Life path 4 in numerology

When Jesus realizes that a gap was beginning to form, he stops and takes the twelve off to the side. Perhaps it’s the glimmer of a promise of resurrection that emboldens them to continue, or it may be that they took comfort in their earlier hopes that Jesus would take power in Jerusalem. As Mark tells the story, it didn’t take long before the disciples began to dream big dreams.
As I pondered this text and its message for us as a congregation,  I thought about the many difficult paths that members of this congregation have taken in recent months and years. Others deal with mental health issues, something that we find difficult to talk about openly.

Many young adults have found themselves saddled with student debt and a difficulty launching into their careers. It is in the context of these difficult pathways that are common to us all that I chose to view Jesus’ own path to the cross.
The message that I hear from Mark’s text is that God in Christ understands the challenges we face.
In embracing the way of the cross, this servant of servants shares in our experiences of suffering.
As we read the New Testament, it is clear that the early Christians connected the cross to our salvation.

Escher has been overexposed so we can't actually see many of his famous works because they are too famous.
I'm the author of a number of books including Marriage in Interesting Times (Energion, 2016) and Freedom in Covenant (Wipf and Stock, 2015).

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