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We transformed our basement into a casino for the party by hanging money wallpaper and foil curtains.
The guests divided into three groups and played games at different tables- Go Fish, Piggy Piggy and Old Maid. I decorated the top of the bookcase (ahem, I mean "slot machine") with items I already had on hand. While on a trip to NYC, I picked up a chocolate transfer sheet with a card print and used it to make these chocolate covered oreos. The North Strip's Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino is rising rapidly, but the owners say they need a new multi-million injection of cash if they are going to meet their projected opening date, now revealed to be August 2016.
Operators Las Vegas Economic Impact Regional Center and Lucky Dragon LP have formally approached the City of Las Vegas for "tax increment financing," or TIF assistance, to help fund the last steps to completion. Lucky Dragon has been financed with an initial $60 million of EB-5 foreign investment money, but they have hit that program's fund raising limit. The revelations also uncover new details about the $139.25 million, 375,000-square-foot, 204-room, visually dramatic concept.
One high-end restaurant is now currently named Ming Zhu, offering views of the south Strip in the distance. Choices of noodle bars, high-end dim sum or Yum Cha, and tea cafes were promised to early investors.

Impressively fast construction work has already begun to install glass windows into the hotel building, making real the striking ruby red design by EV&A Architects. I found the cardboard cut-out at Oriental Trading Company and couldn't pass it up since it had "7-7-7" across the middle payline. Since I can't sew, I used a product called Steam-A-Seam 2, which is a double stick fusible web. Ever since both her and I went to a a casino in San Diego and played on the slots, my wife has become crazy for it. If they can raise an additional $25 million, the First Foundation Bank will float them the final $30 million necessary to finish construction. Warning as little as a three-month delay would cause an additional $5 million in overrun costs, Lucky Dragon hopes the city's Redevelopment Agency will take the very unusual measure of jumping in and provide extra funding. The current official amenity tally is 48 gaming tables, 350 slot machines, five restaurants, four lounges, a pool, a spa, and "modest" retail stores.
A Center Bar under a giant dragon art piece will dominate the casino area, surrounded by four table game sections. We obviously wanted guests to be thinking about fun stuff in their pockets - money, not dryer lint! This allowed me to cut out a number "7" from the same fabric used in other parts of the party.

She actually has been practicing her skills on me that it now drives me crazy at how fast she learned. They note the money would assure local jobs and lock in state-approved wage scales for workers. In the hotel building, a combination lobby bar and tea room sits across from the check-in desk.
Using the 7's from cheap decks of cards from the Dollar Store, I designed table signs with the game's names on printed poker chips. Since we had Stephanie there, we took the opportunity to take a fun family photo with all the props. We made signs to hang in the top and bottom paylines and for the main payline we placed the favors. In addition to trying to get something healthy on the table, I included strawberries and blackberries because they matched the color scheme.
The bottom tier was the "table"; complete with green felt, fondant poker chips and sugar paper printed cards.

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