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If you have taken online consultation for health issues from your doctor, or counseling for parenting, or any such thing, you will know that online consultations are in trend. All you have to do is to book a time slot for consultation over phone or internet, provide your birth details and take up consultation at the slotted time. Go ahead, express your deepest concerns, bring out your deep emotions and find an answer to your problem.
Online consultation is a real-time interaction with experts who are professionally involved in looking at charts of hundreds of people and guiding them through different phases of life. It is true that you represented a particular time and energy of the Universe when you were born. Unique effects of the planets and their behavior can be seen during conjunction of 2 or 3 planets. Characteristics of each house get influenced by presence of a particular planet at a particular time. Knowledge of the right time to invest, or venture into a project or bond into a relationship can bear desirable fruits. Astrologer’s insight into time and astrological details of a person can not only help you understand what the planets ordain you, but also tell you the appropriate ways to make best use of a situation. What is more good than getting fresh updates about what are the possibilities of things which are going to happen in your day ahead. What you need to do involves just downloading given live astrology apps on our website on your mobile phones free of cost and access them easily with your hands. With these marvellous options of online astrology consultation, you can get any of your personal or professional queries from our experienced astrologers and get the best astrological remedies for you.
Thus, this is the right time to engage with online astrology consultation service provided by astrologers of Navgrah Mandir and get free live astrology predictions for your future here.
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In this modern age of technology and science with heterodox thoughts and concepts, do you think astrology is significant? The concept that planetary bodies in the solar system can actually provide a vision of the future has fascinated people from a very long time.

The planetary movements not only have their impact on us, but we are also affected by the planetary movements of the people whom we deal regularly with, be it our parents, spouse, kids, relatives, friends, colleagues, bosses, acquaintances, etc. It has also been seen in many cases, people start believing in astrology at the times of disasters.
Astrology lights the path known as life and it is entirely our choice as to whether we want to travel on this path or not.
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In case you are shy of people or have reservations of telling your problems to a known person!
Astrologer’s suggestion for remedies can help you maintain strength of mind and stay optimistic about life. What if when you woke up, there is online astrology consultation report presented for you on your mobile phones? After downloading them and creating a free account of your basic details such as full name, parents name, birth date and time, etc, you can have full access of that application. These astrologers are well known and renowned as they have done certified studies in this field and are known for their best astrological solutions for people everywhere all around the world.
Our interests with astrology range from a regular glance at a newspaper’s zodiac signs section to making significant decisions in life related to marriage, finance and career and even predictions on health. The different movements of the moon or the planetary movements or alignments affect our minds and emotions and we do not even realise this.
There are many instances in our lives when we arrive at the comparison mode of thinking though we know comparison is not good. Astrology helps us to know how we can make the best possible use of these tools in our lives for our benefit when we see the bad phase in our lives. It is a real-time interaction with astrologers over phone or skype from any place in the world. You can then put up as many queries in the query box of that particular live astrology app and get free online astrology consultation by expert astrologers of Navgrah Mandir regarding your query or problem instantly.

Their predicted lucky gems, pooja performed and precautions suggested have made very good impact on lives of many people who are earlier suffering from many problems in their life. It is known that many successful people have consulted astrologers to help make decisions in their lives. It is the study of the movement of the planets and the stars and how they influence us in our daily lives.
The planetary positions at the time of our birth in the astrological chart can be compared with the planetary position of any time. The word “disaster” is made up of two root words – “dis”, which means separation, and “aster”, which means star, thereby giving the meaning “separation from the stars”. To a great extent, astrology is used to forecast and predict future events and can also be used as a medium to get rid of any kind of mishap related to planetary positions. By being born at a particular moment in time as per astronomical chart, we imbibe this quality.
This study will show how a particular planet or two influence our lives to a great extent at a given time. This also gives a logical explanation of the influence of the movement of the stars in our lives.
Married and mother of 2 kids, I enjoy my work and try to maintain a balance between my professional and personal life. Now you can get live astrology predictions about your future with the help of your own mobile phones with easy clicks only. The result may be positive or negative, but these comparisons highlight the change in our lives or our moods and reactions to events. It is believed that studying astrological chart or preparing birth chart is nothing short of studying science as it involves great deal of astronomy and its interpretation is based on certain recognised rules. A birth chart contains different combinations of planets to describe various situations in life, which include mental and physical abilities, profession, partnerships, marriage, children, and difficulties and so on.

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