Licence plate california history

Repainted 1942 California license plate used as Year of Manufacture plate (December 2010) on a restored 1942 U.S. Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! I think it's a good license plate and see no need for change, ultimately though I don't really care.
Looking for a 1966 Ford Mustang license plates I’m restoring it and want to keep it original let me know if you have or know someone that might want to sell them. Wow I had no idea that even folks back east in good ole rust and rot delaware are California Dreaming !
Here in the golden state not only do our classic cars still look swell but I grow fresh vegetables twelve months out of the year and I have fresh fruit growing on the trees in my yard ! By the way my freinds in Lost Wages Nevada live on Oceansideway, When the big one hits kalifornia, Nevada will have the ocean. These era-correct license plates have long been viewed as a sort of badge of honor among West Coast enthusiasts, one that has been recognized by car folk across the country.

I offered to pay the State of California $50 – $75 for every black, blue, yellow etc and every plate we sell 1955 and under to help the State out. Please note: these single plates are great for collectors, but are not eligible for vehicle registration.
Now the state of California is preparing to issue brand-new license plates with the familiar chrome-yellow digits on a black background, in addition to versions that emulate other vintage California license plates. According to a fact sheet released by the office of California Assemblyman Mike Gatto, Assembly Bill No. The significance stems from unusual DMV plating policies in the Golden State, where for decades, new cars have been issued new license plates that are intended to stay with the vehicle for its useful life, no matter how many owners it may pass through. This contrasts with typical practices in most other states, where the license plates follow the car owner from vehicle to vehicle; a new owner of a used car must either transfer plates from his previously owned vehicle or get a new set. Up through the introduction of the black series plates in 1963, each time the State of California would issue a new series of license plates, every registered owner got a new set, and was expected to replace their existing tags. However, beginning with the familiar blue-and-yellow series, new plates were only required for new vehicles, or for situations where a used car had to be re-plated, including cars coming in from other states.

Had the state not changed its plating policies, all registered cars would have been fitted with blue-and-yellow plates as part of registration renewal in the early 1970s. Instead, cars remaining registered with black plates just retained them, and owners simply continued to add new registration stickers each year.
What made this a big deal among old car fans was the fact that, prior to just a few years ago, the only way a car could display those black plates legally was if they had been in place continuously since first being issued during the 1960s – once they came off, they were off for good. Even an original owner of a 1960s car who may have removed his black plates in favor of vanity plates (first made available in California in 1972 during the blue series), or because the car was registered in another state for a period, could not return the black plates to the vehicle and would have had to run contemporary white plates.

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