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Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival in China, is China’s most important traditional festival.
The date of Chinese New Year is based on the Chinese lunar calendar, not the Gregorian calendar, but is always somewhere in the period from January 21 to February 20. In 2016, most Chinese will be off work 7 days from Sunday, February 7 (New Year's Eve) to Saturday, February 13 (Chinese New Year day 6). The main traditional celebrations of the festival include eating reunion dinner with family, giving red envelopes, firecrackers, new clothes, and decorations.
In North China people perform various versions of the Rice Sprout Song, a traditional Chinese dance performed by a group of colorfully-dressed women and men.
Red envelopes are used in the hope of giving good luck (as well as money) to the receivers.
Certain foods are eaten during the festival (especially at the New Year’s Eve dinner) because of their symbolic meanings, based on their names or appearances. Fish is a must for Chinese New Year as the Chinese word for fish sounds like the word for surplus. Other Chinese New Year foods include dumplings, spring rolls, glutinous rice cakes, and sweet rice balls. It has long been a Chinese tradition to set off firecrackers when the New Year clock strikes.
Praying in a temple during Chinese New Year is said to be a particularly blessed activity, and will lead to a smooth coming year. As Chinese people believe that the year’s start affects the whole year, are many superstitions and taboos for the Spring Festival season. A cry of a child is believed to bring bad luck to the family, so the young are placated fastidiously. Sending cell phone messages had become the main way to greet people on Chinese New Year's Eve this decade.
Now more people use instant messages on WeChat (the most popular social media app in China, like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger in the West) to greet their friends.
Chinese New Year is a joyful time for most, but for singles above the normal matrimonial age it is not so. To solve this problem an interesting, and often ridiculous, solution has appeared — renting a boyfriend or girlfriend for the New Year.
The Chinese New Year period is a good time to visit China if you are interested in traditional Chinese culture.
Chinese people do whatever they can to go home to see their families: from buying a ticket from scalpers at several times the price, to queuing for three days, to fighting for a ticket, to standing for more than 20 hours in an over-packed train, or riding a bus with 20 extra passengers on stools down the aisle for 12 hours or more. If you are in China during 2016’s Chinese New Year period, the following table will be useful to you.
Local travel and town and village buses are busy, but travel to other cities and domestic flights are ok. Some banks and government offices are open, but business is limited and hours are much shorter. Most banks and government offices will be open, but business is limited and hours are shorter.

Some shops, companies, and offices will reopen on this day, because 6 is a lucky number in Chinese culture. Some businesses may choose CNY day 8 (February 15) to reopen, as 8 is also a lucky number.
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See constellation )) It is symbolized by the golden balance and is also one of the four cardinal signs. It is also the most important celebration for families, and a week of official public holiday. Chinese traditionally celebrated the start of a new year of farm work, and wished for a good harvest (when most were farmers). More modern celebrations include watching the CCTV Gala, instant message greetings, and cyber money gifts. Big families of several generations sit around round tables and enjoy the food and time together. Rural areas and small towns retain more traditional celebrations than the cities, such as setting off firecrackers, ancestor worship, and dragon dances.
A great variety of traditional Chinese products are on offer there, and strange Chinese snacks, rarely seen the rest of the year. The louder the three firecrackers, the better and luckier it’s believed it will be for business and farming in the coming year. These taboos usually apply up to a month before the festival and continue to the end of the festival (day 15, the Lantern Festival). A change in attitude to the festival has occurred especially among China’s younger generation.
In the past people sent New Year cards or called each other to express their good wishes during the Spring Festival. Many young people spend most of their 2015 New Year holiday time exchanging cyber money via red envelope apps for fun.
The festival is the busiest travel season in the world, when trains and buses are fully packed.
They carry large and heavy bags full of their worldly possessions and gifts, traveling generally from China's richer east coast back to their hometowns. See when transport is most crowded, when it improves, when there are lots of fireworks, when banks and government offices are open, when shops re-open, greetings and customs, etc. China Highlights’ Tours provide the opportunity to celebrate a traditional Chinese New Year with a local family.

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