License plate theft

Personal MessageCreate you own message allows you to enter your own unique and personal phrase through a totally open entry box. This is made entirely with 100% all natural InDesign ingredients (and a couple fonts of course). In my opinion, the best way to make something that looks real is to start by looking at real things. Next, to create the screw holes, add four small circles, 15 px in diameter, filled with [Paper].
I couldn't get the shadow I wanted on the holes with Drop Shadow settings, so instead I used Inner Shadow. Any time you want something to look a little more realistic, try adding a little imperfection.
Finally, for the coup de grace, add small rectangles in the top corners for the month and year stickers.

I modeled the design after a California license plate I have among the random things in my house.
If you copy an illustration, I think the best you can end up with is an approximation of it: a copy of a copy.
Then use the following steps as a framework for experimentation, with the real goal of creating something that's 100% your own.
There's actually a very good reason for that: if I did that, I could only apply one set of Bevel and Emboss and shadow settings to the whole shebang, and that wouldn't work in this case. There are nine types of InDesign FX, and many times when one won't do the job, you can substitute another one with great results. Nature has no use for perfectly straight edges, perfectly smooth gradations of color, and so on. Even if you wanted to do it in Photoshop or Illustrator, those same key concepts still apply.

Very realistic, which begs the question… did you ever spend time in jail making license plates? After I got the inspiration, I just grabbed the plate and propped it up next to my screen for reference. This is because we're trying to simulate the beveled fill of the plate being lifted up off the surface it's lying on. The edges of the plate are resting right on that surface, so the shadow there is darker, smaller, and has less variation (thanks to the 20% spread value).

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