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Love and relationship tarot readings may give you the insight you're looking for when you're starting a new relationship or wondering about your current one's compatibility. Tarot readings, including those related to love and relationships, require an advisor who draws cards from a tarot deck. Finding and advisor to do your tarot reading and offer you insight and advice based on the findings may take trial and error.
As you would check the ratings of a hair salon or a doctor online before putting yourself in their hands, check the feedback for online tarot readers. Two-Person Burning Question: It includes seven cards that help you and your partner work through an issue together. Love Celtic Cross: This one uses eleven cards and is most often utilized by singles looking for advice. Romantic Relationship Celtic Cross: With eleven cards, you get a better understanding of your current relationship.
Romantic Relationship Bottom Line: This one uses five cards to give couples relationship advice and to evaluate potential. Exploring life and relationships on your own is definitely fun, but sometimes you may want a bit of guidance or a glimpse into what the future holds.
If you're sincerely interested in a tarot spread, you can get one for a low flat fee or speak with someone on the phone and pay a per minute fee. The True Love Spread is one of the better tarot spreads for evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of an existing romantic relationship. This entry was posted on Thursday, April 1st, 2010 at 10:40 am and is filed under Tarot Spreads.
Today I want to introduce you to the Tarot Love Match Reading, which is a fun and insightful way of exploring the dynamics of your relationship (or a potential relationship you are thinking of pursuing).

Whereas in Astrology it may be difficult to compare personalities just by comparing two symbols on the left, in Tarot we can look at images and make a more visual comparison.
You can pick the two cards that relate to you and your (potential) partner and explore your compatibility. The Tarot Love Match Reading gives you an insight into how your personalities may interact, and there will always be individual exceptions, which can be explored further by taking into account a full birth chart and associated Tarot cards. People who are already attracted and connected to each other may well have other planets in compatible signs.
On the other hand, an "unfriendly" match could indicate challenges arising in your relationship, which could result in having to put a lot of effort into making it work long-term. When you look at the card pairs above, take a look at the position of the figures in the images and how they relate to each other. What additional information do the court cards offer? I hope you enjoy doing this exercise for yourself or even for your friends, and please do let me know, how you get on with it.
Depending upon the type of reading, there will be a set number of cards that will be pulled from the deck that relate to your love life. So in a sense, "random" drawings are not really random, but actual signs from the universe to help guide your relationships. As with any field, there may be some that you do not see eye to eye with and others that you absolutely adore and call multiple times over the course of your life. Choose the one whose expertise best fits your needs, and whose style you think you will appreciate most (for example, do you want your reading done with a twist of humor or do you want straightforward advice?). The True Love Spread is simple, yet still can provide great insight in a relationship as well as give recommendations in areas that could use improvement.
But being aware of this possibility empowers you to being more mindful about your relationship and explore it actively on a deeper level.

Having a skilled reader or advisor will help you correctly interpret the cards and apply the signs to your life. Other times, you may have to do a bit of digging to make sure that the reader who sounds too good to be true, isn't. If you happen to live in the Chicago area, you can also get an in-person tarot reading by visiting her office.
Be sure to do your research before contacting an advisor (or before doing your own reading).
It also highlights the areas that need to be addressed in order for your relationship to flourish.
Whereas Strength may enjoy Hermit's need to please in a relationship, Hermit's critical nature can be a turn-off.
Justice can be irritated by Capricorn's tendency to be overpowering and ruthless at times, and overall there doesn't seem to be a strong mutual attraction.
You can find reviews online that will help you determine whether a specific advisor is right for interpreting your love life. Likewise, Hermit may be amused by theatrical Strength, but put off by Strength's lack of empathy. Love and relationship tarot readings are one way to discover what's to come or give you deeper insight into what is current.

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