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In love tarot readings, the Magician imparts the elements of enchantment and magic that are found in our relationships. In love tarot readings, the Magician can also represent a love interest or significant other. See the Major Arcana tarot card meanings section to learn more about the Magician Tarot Card.
On this journey I’ve realized that coming to a place of greater self-love is less about building that muscle and developing something new, as it is about the releasing of the self-imposed impediments that block our innate self-love form emanating from the core of our being. It’s only when we can become conscious of the habitual patterns of these thoughts that keep us in fear of the future yet to come, that we can dip into the glory of the present moment and we become mindful of our unique and sacred being.
What is left is a strong sense of self that is pure connection with the Source of all that is.
And, just as the shining sun is not gone but simply obscured momentarily by passing clouds, our true, secure self is always right there, too, waiting for us to see ourselves more clearly, confident in our gifts and how to materialize our most cherished goals. The letters of your birth name and the digits in your birthdate to calculate your personal numbers.
Your sample reading will analyze and explore your life path based on the date of your birth. Your Expression Number is used to describe your potential natural talents and abilities and how to best take advantage of what comes natually to you. And finally, your sample reading will reveal your “Souls Urge” also known as “Your hearts Desire”. Each number represents universal principals through which all things evolve and continue to grow in a cyclical manor. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Are there any negative behavioral patterns, which revolve around my love life  … how can I heal these?
If you are ready The Magician is here to  lend his own special brand of enchantment  as you manifest love in your life. There are many greatly detailed articles designed to teach the art of drawing a soul-mate, lover, husband, wife etc into one's life, or any other manifestation of love, beit love, children, careers or hobbies. With all the tools of your psychic tool box at your disposal, the future is yours to shape as you see fit. The meaning of a card alters in accordance with whether it is being used to chart the past, the present or the future. However, there is another aspect to this card, and it’s one that is not quite so welcome.
The 78 cards of the Tarot fit together to create an allegorical story, known as the Fool’s Journey.
In the Tarot and in many mystic and religious teachings, the number three is considered to be an exceptionally powerful number. For hundreds of years, civilizations across the world have put their faith in magic and charms to help them achieve feats that they would otherwise not have believed possible. Enjoy your reading knowing that we will offer you a replacement reading free of charge if you are not totally satisfied (terms apply).

All readers are vetted before becoming members of the Kooma family and we regularly monitor and test our readers to ensure the quality of their readings. If you have been seeking new partnerships, this would be the time to put your creative energy to use and trust the process.
The magician can also refer to an individual who has learned to master the world around him to achieve his goals. The Souls Urge refers to What You Desire To Be, To Have, and To Do In Your Life and the obstacles you’ll need to overcome to achieve your dream.
These articles generally list many ways of creating the magic of love, but all seem to skip over the underlying reason these methods work. It details the challenges we must all face along life’s path and the potential outcomes if we are prepared to learn from the lessons we are presented with.
In the story, the Fool encounters a Magician, who comes with all the trappings you might expect from a powerful sorcerer. However, the question that strikes him is whether the Magician created the tools that were found in his pack – or if they were actually there all along. The Sword, representing intellect and our powers of communication, the Cups representing our emotional reserves, the Wands representing our potential for creative thought and the pentacles symbolising our physical wealth and material goods.
What may appear as magic to other people will be child’s play to you, because you will have taken the time to understand how best to complete your task. If the Magician is drawn in a reading focussing on the past, then it suggests that the current state of stability that you are enjoying is the result of having put your skills into practice in the past; you have earned the period of peace through honest, hard work and can now reap the benefits. At this moment in time, you are laying all the foundations for a goal to become fully achieved; you are firing on all cylinders and the reward is certain.
If the Magician is interpreted to represent someone else in the querent’s life, then that person is likely to be a trickster of some sort.
While there is no magic involved, the querent’s apparent ability to create opportunities from thin air will impress those around him and bolster the feelings of self-confidence that come with it. His appearance in love tarot readings often signifies a period of infatuation and magnetism.
The Magician urges you to feel the power within you and to recognize that you have the power to create your own reality. He is a person who prefers to stay active and is constantly attempting the make things happen.
When he appears in love tarot readings, he always represents an individual that you need to get to know before you hand your heart to him. Images of individual tarot cards are from the Aquatic Tarot Deck created by Andreas Schröter and are used with his permission. What we know in this current day and age to be numerology is largely based on the work of Pythagorus most notably known as the father of mathematics.
As humans part of our earthly journey is also to travel through the vibrational experiences presented by each number and master them. The rituals, spells, brain-storming and meditations all laid out in these articles are all methods of focusing all one's power and attention on the person or thing to be manifested. In other words, it is the subconscious which receives the loving focus and attention of The Magician and which begins directing us, usually without realisation, both physically and metaphysically towards the intention.

Each card represents a portion of that journey and, consequently, has its own story to tell.
The Fool’s pack magically opens and reveals not the contents that the Fool was carrying with him, but a portal to the future. With all these things at his disposal, the Magician realises that the possibilities for his future are infinite, and that if he uses his powers with care and diligence then there is nothing that he cannot achieve.
As well as appraising the task itself, this will require some contemplation, as you decide which aspects of your character and skill-set will be the ones most suited to the job in hand. Those tasks that are not within your powers to complete must be delegated or passed into others with the appropriate knowledge. Alternatively, if the card is reversed then it can suggest that you feel unfulfilled and long for the days when you were apparently able to create something from nothing. While they might appear confident and self-assured, the magnetism they generate is a smoke-screen for their fraudulent motives. This presence should warrant both excitement and caution as the Magician has an erratic nature and the energy surrounding him can be intense and powerful. In Tarot, many authors have listed the feminine and obvious loving Tarot cards as means to focus the mind on drawing love, really it is 'The Magician' Tarot Card that may be credited with the work.
If only to realise how simple it is to deliberately set the mind A on the things needed and desired, and to make a habit of it, this skill can be applied to every aspect of life.
The Magician is card often viewed with suspicion, as the Magician himself seems to be a wielder of some arcane power. The Fool is impressed by this figure, so much so that when the Magician asks for the Fool’s backpack and stick, he willingly hands them over. Through it, the Fool can see all the potential paths he can take and all the things he will need to travel those paths, represented by a Sword, a Cup, a Wand and a Pentacle. The lemniscate is the mystical symbol of infinity and this gives us a clue as to the meaning behind this confusing-looking card. This person is likely to be enigmatic and the querent should take steps to ensure that he is the real deal or they will be guided along the wrong path. To make the most of what’s on offer, you will need to act swiftly and make incisive decisions on how best to approach the task in hand. While the opportunity might appear to be part of a run of good luck, the truth is that you are open enough to spot chance openings as they appear and turn them to your advantage.
They will be unsure as to whether they truly ever had the skill-set to achieve their dreams and ultimately be diverted from their life plans. This is personal mastery, the key to untold power, intelligence, and wisdom that becomes accessible to us, like magic. In this respect, you are as skilful as the Magician and fully confident that you are up to the job.

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