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Minnesota veterans and members of the military may now purchase several types of special license plates to show pride in their service to our country.
Julia wanted to be able to use any plates we find and thought it seemed pointless to not allow certain vehicles.
There IS something wrong with being so stubborn that you refuse to listen to what your wife would like to do or consider her opinion or idea as valid. It wasn’t the “rules” of the games that caused tension between Julia and me.  It was the way I was inflexible about something so trivial and didn’t care what she thought. Don’t adopt an attitude of always sticking with YOUR way of doing things or pre-decided ideas. Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick!
The new state took my old CA driver's license when they issued new DL, and I was told that it would eventually be sent to CA DMV.

I don't really know the answer, but I recently did the opposite and the CA DMV said I can either give them my old other state plates or mail them back to the other state. I always tell them one got stolen, here's the other (they're always personalized plates, so one's worth keeping).
I moved to Georgia from CA a few years ago and though I can't say for sure I think the dmv here kept one plate and I kept the other (as you know Ca requires a plate on front and rear of car).
This is good to know since we just got a toll violation from plates that expired and are sitting in our garage since 2009. Yep definitely hang on to them for proof in case of future toll violations as we just got one.
In the mean time, I received the DMV renewal notice in California (which was then forwarded to me). But this state's DMV did NOT take the old CA license plates from my car, when they issued new plates for this state.

To be eligible to purchase the plates, one must provide a special plate application and a copy of their DD-214 or orders showing they have been awarded the appropriate medal.
Your contribution is split between the Department of Military Affairs for financial support of military families and the Department of Veteran Affairs for grant programs for homeless and needy veterans. Some choose to put their old state's plate on the front end of their car around here since Ga only requires a plate on rear of vehicle. I find this kinda foolish as they're just unnecessarily targeting themselves to law enforcement or whatnot.

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