Live psychic reading by phone

An amazing in-depth and highly detailed Psychic reading for 1 question In Live VIDEO format and .JPG image. I have a gift of seeing the future since I was a little girl, my Angels and Spirit Guides communicate to me through images, words, sounds and feelings.
I am a professional 4th generation Psychic, Trained Clairvoyant, Certified Medium, Certified Angel Card Reader(TM), Certified Archangel Life Coach (TM),Certified Realm Reader, an Ordained Minister, Trained Reiki Healer and Trained Practitioner of Magic.
I will record your session and after it is completed you will receive an email from me with the PRiVATE video link (along with a .JPG) which you will be able to click and view from a computer, smart phone or tablet. You will be able to watch it at your convenience LIVE just as though you were in the reading room with me. If you wish, you may choose the tarot and oracle deck you would like me to use otherwise if not specified, I will be magically drawn to the decks to use by asking the Angels to guide me and it works very well. By law I'm required to inform you that all of my services are for entertainment purposes only.

Claudia tells her moving story about how she found her passion for tarot readings through terrible tragedy.
When you get a tarot reading online or by telephone you may wonder what we are are looking at or how it works. You'll see me shuffle the cards, hear me explain what I see and sometimes my clients tell me they can even feel the energy flow. I’ve always wanted to be those people who have known what they wanted to do since the age of six. A tarot reading online uses the same cards and the same psychic abilities as a face to face one. Its the part of our lives we simply can not control, a love tarot reading with Zodiac Live Tarot will give you the answers about who, where, when and why. But even if you think it’s all a bunch of malarkey, you can get live tarot readings for fun.

These cards display specific pictures that allow tarot readers to offer a bit of insight on the future of the person receiving the reading. A feed with an invalid mime type may fall victim to this error, or SimplePie was unable to auto-discover it.. I combine my psychic senses along with my magical divination tools to give a highly detailed and accurate reading. I'm known for my highly detailed and accurate readings through layering multiple forms of divination. All my readings and rituals are in Video Format for your enjoyment of not only hearing your reading but seeing it too!

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