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The Nazis made the swastika by rotating a Swastik, a representation of the Hindu lord of good fortune, 45 degrees. Good luck charms have been used since the beginning of time and are thought to bring good fortune to those who carry in them.
Horseshoes are one of the most frequently-used good luck charms and a universal symbol of good luck. Thirty-eight different varieties of the Rudraksh tree are located in areas of the Himalayas, Malaysia and Indonesia.
Yantras, also referred to as talismans, are another variety of good luck charms that are thought to counteract the negative effects of the planets. Lockets are good luck charms that are supposed to have special effects, because they are in close physical contact with the wearer.
The Om, also spelled Aum, is a sacred symbol that represents luck, spiritual powers and material comforts.
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Many people believe a charm will bring them good luck as a result of positive spiritual energy and the faith they place in it. A horseshoe that has previously been worn by a horse is placed upright in the top right corner of the door frame to invite good luck to enter the house. The nuts of this tree represents Lord Shiva, part of the Hindu trinity, and are used to make rosaries for chanting mantras. They can take the form of any good luck symbol including four leaf clovers, yantras, swastiks and crosses. Swastik is a Sanskrit term that means "purveyor of good fortune" and is believed to bring good luck and prosperity when worn in a clockwise direction.
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These nuts are thought to bring spiritual powers, fame, good health and material happiness. There are several different types of yantras, with each one having a unique purpose and style. The Nazis adopted this Hindu sign of good fortune and rotated it 45 degrees, making the swastika.
Other good luck charms that are supposed to attract the opposite sex are a trio of keys, with the other two representing health and wealth and an Aphrodite's heart charm. Consider one of our fabulous candy-stuffed mishloach manot baskets to treat your family this Purim! These include, but aren't limited to, horseshoes, Rudraksh nuts, yantras, lockets, lucky charm bracelets, the swastik, Oms, acorns, keys, and Aphrodite's heart.
The lucky charm bracelet is worn for the same purpose and is sold in many varieties to accommodate the style of every individual. This symbol should not be confused with the swastik, as it is not considered to bring good luck. Don't forget to share this picture with others via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other social media!
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