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Love Astrology Calculator 2016, describes the love profile of a person under the different zodiac star signs. The sun sign indicates the position of the sun in the particular sign at the time of birth.
2016 Love Astrology helps you lead a happy love life keeping in mind the zodiac or sun sign of the person with whom you choose to spend your life. Love Horoscope 2016 Calculator is a very simple program that helps you know yourself better thus making you more sensitive to the unexplored realms of love astrology. Astrological Star SignBorn Between January 20 and February 18, Aquarius zodiac star sign individuals are symbolized in the zodiac by a water pitcher or a water bearer.
Aquarius as an Air SignSome people mistake Aquarius to be a Water Sign when it is in fact an Air Sign.
Negative Qualities of AquariusAquarians tend to be judged by others as having a lonely love life, but this is only because they don’t just like to get into relationships simply for the sake of having one.
Traits of AquariusIntelligent: Aquarians are intelligent by nature, knowing what works for them and how to work for the things they want. Honest: Aquarius zodiac signs are honest people, both in their personal and professional life.
Aquarius WeaknessesBecause they have a way with words, Aquarians can turn nasty and sarcastic when criticizing other people.
Aquarius CareerBecause of their inventive, inquisitive, and imaginative nature, Aquarians make good inventors, researchers, astrologers, astronauts, and scientists. If you’ve been worrying about whether you can find the time to use the Law of Attraction properly, you’re not alone. People who are first starting out often fret about their hectic family work lives and careers, wondering where they’re supposed to find the time to challenge their old ways of thinking and cultivate skills that help them manifest the lives they desire.
You’ll probably find your lunchbreak affirmations most effective if you can say them into a mirror. Plus, it’s not a disaster if you just say your affirmations out loud without looking yourself in the eye, as long as you really tune into the words and let them resonate. If you haven’t yet designed your own affirmations, the key is to find a pithy, accurate way to express your belief in a better future.
People often talk about how learning about the Law of Attraction changed their whole way of dealing with other people.
As you no doubt know by now, creative visualization is probably the most important Law of Attraction tool that you have at your disposal. According to the Law of Attraction, this positivity and clarity of vision will help you manifest the things you want in life.
A dream board is essentially a collage of pictures (and sometimes words or sentences) that you feel represent what you want to manifest. If you have 10-15 minutes to spare, why not search for some suitable images online, or flick through a few magazines and choose ideal pictures?
It’s common to hit a bit of an energy slump during or after lunch time, feeling flat or tired during the afternoon. You can play around with different options until you feel like one really fills you with happiness and inspiration. If you don’t already keep a gratitude journal, your lunch break is the perfect time to start.

As well as writing down significant moments, try to notice your environment and the things you can easily take for granted—like a beautiful sunset, a tasty meal or a long walk with your dog. The stronger this belief, the more likely you will be to hone the types of skills that help you to manifest your dreams. Katherine Hurst is a normal woman who used to live a normal life until something happened and changed her life forever. Over 2.2 milllion people in our community trust us as a leading source for the Law of Attraction. This helps you know the nature of your partner when it comes to love and romance and helps you understand your relationship better. The program is quite simple and interactive that lets you know your sun sign, your basic characteristic traits, your overall personality and your love profile in detail. Zodiac signs which fall under the Air Sign are thinkers primarily, using their reasoning and intellect over their feelings and emotions. Should they choose to do so, they amaze others around them with the intelligence and creativity that they have. They are hard and dedicated workers, making sure they produce quality work as opposed to just getting the job done.
If you feel odd about using the communal restroom to practice your affirmations, you can use the mirror in your car or even whip out a handheld mirror. When you think more positively and feel truly excited about your future, you’re more enjoyable to be around and other people can feel naturally drawn to your enthusiasm. You attract when you give out—small actions like giving a compliment to a stranger or stopping to ask a drained coworker what you can do to help them will help to ensure you continue to vibrate on a positive frequency. It’s the process by which you build up a vivid image of your dream life in your mind’s eye, and repeatedly picture it so as to increase your belief that this dream future is possible.
Even just 10-15 minutes spent visualizing your goal during your lunchbreak can make a difference—and once you’re used to the visualization process, try experimenting with some new approaches (such as visualizing your success from a third person perspective). That way, you can print them out or stick them up as soon as you get home, instantly enhancing your dream board.
However, as noted above, staying positive is so important for your use of the Law of Attraction, so it pays to spend some time on an exercise that boosts your mood. All you need is a notebook into which you can write a few sentences about what you appreciate that day. Your gratitude journal will serve as a constant reminder that there is much to be happy about, and it will underline your belief that good things can and do happen to you.
Moreover the readings generated come in easy-to-read format and in a simple and understandable language.
They may look like they have a lot of people and acquaintances in their circle, but they really only have very few close and trusted friends. When an Aquarius star sign considers you as a friend, he or she will make you feel important and will love to hang around with you more often. Aquarius zodiac star signs can also be naggers, because they crave time and attention from those that are near and dear to them.
Some people like to imagine their bodies glowing with golden light, while others prefer the image of bright light in a sphere at their center. She now runs the world's largest Law of Attraction community with well over 2 million people.

You can say that Aquarians are public people, which is not uncommon given the universality of their sign. As an Aquarian man or woman, you are honest, simple, straight to the point, and don’t like beating around the bush and unnecessary changes or adjustments.
Aquarius signs are a witty and intelligent lot, and other people are drawn toward their brains. Men and women born under this star sign have a great command of language and can express themselves very well.
Aquarius value honesty, and though they love to rationalize with their minds, they are also attuned to their instincts. When you feel you are stuck, you can count on a completely different take on it from your Aquarian friend.
This is what makes them so knowledgeable and smart in the first place, but others may find this trait a tad too nosey and annoying.
Because they are detached by nature, this can go too far as to become uncaring and come off as unemotional to others. Being humanitarian on top of it all, this astrology sign can also make successful doctors and other medical personnel.
Her mission is to share her own experiences of using the Law of Attraction to inspire change and happiness in the lives of all.
They love intellectual discussions and social mingling as such, so you may find them in a number of forums, organizations, and clubs. This is not to say that they like to babble, but they would engage those around them in rather interesting conversations.
They love to question everything, and their unique and outside-the-box approach to the world around them lends new ideas and insights to others. Because of the not-so-ideal traits in their personal life, their professional life can easily get affected.
The Aquarius zodiac star sign does not forget the needy and are known to take interest in humanitarian activities.
Aquarius star sign can enter relationships without harboring the involvement that normally comes with it. Knowing how the different signs respond to the feeling of love can help you in your relationship.
You don’t like it when others take advantage of these traits of yours, and are quick to take offence when you are hurt or rejected. They take an interest in almost everything around them, but because of this they tend to have problems focusing on just one thing at a time. According to the Aquarius horoscopes, they might also not develop an attachment with their parents or siblings and can stay a bit aloof.
This will also help you understand the reasons for some of your partner’s actions which may feel are uncalled for.

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