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Get free yes no tarot reading without the hassles, instant answer without any obligations to pay. From the appearence of this deck, It looks like one of the countless decks published during the 18th-19thc. Another thing, why Agrippina was placed at the 21st trump,was probably for the reason that the mother of nero was born in what is now Colonge.(p.s do you have an image of the 21st trump?
A clean, well-lighted place for the exploration, comparison, and discussion of historical tarot decks (rather than individual cards), and other historical documents.

And how fast you type !!!I've just spent most of my free time for the last 3 days organizing files and then burning back-up DVD's, to free up necessary space on my hard drive. Extra points for capturing the Pagat or for making last trick with Pagat is relatively common.
There is the martial arts aspect, and the similarity of the Bauers use of a 'flail' as a weapon, with the nunchaku of Okinawa, already discussed on the other thread.
You did an incredible job of explaining a very complicated arrangement of Renaissance kingdoms.Your history of the Bauer himself is quit good, and really puts some fine detail on the many mentions of the farmer in historical accounts of medieval and Renaissance warfare.

And so I am quite glad and enthusiastic over the fact that you have found an example of this character in the Major Arcana of the Tarot after all. So I'm walking around and fill my holes and dark spots and I document it, that it gets clear to me and a little bit also for others.

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