Lucky number 7 lifetime

Recently Konector, a site that ranks the online impact factors and audience profiles of blogs around the world, ranked the top 50 Beauty Blogs. I am so thrilled, and I plan to continue doing the best that I can — celebrating you and you and you and you, women all shades of beautiful. In other happy happy news, I was recently named #12 on ChicagoNow’s Top 25 Twitter Users in Chicago list. Yay for the beautiful, successful, thought provoking, natural, encouraging, unique, stylish Bella aka AfroBella! Lady, you are an inspiration not only for African American ladies, but also for Afrobellas around the world like myself.
That little baby is growing up so fast and he is now the best dribbler on his Little Dribblers team. We are back into the sports season for kids and even though we just had our first basketball game, we also picked up an application for Spring baseball as well! Hubby says someday we will hear this on the football field, baseball stadium, basketball court, etc.
The number 7 in the Bible is considered one of the most powerful and lucky numbers in scripture, according to the practice of gematria. I never really thought much about numbers (even though they always stuck in my head) until my husband introduced me to 7. Somehow I am thinking that someone who just got sentenced to 7 years in the slammer wouldn’t feel quite so lucky about the number 7.

Stay tuned for more wonderful things this month — August is going to be beyond fabulous for Afrobella readers, TRUST! His eyes were wide open, he gave the obligatory cry, and then started looking around the room and waving. We asked him last week if he could have another activity, would he want gymnastics (my pick, to better his balance and confidence) or karate (Daddy's pick so he can work on confidence in kicking butt on the basketball court) and of course he picked karate. A prime example is the Creation of the world, accomplished by God in seven days according to Genesis. But, you may also recall that the number 7 is often on a slot machine as the lucky number – three 7s in a row means jackpot!
Loved reading a bit more about you through the story of your family’s lucky number 7.
I don’t think we have a lucky number but we do have some interesting number connections.
It seems that Howard has become a little more interested in my blogging lately since it has bought him a few goodies and paying some extra bills. You also look like an exotic flower in your lavender coloured top with your fellow bloggers. I just thought it was cool that my husband has always considered it lucky and that it just keeps popping up in our life. I won’t go to sleep or get out of bed until the numbers on the clock add up to one of those numbers.

When I was in high school, I worked for a movie rental place and I would remember the local renters by their account numbers. We don’t have any lucky numbers so when we play Keno we have to play our birthdays and address. I am learning how to have fun with my family through Family Fun activities, Crazy Crafts for Kids, and more! When I took a break from blogging, I would read your beautiful, informational posts and I was motivated to stay in the game and keep at it. I had never really considered a lucky number so I just smiled and nodded and found it endearing. I'm also sharing my family's story of weight loss and my own story of depression and anxiety.
By the way, we met in 2007 and my birth year is 1977, so he completely considers that lucky and thinks that means we are sole mates (we are, but probably for more reasons that that). My boy knows that number 7 is (our) lucky number so he was just as excited as I was and we told the cashier all about it. My husband knows and always patiently waits or knows to move on depending on the situation.

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