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Death's existence is hinted at by Alastair when he performs a ritual to break one of the 66 Seals.
And through the fire stood before me a Pale Horse, and he who sat atop him carried a Scythe.
Lucifer was intent on summoning Death, and because of this, numerous reapers gathered, ready to take his orders when he appeared. Death has arrived in Chicago to start a large storm chain that will trigger massive weather events and kill around three million people. Dean asks what Death wants; Death answers simply "The leash around my neck off" before going on to explain that he never agreed to work for Lucifer and that he - and possibly the other Horsemen as well - are bound to Lucifer by a spell. Dean then asks what he wants him to do and Death says first to "take the bullets out of Lucifer's gun". Dean Winchester sought out Death, as he figures he is powerful enough to lift Sam's soul from Lucifer's cage. In order to find a way to defeat Castiel, Dean summoned Crowley, and asked about the spell that can bind Death.
Dean quickly demands that Death kill Castiel, but when he moves to do it, Castiel frees Death. Realizing he can't fight the Mark of Cain anymore, Dean summoned Death to kill him so he won't be a threat anymore, giving him Mexican food Dean had made. Unlike his reapers, Death is dressed in a dark business suit, as opposed to mortician wear which the reapers (except Tessa and rogue reapers) are clothed in.
Despite claiming to be totally indifferent to the Winchesters and Earth, Death has helped them on a number of occasions. Being the personification of the concept of death and the eldest and most powerful of the Four Horsemen, Death is unbelievably powerful, and is undoubtedly one of the most powerful beings the Winchesters have ever encountered. Nigh-Omnipotence - As a primordial being who rivals God and being the eldest and most powerful member of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Death can do almost anything that he desires, possessing a great deal of incalculable supernatural power.
Our high quality chrome license plate frames are constructed of durable chrome finished metal so your tag holder will last for the long haulDesigns are professionally printed on durable 4mil vinyl with premium inks. Use of this website is subject to our terms of use and purchases are subject to our terms of sale. A large number of reapers gathered in the town where Lucifer was going to release Death in order to serve him. Death, unlike his brothers, appears to have a habit of wandering off from his assigned tasks, much to the annoyance of Lucifer. He goes on to explain that he has power beyond what Dean can ever understand and Lucifer, whom he describes as "a bratty child", is using him like a simple weapon, creating massive disasters and raising the dead. He requests that he bring both Sam and their half-brother Adam out of the cage, but Death limits him to pick only one. Dean returns the ring, and Death acknowledges that Dean's learned something out of his experience.
Death explains that he considers it an honor and congratulates Sam, saying "Well done, my boy" though he usually doesn't pass judgment on souls. However, while Death enjoyed this meal, he tells him even he can't kill Dean, as the Mark's power prevents even him from doing that.
He also appears to Dean when he briefly dies to contact him, something he does on his own as Tessa is both unwilling and unable to summon him.
He gave his ring to Dean to stop Lucifer, agreed to get Sam's soul back, and even helped after Castiel broke the binding spell the Winchesters and Bobby had cast on him, albeit claiming that he was only doing so because he found "that little angel arrogant." He also sharply criticizes Dean for not following his earlier hint about souls and tells him bluntly that he'll help, but added, "Don't thank me.

Death is so powerful that he is one of the few beings that can enter Lucifer's Cage without the need of the Rings of the Horsemen.[8][6] Death is also so powerful that he could even remove the Mark of Cain. All materials are water resistantExpress yourself with the design that fits your sense of humor or promotes your cause & beliefsFit is standard for most license plates. As revealed by Bobby's wife, he appears before her to tell her to give a message to Bobby: the entire incident was organized to attack Bobby, as he is one of the few remaining elements keeping Sam Winchester from agreeing to be Lucifer's vessel. A distracted man rudely shoves past him, and Death turns to look at the man while brushing the side of his coat where the man touched him. This indicates that Death has some care for the natural order of things and Lucifer's genocide against Humanity is upsetting it. When Dean chooses Sam, Death states that he will retrieve Sam's soul and set up a "wall" blocking out the memories in Hell, as he would certainly suffer with the memories. He tells him that he got a hard look behind the curtain, being the one to clean up everybody's messes. He reprimands Dean for another mess and not following on his hint about "souls" he gave Dean last time. The two converse with Sam asking that if he agrees to die, can Death make it permanent, which Death confirms. He also appears to have overly large pupils that expand like the sockets of a skull depending upon his mood.
He cares little for major events of the world like the Apocalypse, and despite his coerced involvement by Lucifer, he only pays the events vague interest, resulting in his tendency to wander off from his assigned targets.
While Dean does lose their wager, Death is satisfied enough by the fact that he has learned his lesson to do as Dean asks anyway, though he says it is also so they will keep digging into what is going on with the souls of Purgatory as he presumably doesn't like the idea of souls being used for power. Clean up your mess." It is implied that he is not so much uncaring as he is above the petty struggles of the world, disliking being called on to fix things that he thinks should have been taken care of without bothering him. To explain his power level to Dean, he said that a bacterium to a human, is basically the same as a human to Death and his age is such that he said the Milky Way was "barely out of its diapers". He goes on to explain the binding spell prevents him from going to Dean so he had to wait for Dean to catch up. He tells Dean that will be his prize if he agrees to Death's deal: he asks for Dean to find his ring, and put it on to become Death for one day.
The horseman hints that this is the reason why he doesn't make exceptions with death, as this could disrupt the natural order and start a chain reaction of disasters.
Death gives Dean another chance to fix it by telling him he needs to get Castiel to "return it all to Purgatory" (mainly based on his dislike for Castiel and his arrogance).
However, before Sam can agree, Gadreel enters Sam's mind in Dean's form to convince him to say Yes to possession so he can heal him.
Death explains that before there was life or even the Earth, there was the Darkness, an ancient evil that God and His archangels warred against.
His ring is pure silver and has a white stone set in it.[8] Death also has a British accent. Unlike the angels or Lucifer, Death considers the Winchesters and their involvement in the Apocalypse highly insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Unlike the other Horsemen, Death has a level of respect for humans, specifically the human soul. He once said to Dean, "I'm more powerful than you can process".[8] Death considers the archangels children when complaining of how Lucifer bound him with a spell, calling Lucifer a bratty child throwing a temper tantrum with the Apocalypse which was to Death, of no importance in the grand scheme of things. Rather than acting hostile like his siblings, the Horseman thanks him for returning the Scythe before asking Dean to join him at the table.

His conditions are that Dean must do everything in his power to assure that Lucifer is put back in his cell. Death then leaves to Hell to fetch Sam's soul out of Lucifer's cage, and returns in Bobby's panic room to restore the soul to Sam's body, despite Sam's pleas for him not to. Death says that it's Sam's decision and doesn't intervene when Sam agrees to "Dean's" plan to save him, not knowing what it is. However, unlike his siblings, Death is shown to have a more civil and calm manner when dealing with the Winchesters; Death tells Dean that most people also talk to him with respect. He even mentions the chicken and egg analogy when describing his old age compared to God's with Dean, as life could not exist without death, thus Death existed alongside God. While Sam will be the one to put Lucifer back in the cage, Dean must allow it - even if it means killing Sam by letting him jump into the cage.
Death instantly takes a dislike to Castiel and tells him he isn't God and that he is harboring something other than souls inside himself. Instead of attacking Dean during their encounter, he invites the Winchester to join him at the table to discuss the Apocalypse and even goes so far as to share his pizza with him.
In the next season, after Dean lost Death's wager, Death showed up at Bobby's house, with bacon dogs, fries, and beer. Dean inquires if Death intends to kill him, causing Death to remark "you have an inflated sense of your own importance" and goes on to compare Dean to a "snarky bacterium".
Dean reluctantly agrees while Death warns him to hold true to his word by saying he can't cheat Death, he then gives Dean the instructions on how to operate the rings that combine to form a key-like device. He explains that, prior to creating angels and man, God created the first beasts: the Leviathans. Lucifer passed it to Cain who passed it to Dean who must now pass it to someone else if he wants it gone to prevent the Darkness from being released. Later, when Dean summoned and bound him, he brought him pickle chips in an attempt to appease him, which proved fruitless. Death claims he has forgotten how old he is, and it is possible that he is as old, or older, than God himself.
While Death thought they were entertaining, God was concerned that they would "chomp the entire petri dish" so he sealed them away. Death offers Dean another choice when he refuses to burden anyone else with the Mark: he can transport Dean somewhere so far away he's no longer a threat to anyone. Death also claims that one day he will reap God, with Dean remarking how in over his head he truly is. Purgatory was made to be their jail and now they are inside Castiel who Death says is just a "thin membrane" separating the Leviathans from Earth. Death watches as Dean tells Sam he feels they are evil and the world is better off without them. Eventually Sam agrees to sacrifice himself to stop the Mark's power and gives Dean pictures of him with his family so he can one day find his way back. Death hands Dean his scythe, but reminded of his love for his family, and due to the fact Death said that he would kill Sam himself if Dean didn't, Dean unexpectedly impales Death himself with the scythe instead of Sam.

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