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The first month of the new year has a very strong but positive message for Virgo, as far as love horoscopes are concerned.
It’s time to let go of the anchors that are weighing you down, so that you can finally do anything that you want to do. The sooner you forgive people who have wronged or hurt you, the sooner you can move forward with your life and start over.
The key days in January, as far as Virgo love horoscope is concerned, are January 5th, January 14th, and January 30th 2016.
If you’re curious to know what’s in store for Virgo’s love horoscope this month, things are definitely looking up.  Following all the efforts that you made to truly forgive, forget, and move on, there will be a lot of freedom in love this time.
The key days in February, as far as Virgo love horoscope is concerned, are February 4th, February 12th, and February 24th 2016.
When the month of March rolls in, Virgo’s love horoscope foretells that you will have more energy and motivation to be in a romantic relationship.
You feel ready emotionally, and you can handle the demands and the commitment that a mature romantic relationship requires. You’re at that point in your life where you have achieved what you want to achieve, career wise or money wise. The key days in March, as far as Virgo love horoscope is concerned, are March 14th, March 19th, and March 24th 2016. The month of April will prove to be a little complicated than usual, as far as Virgo’s love horoscope is concerned. Because of this, any problems or issues that may arise during this period will easily and quickly be resolved. Without the usual demands of your job or your children, you can direct your attention to the problem at hand immediately, as soon as it happens. But since you have committed yourself to the cause to find out more about him, you simply take the old forgotten path of just walking up to him to ask him out.
The key days in April, as far as Virgo love horoscope is concerned, are April 14th, April 19th, and April 27th 2016.
During this period, Virgo’s love horoscope wants to tell you that you need to reach out and communicate with the person that you love. Now is also not the time to keep silent while you watch other women flirt with your man, or your future boyfriend. You may not get the answers that you need, but at least he’ll know that you’re there anytime he needs you. The key days in May, as far as Virgo love horoscope is concerned, are May 2nd, May 16th, and May 25th 2016. The month of June will see you expanding your horizons romantically, as far as Virgo’s love horoscope is concerned.
You will find someone who’s more interesting and more compatible, and definitely better looking. The key days in June, as far as Virgo love horoscope is concerned, are June 1st, June 12th, and June 27th 2016.
For the month of July, Virgo’s love horoscope expects a lot of romantic and seductive manifestations, and you will be feeling a whole lot of romantic emotions. The key days in July, as far as Virgo love horoscope is concerned, are July 10th, July 19th, and July 28th 2016. There’s something to look forward to in August, especially when it comes to Virgo’s love horoscope.
If you’re married, you will be celebrating your anniversary in a more romantic way than usual.
If you’re in a serious relationship, your boyfriend will finally pop the question in a public place, but in a very sweet way. The key days in August, as far as Virgo love horoscope is concerned, are August 11th, August 24th, and August 25th 2016. During the month of September, Virgo’s love horoscope predicts that your romantic relationship will shift its focus on your friendships. Avoid the fallout that happens between good friends when a person’s world revolves upon her love life. The key days in September, as far as Virgo love horoscope is concerned, are September 9th, September 24th, and September 26th 2016. When it comes to Virgo’s love horoscope, you will have an extra dose of confidence and undeniable attractiveness all throughout this month. There’s a certain raw magnetism that will just emanate from you, and men will be powerless to resist.
You can also make use of this newfound confidence in making something happen with your love life. Your confidence will allow you to finally approach him, say hi, crack a joke, make him laugh, and ask him to a cup of coffee later. And since you’re all about being confident and attractive this month, you can take your game to the bedroom and impress your man in bed. The key days in October, as far as Virgo love horoscope is concerned, are October 5th, October 12th, and October 26th 2016.
This month’s love horoscope for people born under the star sign Virgo will be excited to know that this is a great time to be single. Your social calendar will also be filled with activities that are both romantic and personal in nature.
Before the month ends, though, you will finally find yourself falling in love with someone.
The key days in November, as far as Virgo love horoscope is concerned, are November 15th, November 19th, and November 28th 2016.
As far as love horoscopes are concerned, December promises happy endings and fresh new beginnings for people born under the sign Virgo. Your sacrifices will be paying off, and now you can see honest to goodness change in your partner. The key days in December, as far as Virgo love horoscope is concerned, are December 10th, December 29th, and December 31st 2016.
I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others.
The first thing you need to understand about seducing a Gemini man is that the Gemini personality of both men and women have a lot of common features. When it comes to emotional relationships, Gemini men are quite different compared to other horoscope signs. By using certain triggers you can help make that person respond predictably and you can use this to almost “force” them to fall in love. The last thing you want your Gemini male partner to thing is that you are manipulating him. If you find your Gemini partner stuck in a rut at work, school or in your relationship, help him break out of it. As much as you would like to have a Gemini man fall in love with you, remember that you are dealing with his triggers.
However, you don’t exactly know what these triggers are and what kind of timing they need.
So if you want to play his triggers properly, make it appear that he is the one responding to triggers instead of you directing him. Spicing things up can make the idea of commitment less intimidating to your Gemini male partner.
If you want a Gemini man to fall in love with you, stick it through with him through several situations where his sets of triggers go off.
If something does not immediately make sense I suggest you read my predictions again and really make an effort to understand exactly what this Taurus love forecast means for you and your search for love. Come January 2015, the Taurus love horoscope looks like a solid month of romantic forecasts. Even if you are a total couch potato, you might want to look at into walking around your block or walking your dog.
I’m just talking about you having a heart open and somebody someway somehow plays your heartstrings. Some key days in January to keep an eye out for when it comes to Taurus’ love horoscope are January 9th, January 18th and January 22nd 2015.
If you are in an unhappy relationship or you are looking for a relationship, February 14th can be a hassle for you. If you are in a happy relationship, come February 14th you would see a crowd of singles and friends and people in relationships, and it would look quite normal.
If you are looking for a relationship, on the other hand, February is going to be quite trying. Key days in February to look out for when it comes to the Taurus’ love horoscope are February 11th, February 18th and February 28th 2015. Come March 2015, the Taurus love horoscope format is going to involve a lot of unpredictability and depending on our perspective, even turmoil. If you’re looking for love, this turbulence is actually just the kind of thing you need to finally push you off the fence and to take more risks when it comes to meeting the right person.
March is going to be very exciting, and it’s going to be a lot of fun, if you allow it.
Keys days in March for Taurus’ love horoscope are March 3rd, March 22nd and March 26th 2015.
In April 2015, the Taurus love horoscope is going to take on the complexion of how Taurus often view Aprils. With that said, expect a lot of expenses come April 2015 when it comes to the realm of love.
The key days to keep in mind when it comes to matters of the heart or Taurus’ love horoscope big events are April 16th, April 22nd and April 29th 2015. If on the other hand, you planted the seeds of doubt, seeds of skepticism, and seeds of negativity, you partner’s going to return the favor come May 2015. You be might rolling your eyes because you’re a very practical Taurus, but the truth is, your internal world dictates your external world.
This is the truth because your brain picks up so many signals but your mind turns that into a story and guess what? Your attitude, expectations and assumptions trigger the pictures that you see, and these pictures are not emotionally neutral. This is how you navigate your reality, so if you want May 2015 to be a positive romantic month, start thinking differently.
Keys days in May for Taurus’ love horoscope are May 12th, May 17th and May 29th 2015.
We’re talking primarily about ex-relationships coming to either memory or opportunities for meeting or remembering or otherwise dealing with issues from the past. If you don’t want to get caught flat-footed or thrown off your horse, get ready for it. Keys days in June for Taurus’ love horoscope are June 19th, June 27th and June 30th 2015. In the month of July 2015, the Taurus love horoscope is going to mirror something that you, as a Taurus, is quite familiar with: the Dow Jones industrial average.
You’ve played a stock market in the past or currently playing it, and you know it can go up or down.

The good news is that just as roller coasters can be a lot of fun yet terrifying, an emotional roller-coaster can be the same. I know this sounds like bad news since you, being the typical Taurus, like to be in charge.
The good news is that if you set your mind to enjoying the ride, things will smooth out in a very positive way. The key days to look out for in July for Taurus love horoscope are July 11th, July 18th, and July 21st 2015.
By the month of August 2015 rolls around, the Taurus love horoscope is going to be focused primarily on clarity. One of the biggest problems with Taurus’ matters of the heart is you can get quite, surprise-surprise, bullheaded. One of the most common ways you express your stubbornness is when you insist that things are the way things appear to you.
Unfortunately, you are so bullheaded about it that you really fail to see the possibilities, and this is really too bad.
The keys days in August for Taurus’ love horoscope are August 3rd, August 22nd and August 29th 2015. In the month of September, in the year 2015, the Taurus love horoscope is all about resolution.
They’re more about you discovering yourself and understanding where you want to go and what kind of meaning you want to get from your relationships. The problem with the Taurus is that you have so many options because you are very good-looking, you are going places in life, you have resources, in many cases, on paper you are the ideal mate. This is why it’s very hard for you, in many cases, to truly, deeply, emotionally commit. Be on the lookout for certain surprises and be willing to challenge your assumptions and expectations. Key days in September for Taurus’ love horoscope are September 3rd, September 19th and September 24th 2015. If you are scared about resolutions or you are looking forward to them, keep an eye out on those days. If you are looking for a relationship or if you are looking for new romantic opportunities, you might want to take it slow.
The keys days in October to look out for when it comes to Taurus’ love horoscope are October 11th, October 17th and October 29th 2015. By the time November 2015 appears, the Taurus love horoscope seems like a done deal already. I am, of course, talking to people that are either in relationships already or looking for relationships or don’t want to be in a relationship. Key days in November for Taurus’ love horoscope are November 11th, November 17th and November 20th 2015.
By the time the final month of 2015, December arrives, the Taurus love horoscope looks spent.
Sexual adventures aside, you don’t really want to do much with people of the opposite sex come December. The key days that I’m going to outline below might involve either the tail end or the beginning of a curve ball that might make 2016 when it comes to affairs of the heart very special. Key days in December for Taurus’ love horoscope in 2015, are December 1st, December 3rd and December 19th 2015. It is very tempting to say that regardless of who you match the Sagittarius man with, things will turn out well. It is very hard to rain on the Sagittarius man’s parade and you really have to try very hard to get him down.
This sense of possibility and this infectious positivity is what draws the Aries woman to the Sagittarius man. When looking at Sagittarius man and Aries woman love compatibility, you have to focus primarily on the Sagittarius man, because he is the key to the relationship. There is something about the Aries woman’s rashness and boldness that really appeals to the Sagittarius man.
She can make decisions quickly; she has this external strength that many men find attractive.
The Sagittarius man is very charming, can pretty much flow with any kind of conversation and knows how to press the right emotional buttons. It is too easy for Sagittarius and Aries relationships to basically become bogged down and stick to one level. The Aries woman, on the other hand, has no problems making great first impressions, but she needs to get over herself and give the relationship the space and time it needs to fully mature. The Sagittarius man is the kind of person that has no problems making a lot of friends, the problem is when bad times come, probably only one or two of those hundreds of friends are actually real friends. You might think that he is sharing really intimate secrets but in his mind it really is just a form of small talk. If you are an Aries woman in a relationship with a Sagittarius man, the biggest asset that you bring to the relationship is that you are bold, you are assertive, you are confident and you know what you want.
Since the Sagittarius man has no problems meeting other people and getting into a relationships, it is really your loss if you over play your cards. This is the key danger here, that the relationship, in terms of Aries woman and Sagittarius man love compatibility, is the Aries woman’s to lose. This does not necessarily mean that your relationship involves long excruciating periods of just basically waiting for something that may not happen.
There is a lot that the Sagittarius man can teach Aries, and there is a lot that Aries can teach him too.
In fact, it can be a slam dunk, a home run, a touch down, or whatever sports analogy you want to choose. It’s time to let go of the past, so that you can finally enjoy the present, and look forward to the future. It’s important to make the effort, no matter how difficult, because it will get better and easier as time passes.
There may have been some prompting from your well-meaning family members and insistent friends, but it’s actually more of personal decision. You’re not going to repeat the same mistakes in your next relationship, which makes you definitely relationship-ready. This time, you’re looking for depth rather than looks, connection rather than electricity, and compatibility rather than love at first sight. Instead of waiting until your husband gets home from work, you can instantly smooth things out over the phone.
You have no idea what things he enjoys doing or friends he usually hangs out with, because he’s not on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. It’s not the time to keep all your displeasure or hurt bottled up inside, because it will slowly consume and eat you up. But if you don’t say anything and just let all the resentment and the hurt pile up, you’re also not helping yourself or the situation. You will lose interest over a romantic potential, which at first you thought will be the guy you are destined to be with forever.
You want to make sure that you have plenty of options, so you can make the best possible choice.
You will have to control yourself and turn away from these temptations if you don’t want to lose the good thing you got going. You will rediscover old forgotten feelings for someone after a chance encounter in a different city.
You will experience a rush of love for your husband, or your boyfriend, and you will feel the need to pinch yourself to make sure that it’s real. Some may come off as creepy and stalker-ish, but some have serious potential to become a boyfriend, or even a husband. But more than these, look for someone that can give you a relationship which will make you feel loved, respected, safe, and secure.
Maybe a weekend trip to somewhere you have always wanted to go, or a nice dinner and an overnight stay at a fancy hotel, or a night at the opera.
You have been too consumed by your romantic relationship and your love for your boyfriend or your husband, which caused your relationship with your friends to take a backseat. You can still give attention to other relationships in your life that are just as important. You will be bolder and more adventurous, so be prepared to have a wild ride during this period. Just be prepared to dish out the same level of confidence every night, until further notice. You may be going out with several guys, but that’s because you’re trying to see which one’s the most compatible with you.
Your friends and family will be thrilled, but you will wait a while before any introductions. This period will be a culmination of all the things that you worked hard for in the romance department, particularly your relationships. You can finally leave behind all the bad juju of the past and look forward to what’s in store in the future.
Gratitude that you’re no longer in that place, and that you have found your way to a much brighter present and a more promising future. In this special guide I am going to reveal the exact steps you need to take and the things you must do to make a Gemini man fall in love. Your relationship might reach a point where you might think that this person is ready to commit but he actually wants anything but commitment. It only takes a certain trigger or a combination of it for you to see a different side of your Gemini partner. In my experience a lot of Gemini relationships fall apart because women who are trying to seduce a Gemini man get this totally wrong.
However, one of the most important things to keeping a Gemini man excited about you to the point that he may fall in love with you is to mix things up.
Hence, the more you mix it up, the more likely it is that the Gemini man will fall in love with you.
The only thing that you would know about your partner is that there are certain triggers that will set him off. However, you don’t want to trigger that part of him which rebels against manipulation. Mix things up, dress up, take him to very interesting places, change the restaurants you eat at, or prepare different foods.
A friend provides safe emotional places where they can Weather out the storms of certain triggers that can set them off. Mixing things up and providing challenges for him can make him see you in a different light. That is a description that people throughout the ages have tended to describe Gemini people. If he sees that you are dependable while other potential female partners fall out of the way, watch out.
I’m a virgo woman, and not understanding this personality changes he has makes me crazy.

He compartmentalizes his life and refuses to commit, but also says that he doesn’t want anyone but me. But we think we know it all so if you cant teach him something and be completely honest I will probably never work. If you’re already in a relationship, expect your relationship to be stable, harmonious, and packing a little bit of a much needed surprise here and there. Taurus people are very appearance driven (especially the Taurus woman), so if the person doesn’t look right to you, skip it.
Taurus people on average tend to focus on appearances, so the social side of you is going to undergo quite a bit of a test. Maybe you’re going to find yourself going out more often, going out on dates, paying for a lot of romantic nights out.
You have to remember that as much as love is free, in many cases, to make great memories, you have to dig into your wallet and spend a little. If you planted some seeds of understanding in your relationship early in the year, you’re going to be reaping a more harmonious relationship come May. Even if you’re single, if you were dwelling on negativity, loneliness, and pessimism, chances are, in May, things are going to come to a head.
Your love fortunes for July, whether you’re single or in a relationship, is going to go through a roller-coaster ride.
If you are looking for love or you’re looking for great emotional clarity, focus on those dates. There will be some serious resolutions in September, but these resolutions are more about you and your expectations.
I’m talking about stuff that really impacts your ability to become happy, fulfilled, and content in your relationships. This is going to be a very serious problem because relationships that truly exist and relationships that grow and make both partners happy have to get deeper. You might be friends with somebody, and you might be deep in the guts of the friend zone with this particular person. It may seem that things are winding down, it may seem that things are dying down and you’re just basically going to springboard, after hibernating, into the next year, but be on the lookout for these curve balls.
After all, Sagittarius male traits are actually some of the most social and easy to get along with signs of the whole horoscope.
There is this love of life, there is this positivity that powers the Sagittarius man and pretty much makes him seem very lucky and seem very positive at any type of situation. People like positivity, people like being around other people who have a sense of possibility. It really is a test and a challenge to the Aries woman to mature and emotionally develop so she can keep her man.
One of the biggest turn offs for most American men, are women that seem to be too shy and too soft and cannot seem to make up their minds. In the big scheme of things, in terms of Aries woman and Sagittarius man love compatibility, the issue is not matching them up; the issue is maintaining the relationship so that it reaches a higher level. We are talking really deep intimacy on an emotional level and spiritual level that is almost non-existent.
It is easy to really fall into that trap and think that you have a bond, but in reality, in the Sagittarius man’s mind, you are just another face in the crowd.
Understanding Aries woman and Sagittarius man love compatibility really all boils down to timing. If she is too insistent on having her way regarding how the relationship is supposed to be framed, this can cause serious problems. This is the best time to let go of all the hurt and the pain, so that you can finally move on and start feeling happy again. There’s a lot of warm anticipation and great excitement at what lies ahead, and this will be a perfect time to just enjoy yourself.
When you feel like something’s off, or something’s bothering him, don’t be afraid to ask what’s wrong and what you can do to help. If all you will bank on is the sexual tension or the electricity, which can disappear over time, that won’t really be a lot.
He may also surprise you with an adventure trip and tick off an item on your bucket list together. You’ve seen him a couple of times checking you out, but he seems to be content just stealing glances and smiling at you from across the room. You will be invited to parties and gatherings where you can meet new friends and romantic prospects.
You will like to savor the moment of finally being in a relationship, and enjoy the first few moments that you will share together.
Your devotion will not be for naught, because you have found a lifelong partner who will never leave your side from now on.
You can now close this particular chapter and open a fresh new one, filled with all your hopes and dreams. When it comes to being open-minded about relationships, emotional arrangements and sex, few other astrological signs come close to the Gemini man.
However, if you are woman who wants a Gemini man to fall in love with you, you have to focus on the specific male Gemini traits that will be facing. It’s very easy fall for a Gemini man because he is such a good emotional ally to you.
We are talking about awareness of how Gemini men tend think when it comes to love and romance. More importantly, the reactions to those triggers can be predicted so you should use this information with care. This is why it’s very important for you to deepen your friendship first with your Gemini man. You wouldn’t want to put yourself in an emotionally explosive situation with a Gemini man who fell in love with you but felt tricked. But as you said, the only way to get them is by being friends first…at least it worked for me, he confessed he wanted to be with me and so we did. I am okay with not getting married, but I would like a higher level of commitment than just an I love you.
We will tap I into your mind and know what your thinking so don’t use your libra tounge to just tell what you think he wants to hear be honest even if it pains him. These are surprises that would make the Taurus feel better in the relationship because it appeals to the Taurus ego or requirement of looking good. Right, but I’m talking about you at least coming across genuine romantic opportunities.
Going out there, and you see that almost everybody that you see is a couple and everybody is holding hands and looking at each other with those love-struck eyes. They think that when things go a little bit haywire and become unpredictable, they feel that they are losing control. What I’m saying is that you will reach a moment of clarity where you can see the connection between how you allow yourself to feel and the romantic reality that you actually get to experience.
There’s going to be a lot of feedback from unknown and unknowable sources that you may not have seen before that would lead to a lot of emotional turbulence in July. However, certain situations would appear that would actually open the door to romantic opportunities.
Nothing kills the spirit more than hearing that life is hopeless, that life is necessarily hard, that you basically just have to do the best with what you have, that kind of thing. When it comes to Aries woman and Sagittarius man love compatibility, the big disadvantage the Aries woman brings to the table is the fact that she tends to remain superficial. If it’s your time to fall in love, you really just have to let it happen and enjoy the exhilarating experience.
Keep the following discussion in mind if you want to make a Gemini man fall in love with you. Being in a relationship with them, you might think that you know them really well in terms of their emotional range. However, if you want to make a Gemini man fall in love with you, you must know his triggers.
Unfortunately, many Gemini guys find it hard to commit to one woman because of the routine of commitment.
You might think you know this person until all of a sudden, he turns out to be completely different person. I was able to discern what was happening and just rolled with him being full of excitement over something one moment then indifferent the next. Every year since 2012 we see each other more than 10 times per year (he lives in another city). Normally, you would focus on work environments, but for January, you should pay more attention to getting out there, mixing with friends of friends, joining clubs, and engaging in lots of sports or fitness activities. I’m not talking also about hitting a home run during your first date or just getting it on. But just like with other most things with the emotional realm related to the Taurus, there are more things going on than what goes on at the surface. It is very easy to hit it off with a Sagittarius, whether a woman or a man, the problem is getting deeper. Just because the person has not said he is willing to marry you, does not necessarily mean he loves you less. Doing this will make Gemini man see that you have certain parts to your personality that fit his irrational and erratic side. It may seem very hard to do since many Gemini men are criticized for being unreliable but they might think that you are the flake. So true about can’t go from point A to point B without making twelve stops in between. Do not ever pressure him let him make the choice for himself that way he knows it was in his favor and he choose you for a reason.
Virgo women and Gemini men understand this well and often make the most of the fun side of their relationships. We have been through many ups and downs, the worst was last year when I found out he was cheating on me with an ex-girlfriend. He suffers anxiety when faced with the idea that he may find himself in a situation where he may be vulnerable around a female, me anyways. After some time apart (instigated by me), we both decided that we only want to be with each other and are trying to be totally honest.
It has been very difficult for him to be an open book, but he has jumped through every hoop I have asked of him. The honesty and discussion, while not always deep, has made our relationship grow in a deeper way. We have fun, he is smart, loving, kind (most of the time),and challenges me to learn more about who he is and who I am.

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