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The Telkom App provides customers with an easy-to-use portal in order to manage their voice and data needs. Log faults, check balances and more from the convenience of your iOS device. Telkom Direct Store Locator – Using your device’s built in camera, pan your surroundings to locate a nearby store. Category: DGLBattleborn Review (PC)By Sam Hawes on 16 May 2016For every kind of badass that enjoyed Borderlands. Confirmed Weapons for Battlefield 1 Every weapon, gadget and explosive confirmed for Battlefield 1 so far.

Try Telkom’s Internet Usage Tracker View and manage your Telkom Internet broadband usage. Having issues as well since about midnight: it looks like maintenance to me - DNS resolution isn't even working. And just an hour or two later, we're now at less than a third of that performance: it's proper on-peak time now.
The antenna is already mounted and pointed at the only listed tower in my area (Telkom did the installation themselves), but will get onto the roof at some point to see if I can find another tower that's less congested.

I used open signal with my Telkom sim but I saw the router cell ID wasn't even on the list of cell towers the phone picked up..
This thread worries me as I want to cancel the adsl line but seems risky to rely on lte only?

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