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Finding lucky lottery numbers with your horoscope might help you win the lottery or just bring you a bit more luck. If you are trying to figure out which numbers might prove lucky for you in the next lottery drawing, there are a few great sites that can help you out. Scientific Psychic not only gives a horoscope based on your astrological sign, it also generates lucky numbers.
Power Fortunes helps assess your potential for winning by luck, as well as your lucky numbers. Formalogy gives a short horoscope based on your sign along with a fortunate astrological number and a projection for the financial outlook of the day.
Thirteen: While some people consider the number 13 unlucky, it is generally thought to be a lucky number. Increase your chances at hitting it big by using the numbers that are luckiest for your sign. Anyone who has spent even a small amount of time in Thailand will know its people are crazy about their country’s National Lottery.
I was sat at the table in the living room at our village house eating a meal when I heard a slight commotion behind me.
Wilai doesn’t smoke, but while still holding the toad, she asked me to light a cigarette and give it to her.
So there you have it, take your pick, the winning two numbers on the next Thai lottery draw are 9 and 5….
I asked Wi this question and she said some old Thai ladies say that for the toad to give you the winning numbers you must give it something first. Makes sense, though probably not to some old western croaks. Thais have some weird and wonderful ways of getting their lottery numbers but the smoking toad is the strangest I have come across.

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Pollen Snorting in Loei and Phu Rua, Christmas 2013Tasty Thai Food – Fancy Eating a Rat? Amazing story, I have heard about the trick with talcum powder, but this one beats them all. Might be worth a google search to if there any extreme examples involving animals, hopefully there is not. My wife gets phone calls from the family in Buriram, telling her such and such relative dreamed such a number.
Daz – I wrote s post back in 2009 about a frog called Nong Oui who had an amazing ability to predict Thai National Lottery winning numbers. Tagged with: lucky lottery numbers for today, lucky lottery numbers for aquarius, lucky lottery numbers for aries, lucky lottery numbers for leo, lucky lottery numbers for dreams, lucky lottery numbers for virgo, lucky lottery numbers for sagittarius, lucky lottery numbers for pisces, lucky lottery numbers for july, lucky lottery numbers for libra 2015, lucky lottery numbers for aquarius today, lucky lottery numbers for august, lucky lottery numbers for leo 2015, lucky lottery numbers for nc, lucky lottery numbers for cancer today, lucky lottery numbers for scorpio today, lucky lottery numbers for libra, lucky lottery numbers for scorpio, lucky lottery numbers for capricorn 2015, lucky lottery numbers for capricorn today.
Using a random number generator similar to the Powerball or Mega Millions system, the generator offers lucky lottery numbers with your horoscope. In addition to lucky numbers, the site will also tell you your luck factor, luckiest days, and your unlucky days.
Simply select the number of numerals you need for the particular lottery game you want to play, and then hit submit. The site can sometimes be a little difficult to navigate, but by giving it your sign, Lucky Fortune will create a luck profile for its users. Use the generator to cycle through numbers as often as you like or focus strongly to get the best results. Twice a month Thailand gets lottery fever in anticipation of the next lottery draw and Thais have crazy methods for getting their hot lottery picks, some rub lucky trees, others translate their dreams into two or three digit numbers and are convinced they are going to win.

Now don’t forget, this was New Year Day, and I was now beginning to think I was seeing a Thai New Year tradition and not an offbeat lucky lottery numbers ritual. She concentrated for a good half-minute and then the mystery unravelled loud and clear when Wi croaked two words. The only thing I have seen for myself and tried was rubbing huge tree bark till those around me could see numbers and I all I could see was scratch marks.
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While there is no scientific proof behind these numbers, referring to them can be both fun and perhaps lucky.
Others say that since there are seven ancient planets and seven deadly sins, the number carries a connotation.
Finding out what numbers are the most lucky and unlucky for you can often help you choose numbers for the lottery as well as calculate the best times for you to play. That was in some obscure temple where the tree was supposedly possessed by some lady spirit who drowned in the river. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).

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