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Last week, we pondered a semi-subtle Nazi-themed decal applied to the rear window of a Volkswagen CC (that obviously blocked the driver’s rearview of history). The news that the police departments in California routinely scan and record license plates to create a database that can be used to retroactively track any driver’s motions and activities broke at political and civil liberty websites and is now percolating through the autoblogosphere. One of the questions I get most commonly is: why do so many expensive cars have Montana license plates? Which is to say that I often pay extra for those special plates that I think look cool, but no one else ever notices.
For example, I can always spot cars owned by annoying acquaintances in restaurant parking lots, which spares me from actually having to speak to them. And so, I will now answer that, virtually assuring that TTAC will lose the wealthy exotic car owner and Montana attorney readership, but perhaps gain a following among county tax commissioners.

And I have the immense honor of being the go-to person whenever my friends have a registration-related query.
Observers predict that this move could have far-reaching consequences on the Chinese car market. In Shanghai, exuberant carbuying has been dampened by limiting the amount of license plates, which are auctioned off. Like the current issue over NSA monitoring of electronic communication involves balancing national security with Americans’ privacy from government intrusion, recording and tracking license plates can be a useful tool in solving crime but it also seems contrary to American values and rights like freedom of motion and freedom from random surveillance without probable cause. Like, for example: did you know the last number in a Massachusetts plate corresponds to the month it expires? The registration numbers are white, the background is mostly orange and an almost parakeet blue.

In addition to the press release, the SoS’ office also released a photograph to commemorate the award, with Sec. Who knows how the political system will eventually deal with this news, but in the meantime remember that for every technology there is some way to defeat it. Johnson, and the Bridge Authority’s chairman and secretary jointly holding up the award.

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