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Oh, by the way, wea€™re going to eliminate the pink drivera€™s license, just as a side note. The Truth About Cars is dedicated to providing candid, unbiased automobile reviews and the latest in auto industry news.
Last week, we pondered a semi-subtle Nazi-themed decal applied to the rear window of a Volkswagen CC (that obviously blocked the driver’s rearview of history). The news that the police departments in California routinely scan and record license plates to create a database that can be used to retroactively track any driver’s motions and activities broke at political and civil liberty websites and is now percolating through the autoblogosphere.
The post China Killing Its Own Car Market: Car-Rationing Spreads To Other Cities appeared first on The Truth About Cars. With a population approaching that of Australia and car sales of 700,000 new cars, or 890,000 new cars (depending on which issue of China Daily you rely more), Beijing used to be one of the most important car markets in the world’s largest car markets, China.

Unsure of what to do about its nearly $20b budget deficit, California is entertaining some pretty wild ideas. The post California Budget Crisis Fix Is In: Digital License Plate Ads appeared first on The Truth About Cars. The post Shanghai: License Plates Cost More Than A Car appeared first on The Truth About Cars. The post New NY License Plates: Empire Gold For The Empire State appeared first on The Truth About Cars. China’s Central Government At Odds With Beijing’s Car Curbs appeared first on The Truth About Cars. By next April, every licensed vehicle in the state will have to switch to the new plates, at $25 a pop.

Observers predict that this move could have far-reaching consequences on the Chinese car market.
In Shanghai, exuberant carbuying has been dampened by limiting the amount of license plates, which are auctioned off. Prices for a license plate in Shanghai rose to at two year high in the year’s first plate auction, Shanghai Daily reports. To this day, people are routinely thrown into the nation’s capital’s slammer if they forgot to renew their license plate.

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