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Engimono are lucky charms that carry a variety of prayers such as wishes for good harvest, wishes for good business and wishes for the health of the family. Each area of Japan has their own unique Engimono that have been passed down for generations and were originally made by traditional methods such as papier-mache, wood carving and pottery. Tanuki means raccoon and this Engimono is considered to bring blessings of good business and economic fortune. This is a wooden toy with more than 800 years of history in the Kyushu region including Kumamoto Prefecture. The Lucky Barrel is a traveling barrel that makes its way to different Downtown Sidney businesses each month. Then, each month, visit the Downtown Sidney business that is hosting the lucky barrel and enter your name in the Lucky Barrel Book.
These days, Engimono come in a variety of forms from ornaments made with traditional methods to key chains, mobile phone straps and stationery goods, which are all sold at souvenir shops. From the many regional ones that have been passed down in different areas of Japan, we will introduce a few simple and charming ones that will make you want to carry one with you.

Goma means horse and this Engimono comes from Iwate Prefecture, where people have always cared for horses working on their farms.
The most famous one is Shigaraki-yaki or Shigaraki ware, originating from Shiga Prefecture.
It is used in an event at Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine in Fukuoka Prefecture, and is also sold as a folk craft. They have been passed down through countless generations in Okinawa Prefecture and decorate the gate or rooftop of houses to keep away any evil spirits. Then we will check to make sure that winner had visited the hosting business and signed the Lucky Barrel Book that month. These souvenirs will not only bring you luck but they will be a perfect reminder of your trip to Japan.
These Engimono can be purchased all over Japan at shops that sell local products and souvenirs or at local government showrooms. Cows are said to be powerful and hard working and red is considered to be the color which prevents bad luck, therefore this Engimono is said to wish for good health and to keep diseases away.

Pheasants are said to bring good luck and this Engimono is used to wish for the healthy growth of a child.
Cute figurines and trinkets have turned the ferocious-looking figure into a likable character, and made it a popular item.
All you have to do is enter your name into the Lucky Barrel Database ONE TIME and then visit the business hosting the Lucky Barrel & Book (each month) and sign in. In the unfortunate case that the winning name did not sign the book, that money then carries over to the following month (up to $600!!). Why not buy one as a souvenir of your trip to Japan or as a gift for your friends and family?

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