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The author, Robert Jordan, originally intended this to be a 6 book series, but the story grew and grew until it was a massive collection. Not only do they generally have swords, dragons, and magic, they also have that selfless, save the world vibe that I love so much.
This makes my list of fantasy novels for young adults because of what I think is exceptional writing, a huge story full of plots and sub-plots, and the way there is no black and white – only shades of gray.
This is one of the few books series I’ve ever seen that requires an appendix to keep track of characters, lore, locations, and everything he wove into the series.

Although, I love my video games, I think reading is an awesome way to spend time, and I think more people should be doing it. Harry and his friends meet for the first time, and it’s all about exploration and friendship.
Of course, in any good book the characters change, but in Harry Potter they change immensely. This series is at the top of my list of fantasy novels for young adults for that reason alone.

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