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There are so many interesting topics in American history and one of these fascinating stories is that of the French and Indian War. The piece of land they were fighting over was the Ohio River Valley (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania today). Throughout this expedition, when Celoron encountered the British traders or merchants, he would tell them that the French owned the territory and that they should leave.
The British saw what was happening and they decided that as long as there was French presence in the area, they would not be safe.
The previously mentioned King George’s War ended with a treaty, an agreement between States. During this time, there were some small encounters between the French and the British resulting in a few deaths. He sent a young George Washington, a 21-year-old major, and a small party to a French Fort.
This was symbolic since Tanaghrisson’s people were more inclined to support the French and to show them and the British that he wanted the British as allies, he killed Jumonville in such a gruesome way.
Washington knew that their ambush would not be taken lightly by the French, and that they should not just sit idly by while waiting for the French to attack them, so he built a fort called Fort Necessity, south of Fort Duquesne.
The only successful attack was that of Monckton, who was able to successfully take over a French fort. For awhile, the French, along with their American-Indian allies, were able to attack the British and win very conclusively in many forts and areas that the British controlled. In order to cut off the supplies to the French-controlled regions, the British set up a blockade along the French coastline. The French were forced to leave Fort Duquesne, giving the British full control over the Ohio River Valley.
Victory for the British was decided when British General Wolfe was able to take control of Quebec, one of France’s main headquarters in North America. The French chose the Caribbean islands because it was rich with sugar and spices and it was easier to defend.
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At that time, the Ohio River Valley had a lot of wildlife that could be hunted and skinned for their fur. When he finally encountered some American Indians, they told him that they, and not the French nor the British, owned Ohio and regardless of what the French said or did, they would continue trading with the British. So some of the British colonists set up Ohio Company in order to strengthen their control and to develop settlements and trade over the Ohio region.
Robert Dinwiddie, the governor of Virginia at that time, was an investor in the Ohio Company and he knew that if the French stayed, he and his business would be in jeopardy. Washington delivered a letter to the commander there demanding that the French immediately leave Ohio Country.
At first it was Washington who tried to build a fort there but the French attacked him and built their own fort. Later, Tanaghrisson would see that certain American-Indian tribes, precisely the people he wanted to influence, were already on the French side. It was not really a fort, but rather it was merely a makeshift stockade so that they could put up a defense at the very least.

Braddock, Shirley, Johnson and Monckton were tasked to attack different parts of America and Canada that were controlled by the French. Shirley’s attack also ended in disaster as it was unorganized and it showed how inexperienced he was in leading a large expedition. After all this, it was quite obvious that the advantage of the French was that their commanders were all veterans having participated in the King George’s War, while the British leaders were new in the field of battle, like Shirley. During this time, there was a bit of tension between the French and their American-Indian allies since the French did not allow them to loot the defeated British camps. British Prime Minister Pitt, created a new plan against the French, not only in the Americas but also in the other places they were fighting over, such as Africa and India.
The French thus had few supplies, and to top it all, they did not have a very successful harvest, and they had harsh winters. They agreed that any Frenchman who wanted to stay in America can do so with the freedom to practice their Roman Catholic tradition. After so much war and bloodshed, the French and British were finally able to reach an agreement through the Treaty of Paris.
Those who were allied with the French were very dissatisfied by the British rule because the British refused to give their leaders gifts, like the French did, and also because of the massive influx of British into their land, they became displaced.
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Fur was what the British and French wanted to trade, so to have control and monopoly over that area would give them a very big advantage in trading. They knew that it was owned by the Native American Indians and that the British were around the area.
Celoron even told their chief that they must cease trading with the British but the chief simply ignored him. Thus they decided to hold negotiations so that they could see if they could agree and compromise as to who would own what land. The commander politely declined, saying “As to the Summons you send me to retire, I do not think myself to obey it.” That really was a correct response since the British did not have power over the French to be able to compel any of them to leave. The French attacked them, resulting in Washington’s surrender, the burning of Fort Necessity, and most importantly it resulted in the French’s wielding control over the region.
They said that the battles in Europe were not fought that way, and the American-Indians grew angry. The British set up the Forbes Expedition, where Forbes, along with their American-Indian allies, was successfully able to regain the Ohio. There were only 3,600 Frenchmen that defeated the 18,000-strong British military force, including their American-Indian allies. The commanders of both France and Britain were killed in battle, but it was the British that came out victorious.
The British offered either North America (only the parts east of the Mississippi) or the Caribbean islands to the French. Spain was also part of the Treaty of Paris since they also owned a few parts of North America.
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The traditional name is the “French-Indian War” and it was named so because in British America, wars were named depending on who was the King or Queen at the time of the war. The Indians referred to are the American-Indian natives who fought with the British during the war (but this is also quite misleading since some of them also fought with the French).

The Ohio River Valley also had a lot of economic potential because so it really was worth fighting over. Celoron was to find out how much influence the British may have had, and also to impress the American Indians with their power.
The problem with the negotiations was that the representatives of Britain and France were not flexible in their positions.
But Dinwiddie nevertheless sent the letter first before immediately sending troops as a protocol.
On his way, he learned of a French scouting or reconnaissance party and decided to ambush them.
The British were able to stop French relief ships from docking, and at the same time, it attacked Montreal from three sides. The British gave the wounded and sick French troops treatment and they were all returned to France on British ships with a promise that they will not participate in the war forthwith. They were given Cuba by the British (which was really taken from them), and they gave up Florida. When meeting patients for a checkup or other procedure, some doctors are recommending other procedures and services to make an extra profit, but it is also because people are more concerned about their appearance than ever before.Unfortunately, this approach may not always be in the patient’s best financial interests. While all teenagers must undergo a face-to-face consultation with the plastic surgeon to ensure they have a healthy sense of self-esteem and realistic expectations about surgery, many surgeons are still performing surgery for the teen who simply wants to look better.
When this war happened, King George was the current king but there was already a war named after him (“King George’s War”) in the 1740s, thus the name the “French and Indian War” was adopted instead. They wanted to establish trade routes so that they could easily move around and across the country. They all wanted to have everything go their way so of course they could not agree on anything. He needed to first ask the French commander to leave and to settle the controversy civilly before he used force to oust the French from Ohio.
Almost automatically, Montreal and Detroit, the rest of France’s headquarters, fell as well.
Many of today’s popular cosmetic enhancements, including Botox, dental veneers, injectables and facial rejuvenation procedures cost between $400 to $2,000 or more, and are not covered by health insurance. Women with very wide toes are “suffering” from a condition that has been coined, ‘toe-besity’. Some surgeons do refuse to perform surgery if they believe the teen may be suffering from depression or they have unrealistic expectations about the outcome of their procedure.Teenagers currently make up about 2 percent of all cosmetic surgery patients, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).
The VaserShape device is a non-invasive body contouring system powered by ultrasonic laser. This war is also sometimes referred to as the Seven Years’ War, making reference to the seven years between the official declaration of war and the signing of the treaty, although the battles had already begun even before the official declaration of war. Jumonville was the name of the commanding officer of the French scouting party and it was the American-Indian Tanaghrisson who split open Jumonville’s head. In 2006 alone, the number of procedures performed on teens between 13 and 19 years of age was approximately 244,000, which included approximately 47,000 rhinoplasty procedures (nose jobs) and 9,000 breast augmentation procedures (breast implants).Board-certified plastic surgeons do recommend a mental health screening to ensure the teenager is not suffering from body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), a condition where the individual believes they perceive defects and flaws that do not really exist. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, demand for Botox injections increased over 500% from 2000 to 2009, and the demand was linked to the decreased demand for pricey surgical procedures, but ongoing need to maintain a youthful look.
Many minimally-invasive procedures allow patients to maintain their youthful appearance for an affordable price.Still, experts warn consumers to consider the total cost of their procedure, and make sure that they are not relying solely on the doctor’s recommendation when making their decision to undergo cosmetic or plastic surgery.
Not all procedures are suitable for everyone, and a consultation with several cosmetic surgery specialists can help the consumer make the most informed decision.

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