength (up to three times their normal power) and it puts this emphasis on clean up, repair and re-dos.
Saturn is currently in its sign of exaltation, Libra, and sitting with Rahu (See my previous article on Rahu and Saturn in Libra) which is an intense combination. Retrograde Saturn will have an effect on the emotions because of his aspect to Cancer (ruled by the Moon, our emotions) and also because the tendency with retrograde Saturn can be depression and feelings of loneliness. Saturn in Libra will bring the desire to clean up relationships, re-visit old ones, fix broken ones and find a sense of completion within relationships if at all possible. As far as the effects of Saturn’s retrograde motion on us, it will include many of the aforementioned subjects and themes as well as those topics discussed in my previous article (Rahu and Saturn in Libra). The nakshatras help us refine our understanding of the transits and the expressions of the planets. Saturn in Swati is another indication of building and creating growth, and is ruled over by the planet Rahu—so expect big, elaborate plans. It is important to tend the emotions with Swati nakshatra, because emotions often get lost or forgotten, swept aside here.
It is inevitable that the areas discussed previously—business, relationships, desires, health, sexual issues and even death—will begin to move, change and strengthen.
Vishaka is related to connecting and creating support and its rulership by Jupiter can bring expansion and knowledge with it.
This will work well for building new relationships, growing one’s business and finding new ways to find sustainable support.
Watch for aggressive desires to achieve, jealousy of other people’s accomplishments, and an overly competitive nature.
The themes for this time period of Saturn and Rahu in Libra—while Saturn is in Swati nakshatra and Rahu in Vishaka nakshatra—bring our focus to change, mobility, transformations and alliances through business, relationships, love, passion and power. Being a malefic planet Rahu is not good for seventh house, It will have ill effect on the long relationship.
After 10 January 2016 the native of Libra will have to face lot of hindrances in the path of love marriage. It’s not the best time to stir the pot, open up sensitive conversations, or jump to conclusions. Look for new perspectives on your relationships rather than jumping to draw strong conclusions, especially since you may not be feeling good about your options just for the time being.
There can be a clash of values with someone today that is annoying, but not anything too serious in the long run. However, while you could be seeking calm, the day’s energies can be too zig-zag and distracting to truly get there at times.

Try not to put your heart into what others are saying, and avoid speaking about your own feelings before you truly know what they are.
Decisions are difficult to make and it can be hard to concentrate or focus on work and other tasks. Attempts to express your feelings can go a little wrong due to either a poor choice of words or a temporary lack of touch with how you truly feel. You may feel a little in the dark, or others could sense that you’re holding something back. We are more intellectual, fair-minded, and logical in our approach, Ideas flow easily and quickly, we are more communicative and guided by principles, and also somewhat dispassionate or impersonal.
We believe we have gained much knowledge and wisdom through our experiences, and want to ensure others have the benefit as well.
If the Moon is separating from an aspect with an orb of 2 degrees, it has already formed said aspect approximately 4 hours ago (since the following are positions at noon today, then it would have occurred at about 8 AM today). You love to share your adventures with loved ones, sometimes pushing them reluctantly in front. You need to make adjustments in your life so that you can be generous and warm-hearted regardless of others’ opinions. As a small child, you may have experienced difficulty in getting your own way in your own home.
Learn to believe in yourself and avoid being drawn into the psychic realms as you still have to learn how to deal with the practical side of life. You have many unique talents, but need to develop discipline in order to make the most of them. Therefore the interpretation of Neptune in the Sign applies to a generation rather than the individual. Therefore the interpretation of Pluto in its sign applies to a generation rather than the individual. You will have commitment to humanitarian or political causes which do not offend your sense of individuality. Planets periodically “move backwards” in their orbit, but this is based on our relationship to them from an Earthly perspective only. Rahu and Ketu are mathematical points found where the Earth and Sun’s ecliptic planes intersect. It’s as though the planets are giving us a second chance at life and we often find ourselves revisiting what was seemingly lost previously. Retrograde Saturn natives tend to be fixers, which can be a problem unless safe, effective boundaries are learned and maintained. This could be a good time to get serious about a new health routine, Spring detox program and a healthy exercise regimen. In my opinion, the general clean up will involve business, relationships, desires, health, sexual issues and even death could be addressed and re-visited.
Interestingly, Swati nakshatra is ruled by Rahu, which makes for an interesting story exchange between the two planets currently occupying the same sign of Libra.
The rulership of Vayu here is associated with movement and can bring the strength one needs to be powerful and “get the job done.” Rudras are storm gods, and the strength of the Rudras come from Vayu himself. But with Saturn’s retrograde movement until June, it might seem like things are moving backwards first!
This can be a time of strong leadership, building powerful alliances, navigating political roles diplomatically, and success in business.
This is a time to be vigilant with health matters, the sexual organs, second chakra matters, and pranic flow within the body systems.
It’s better to play a supportive role, to listen, and help, but what you hear may not be very objective. Today and tomorrow, there can be some indecision, particularly regarding long-term goals or career matters. Emotions strongly color decisions now, or we may be over-analyzing or intellectualizing our feelings in such a way that we misrepresent ourselves. Lack of clarity can lead to poor decisions, so that indecisiveness can probably save the day in some way.
Today, objectivity is difficult, as feelings and logic tend to mix in all the wrong ways, to the point that we either speak too emotionally or relate too intellectually or logically. Try not to say something that is insincere or untrue just to keep the peace or to avoid awkward moments today, which is a tendency even if it’s not your usual style. You may be dealing with insincerity or a feeling that others are not telling the full story.
If you can, avoid work that requires close attention to detail or concentration. Distractions can make it difficult to keep up or to do your best.
It can be difficult to find the time or energy to think clearly. You benefit from looking within, but your own intuition may seem to be playing tricks on you. Separating aspects are good to know for context, but in terms of energy that is with us today, applying aspects are most important. You have a tendency to sit back and let things slip past rather than being assertive as you are not personally ambitious.
You also enjoy sharing inspirational activities with your partner, ranging from listening to beautiful music to visiting an art gallery. You may experience pain in early relationships, but this pain is usually healed giving you insight and wisdom in later personal relationships.
You avoid restriction and may live an unconventional life, breaking new ground in ways of living. You need to develop selflessness, the ability to share and a sensitivity to the needs of other people.
Retrogression has to do with the various elliptical orbits of the planets and the Earth’s movement around the Sun. The indication of the planet in retrograde motion (plus its placement in transit and how it’s situated in your own chart) will, however, dictate its specific effects on you. You may find your Self re-visiting lectures from a beloved guru, opening books that have a bit of dust on them, or gaining new insights into your Self and your relationships as a result. This pranic force is our internal wind, the wind of life, the breath of the gods, the impeller of life, and the root of speech. This lack of connection to the emotional body can lead to pranic and energetic blockages which will lead to dis-ease and dis-harmony eventually. Vishaka is a nakshatra that brings mixed results, is considered “mild” and “hard” so you never quite know what you’re going to get.

Vishaka can indicate relationships that provide nourishment and support, as well as alliances. Her Jyotish work is especially well suited to the extra sensitive artists, mystics and healers—and those who need insights for their dharmic path and personal transformation process.
Mistakes today and in the coming few days are more easily made, due to misjudgments, lack of clarity in our communications, and distractions.
It’s unlikely you have all the information you need to make a strong decision, so wait things out if you can. Be especially mindful of what you say publicly or in your business, keeping emotions or your private life separate as much as possible.
We may be analyzing feelings rather than actually feeling them, and facts may not be clear because we’re investing too much of our feelings in them.
There can be missteps socially as well as with family, but these are unlikely to be serious.
They probably aren’t right now, but it may simply be due to their own indecision or a lack of touch with how they truly feel.
Retrograde Mercury is in your sign and is challenging Venus, and this can play with objectivity so that it can be difficult to focus and to say what you feel. In truth, you may not have all the right information to make a clear decision or assessment of your situation, just for now. Reflect before sharing your thoughts today. The ability to see both sides of a situation or story is a positive, but indecision can be a byproduct.
Patience is a virtue right now; otherwise we might succumb to feelings of frustration and sadness. You see the beauty in people who have been cast aside by others, and develop the ability to be a teacher or healer in intimate relationships. So Check Your And Your Friend N Family Daily Horoscope 9th June 2015, All  Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces People stay In Touch With For More Details About Their Daily Horoscope. They are called shadow planets for that reason and make us behave from our shadowy places as well.
Rahu and Saturn will both be in Swati nakshatra for roughly five months before Saturn makes the shift into Vishaka. As a sail directs the ship with the assistance of the wind, he can be harnessed and used for powerful action. Vayu can bring powerful storms as Rudra does, but it can also be gentle and subtle, which Rudra can not. Utilizing body-centered Expressive Art Therapy is a perfect tool to use at this time in order to ensure the relationship between emotions and body are being strengthened. With Rahu, you never quite know either, so here we get a double question mark in some ways.
Right now we are being given an opportunity to learn how to move with our storms, rather then let them move us. Miscommunications are especially likely with friends, and misjudgements more likely of events from the past. With Mercury approaching a station, there can be miscommunications, delays, and foggy thinking today and in the next couple of days. This may be a better day to take extra breaks than for a demanding schedule, if this can be managed. Be especially mindful with any financial dealings now and in the next few days, as well as with personal possessions and especially valuables, which can be misplaced. Social or emotional concerns don’t mix well with more practical and logical affairs right now. This generation will posses the ability to transform old structures into new and enduring ones. It’s a trick to the cosmic self essentially, and reminds us that what often appears to be moving backwards is still part of a forward moving universal perspective even when it does not appear to be so.
Moving the body, cultivating somatic awareness, using one’s creativity through artistic means, all while connecting the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies, creates an ideal partnership for ensuring the pranic winds are moving your emotions, rather than letting them stagnate within. Indragni brings together two forces: Indra, the high king and political power coupled with Agni, the high priest and spiritual force. Create an altar if you don’t already have one and start a daily ritual of offerings, gratitude and silence. Learning to master how we direct the sails of these intense storm winds will create a new kind of power for us and a new awareness about our own inner power.
You can join her newsletter for special astrological insights or register for her weekly Jyotish Basics classes for an extra dose of healing wisdom. You will be able to empathise with and fight for those who need your strength and compassion. We will Updates Horoscope Daily So Keep On Visiting Our Site Daily For Know how Will Be Your Day. Saturn is ruled by air (vayu) anyway, so it can accomplish its tasks in this nakshatra and find harmony with the movement and change. Since Saturn is here, he requires you to be aligned with a regular, established routine as well. The symbol of Vishaka is a decorated gateway, and essentially Indragni is the portal where all offerings must pass through as they are offered to the gods. Expand your tool kit, engage with your mental, emotional and physical bodies in new ways, and harness the stormy Rudra energy.
Create a daily practice of moving the body, sweating and stretching, if you don’t already have one.
The offering is transformed at this portal, as it passes through, and then the gods ingest these gifts. From digestion, to altar offerings, to love relations, to balancing your asura (demon) energies, find the transformational tools within your life and all around you. Without Indragni overseeing the process, the transformation would not be possible, nor complete. It is said that when Vayu is balanced there is health, and when imbalanced, health problems arise.

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