Living with the law of attraction

You ought to be doing the Happy Dance right now… realizing how powerful you are … how easily you can indeed create what you want! Let me know if you did this exercise and any questions or comments you have in the comment section below!
OK so you did this a little different – you actually made your intention not just to pass your first spot but you had a specific spot you wanted to go to. Both times you passed your original spot … and on the second try (with your eyes opened) you got to your specific intention.
I’m thinking with your eyes opened you had more awareness of your specific intention as you were gathering more data as you turned. Letting go outcomes feels uncomfy until you see how easy it becomes to manifesting by releasing. The video really is all about letting go – set your intention, believe it and let go and the Universe goes to work to bring it to you! The purpose of this seminar is to guide you in understanding and applying the Law of Attraction in your life so you can: Align with your purpose. The more you make a big deal about what works in your life … the more you shift those old stories … you rewire your brain to believe that things always work out for you! Make a big deal about all the things that go right for you … even the smallest things. Please fill out the form below and provide as much information as possible about updates to this event or venue. Your vibration (Law of Attraction) and your brain were on the same path … and you quickly and easily manifested what you wanted!
Only when my eyes were open was I able to get to the spot I had visualized… What do you think that means?

Many set their intention, get the vibration right, but then they forget to let go and trust. If you have a desire to be wildly successful in your career … but you have a belief (an old story) that tells you that will never happen for you.
We may be onto something here thanks so much for helping me remember just how powerful our thoughts are!
The ideas are varied, but what I take from it is that our minds are responsible for our well being. This throws a wrench into the notion that our fate is determined by a deity, which lends itself nicely to the basic ideas of Buddhism.The view that we can fix ourselves by adjusting our thinking is definitely not new to psychology either. In undergraduate and graduate school I studied both the Cognitive and Behavioral Psychologies.
Behaviorists are more inclined to say that thought mattered less, but that our learned behaviors are what cause our happiness or suffering. What’s required to give more power to one kind of thought and less to other kinds?Buddha would say that any thoughts, even the most subtle, deep unconscious ones, have an effect.
But the juicy ones are those that we fuel with our intentions, ignite with our actions and keep burning with our relative satisfaction. For example, if we plan to hurt someone, then go harm them somehow, maybe with a whack upside the head, then are super proud of ourselves for doing so, we create a very powerful seed of negative karma. Karmic seeds lie dormant until secondary conditions arise.Conversely, if we want to make someone feel good, set about a course of action to achieve that, did it and subsequently feel great about it, we also create a seed, albeit a different kind, called good karma or merit. Buddhist practitioners do a lot of things to collect merits, like saving bugs and blessing food (and all the beings killed in it’s production). The Buddhist path is about removing all of our ignorance, so the practices go deep into meditations that root out the original causes of suffering to the point where there are none left.

So even though we might work for many lifetimes on the grosser levels, we eventually have to meditate and purify at the most secret and most subtle levels of our mind stream to completely eradicate all causes of suffering.You can see that Buddhist analysis goes into some pretty deep levels of power that even our most subtle thoughts have in our lives.
The reason is that while there’s still a cause left, even a tiny trace remaining, one little cause can lead to a nuclear reaction of bigger, more powerful effects. So Buddha would have us eradicate even the most minute traces of negative causes, because with secondary conditions, they will grow.From the Buddhist perspective then, the law of attraction or power of positive thinking has enormous, monumental consequences. Those are important to our relative condition, but are considered mundane concerns, which eventually lead us to more suffering.
There are too many to keep track of, so our minds tend to try to draw straight lines from Cause A to Cause B. And even that is a multi-lifetime meditation journey, according to the Buddha.Addiction and RecoveryAs a practicing Buddhist in Recovery, I think of addiction in terms of Dharma (any spiritual teaching but for our purposes, Buddhist teachings). Thirst of course can mean a desire for any object, person, situation or event.From the perspective of the Law of Attraction, it would be better to turn our thirst to abundance, love and joy.
From a Buddhist perspective, we’d take that thirst to focus on the happiness of other beings. They are an excellent way to upgrade our thought vibrations to a higher energetic level which helps us be more free of the need for our attachments.
Many 12-steppers are stuck recycling low self-esteem, poor self-care and not much in the way of self-improvement beyond being sober.
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