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Part Two - The D740 Counterpart Driving Licence carries the full name and address of the driver.
The middle part of the document has two main sections Provisional Entitlements (See Category 9) and Endorsements which details the Drivers driving endorsements, offence codes, disqualifications and penalty points and as such may give rise to problems with Insurance. Each licence endorsement has a unique offence code and penalty points on a scale from one to eleven, allocated depending on the severity of the offence. If you're convicted of a motoring offence, the courts can fine you and endorse your part two with penalty points. Before allowing anybody to drive a vehicle on behalf of the Company, irrespective of the ownership of the vehicle, the Company should have a method of checking and recording that Drivers are legally able to drive the vehicle(s) allotted or owned by them.
If the Driver is unable to produce the D740 Counterpart Driving Licence it is possible to check the details at DVLA Swansea (TEL 0870 240 0009) but only with the Drivers permission and in their presence.
If a Driver refuses to produce their licence (either part) or is not prepared to all checks to be made at Swansea on no account should they be allowed to drive a Company vehicle or their own vehicle on behalf of the Company.
Once all checks have been carried out then the Drivers licence details should be entered on an authorised vehicle driver list, preferably with copies of both parts of the licence kept on file.
The driving licence system in South African went through an overhaul in 1998 from the old system to the new system.
When the new system was implemented, everyone who had an old licence of the form Code 8, Code 12 etc. A Heavy motor vehicle is considered any vehicle with a GVM over 3,500kg (3.5 tons), and a light motor vehicle anything below. A code EC1 licence holds the same rights as a C1 licence, but with the inclusion of trailers with a GVM in excess of 750 kg. In 2010 reports were issued that drivers who obtained a Heavy Duty Vehicle Licence after January 2011 would not be permitted to drive light motor vehicles.
It is possible to hold a licence which is valid for both an LMV or HMV as well as a motorcycle. Whatever vehicle you do your licence in will be the vehicle that you are given a licence for. Whenever you renew your driver’s licence you will be required to do an eye test, this test will dictate whether you are required to drive a vehicle with or without glasses. This entry was posted in info and tagged HMV, Learner's Licence, LMV, PDP, PrDP, South African Driving Licence by Gareth.

I got a code 10 learners drive but now I want to do drivers license for code 14 , can I use this code 10 learners ? What is the requirements for people over 80 years,when they want to renew their drivers license. What book can I use and from where can I obtain a learner’s licence book for a code 14 licence. The normal books you find at CNA and elsewehere will cover 95% of the contents of the test. I have a code 3 leaners licence, would a C1 drivers licence be sufficient as adviced by my local licencing dept to tow a caravan with gvm of 1300kg? Both a B and C1 licence have a max trailer GVM of 750kg, regardless of the size of the vehicle you’re driving. I wouldn’t think you can, as you need a valid licence to convert to a South African licence. Road Traffic Act laws take effect from the date of being awarded your licence, regardless of when you started applying or booked your licence. The endorsement and penalty points is updated on your driver record and written on your Part Two paper or the counterpart document of your Part One photo card driving licence.
As VDOC Manager don't neglect your procedures and checks as you could lay yourself, your Directors and Company open to a charge of neglect of duty of care which is an offence!
While there have been tweaks to the system over the years, for the majority it’s stayed the same. There was talk 2 years ago about combining learners licences so as not to require people who already have a licence to rewrite their learner’s licence, but this was never passed. A code C1 (former code 10) which is for vehicles with a GVM between 3.5 and 16 tons and a code C which is for vehicles with a GVM over 16 tons. Likewise an EC licence permits the driver to drive vehicles covered by a C licence with a trailer of GVM in excess of 750kg. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, if uncertain, please contact your local Traffic Department for assistance.
Before March 98 you would have been issued a code 8 licence which would have been upgraded to a code EB. Here’s a quick summary of the current system, with equivalent codes from the old system.

Before you can get either one of these licences, you must first write a learner’s licence exam. An A1 licence you may hold from the age of 17, and is limited to motorcycles with an engine capacity of 125cc or less.
The holder of an EC licence, in addition to vehicles covered by a C licence, may also drive EC1 vehicles. Additional three point turn and parallel parking for LMV and additional straight reverse for HMVs). I heard (under correction) that the law changed in March 1998, 2 months before I got my licence, from automatically getting an EB to just a B licence.
To this day people still often refer to having a code 12 licence, although the system is not used in practice. Once you have a learner’s licence for a vehicle, you are free to drive that vehicle as long as there is a driver licenced for that vehicle in the passenger seat with you. It allows you to drive any Light Motor Vehicle and tow a trailer with a GVM less than 750kg. You can decided which licence to apply for, but to get your EB you have to do the test with a large trailer attached, so it’s not as simple as making that decision when applying.
There are three different learner’s licences available, each one applying to a different vehicle class. An EB licence is for the same class of vehicles, but allows you to tow trailers in excess of GVM 750kg. For each of these you must follow practices specified by the K53 defensive driving system, which has many critics. Most people who did their driver’s licence before 1998 were automatically upgraded to an EB licence, whereas most new drivers have only a B licence. It is advised that anyone attempting to pass a driving test in South Africa first go for driving lessons with an accredited driving school.
This limits one from towing certain caravans and boats which can have GVMs higher than 750kg.

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